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"I see the blush upon thy cheek, / Maryland / For thou wast ever bravely meek, / Maryland!" - James Ryder Randallplant
Life in Maryland

The state song of Maryland is set to the tune of familiar holiday song O Tannenbaum. The lyrics come from a poem about Maryland's history, geography and historical figures written in 1861 by James Ryder Randall; the song was adopted by the state in 1939. While this song came first, three other states also use O Tannenbaum as the tune to their state songs. The residents of Maryland who sing their _O Tannenbaum _state song with pride are many -- in fact, this mid-Atlantic state has a population of close to 5.6 million. One section of the state borders the nation's capitol, Washington, D.C., and has a number of cities, such as Rockville, and Bethesda, that serve as suburban communities.

Moving to Maryland

Particularly in the suburbs around Washington, where the rental market can be tighter, be sure to allow at least 30 days to browse for the right property. Look online and in local newspapers, as well as driving around the community you're considering, to find the area that may suit you best.

You'll find apartment homes of all types, from city apartments to duplexes for rent in Maryland. Your search for apartments should focus on the area of the state you want to live in, whether a bucolic fishing community in eastern Maryland, a suburban or urban enclave near Washington D.C., or in the heart of exciting Baltimore.

Neighborhoods in Maryland

Whether you're seeking the tree-lined streets and green lawns of Potomac, or the the fishing and farming community of Cambridge, Maryland has a community for you.

Capital Region: The Capital Region is the area surrounding Washington, D.C. Once a farming enclave, today the cities and towns located here, from Rockville and Bethesda to Gaithersburg and Potomac, are suburban and urban, known for dining, shopping, tourism, and many high-tech industries including telecommunications, electronics, and healthcare.

Western Maryland: Like outdoor adventure? Come here. Lakes, the Appalachian Trail, skiing in the winter. Fall foliage lovers, bring your cameras.

Central Maryland: Chesapeake Bay, farm land, equestrian trails and the historic state capital, Annapolis are all located here, as is the state's largest community, the city of Baltimore. Fine fishing, fine dining, boating and art are a few of the entertainment options available here.

Mid-Atlantic Fun

There are tons of different kinds of cities in Maryland, from small to gigantic, so no matter what kind of people you are, there'll be a place where you feel happy calling home. Baltimore is the largest city, with its sea port ranked 17th in the U.S., world class museums and historic Ft. McHenry where the Star Spangled Banner was penned. And you better ignore the scale and loosen your belt -- Baltimore is also famous for Southern-style cooking, wonderful Italian food and seafood, such as the famous Maryland blue crab.

Annapolis, another waterfront community, is the state capitol. The "Chesapeake Bay State" also has many pleasant smaller, beautiful communities lining the bay, as well as the major vacation spot of Atlantic ocean-front Ocean City, MD. Maryland isn't all about horses and seafaring, of course. The state has a strong agricultural base, including dairy farming, squash and watermelon. Closer to the Washington, D.C. area, Maryland's economy bustles with bio research, aerospace, and defense work.

MD Renter Confidence Survey
National study of renter’s satisfaction with their cities and states

Here’s how MD ranks on:

Overall satisfaction
Safety and crime rate
Jobs and career opportunities
Recreational activities
Quality of schools
Social Life
Commute time
State and local taxes
Public transit

Overview of Findings

Apartment List has released Maryland’s results from the third annual Apartment List Renter Satisfaction Survey. This survey, which drew on responses from over 45,000 renters, provides insight on what states and cities must do to meet the needs of 111 million American renters nationwide.

"Maryland renters expressed general satisfaction with the state overall," according to Apartment List. "They gave most categories average scores."

Key findings in Maryland include the following:

  • Maryland renters gave their state an A- overall.
  • The highest-rated categories for Maryland were public transit, which received an A- grade and weather and social life, which both received B grades.
  • The areas of concern to Maryland renters are state and local taxes (D), affordability (C) and commute time (C).
  • Millennial renters are moderately satisfied with their state, giving it an overall rating of B-, while renters who are parents are more satisfied, giving it an A+.
  • Maryland earned similar scores to nearby states including Virginia (A) and Delaware (B+), but earned higher scores than Pennsylvania (B) and West Virginia (F).
  • Maryland earned similar scores to other states nationwide, including California (A-), Utah (A-) and North Carolina (A-).
  • The top rated states nationwide for renter satisfaction include Colorado, Alaska, South Dakota, Idaho and Minnesota. The lowest rated states include Wyoming, Arkansas, Mississippi, West Virginia and Louisiana.

Surveyed Cities in Maryland