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124 Apartments for rent in Rosaryville, MD

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Last updated July 22 at 7:31PM
Rosaryville, MD
Updated July 20 at 3:43PM
4 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of Rosaryville, MD
6525 Dower House Rd
Melwood, MD
Updated July 22 at 9:45AM
3 Bedrooms
Marlton, MD
Updated July 19 at 5:36AM
2 Bedrooms
10808 Furgang Rd
Marlton, MD
Updated July 21 at 2:07AM
5 Bedrooms
Clinton, MD
Updated July 15 at 11:03AM
4 Bedrooms
Marlton, MD
Updated July 22 at 7:31PM
3 Bedrooms
Melwood, MD
Updated July 8 at 10:59AM
4 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Rosaryville, MD
Admiral Place
4400 Rena Rd
Suitland, MD
Updated July 14 at 10:11PM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
Marlton, MD
Updated July 22 at 7:31PM
1 Bedroom
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City Guide
Route to Rosaryville

Making your way to Rosaryville should be an easy experience, as long you plan in advance. Knowing a few details about the place you're moving to helps smooth the transition considerably. If you're new to this whole "moving" idea, here are some tips to help you do it right. If you've moved more times than you can count, well, here's a quick review.

All about the Papers

The most important thing you can do in preparation for moving to a new place, besides tell the people you're planning on moving with, is simply gathering together the essential documents that any landlord or company will need to see. That includes some recent pay stubs to show you can afford whatever accommodations you have your eye on, your ID (the picture doesn't have to be flattering) and your credit report. If you're like most Americans, you'll want to go over that credit score and make sure nobody's been fiddling with it. Clear up any suspicious activity so you have a sparkling clean history for your prospective future landlord. If you find your number isn't exactly robust, just obtain a few willing references who will have your back when it comes time to sing your praises on responsibility.

The Housing Landscape

Far more entertaining than collecting a bunch of stupid papers is selecting the type of home you want, and it's probably just as important. Knowing what's available in the area will help narrow down your choices quickly. After all, you may have lurid dreams about basking on the glass-enclosed balcony of your futuristic hyper-modern duplex for rent, but it's better to know now that it's not going to happen than arrive and have your heart broken in person, right? Now, there are contemporary single-family homes available, but they're of a more humble style than fantasies allow. However, if you love a home or apartment with a bit more character to it, say wood paneling throughout, you've got your pick of groovy digs from the '70s. Historic homes are harder to come by, but you may find one or two. As for rentals in styles other than detached family, you're relegated to townhouses for rent. You won't find any hi-rise apartments here.

While the blow of not having a studio apartment option is no doubt crippling, there is a bit more bad news. Not only are there vastly more owners here than renters, but the vacancy rate is razor thin. Plan at least a few months wait to find an opening that suits you. Every paradise has its drawbacks, and a waiting list is Rosaryville's.


Rosaryville rentals have a unique makeup. The city is basically a combination of large open areas of greenery and cute planned neighborhoods with houses relatively close to one another. What it doesn't have are distinctive neighborhoods. That's okay: pick your poison from the options below to find your ideal setting.

North: Up top, you'll find a few shops, grocery stores and other commercial options, as well as a bunch of neighborhoods. Most have very neat streets, but some are a bit more organic in nature. You've also got the Mellwood Pond Community Park and half of the Rosaryville State Park to play in. What you won't find here are apartment buildings. If you need to go to the city, Highway 223 can get you there.

South: There are basically three sections on the southern side, and each one is a very prettily planned neighborhood. You've got the Holloway Estates Park side on the east, which boasts some community amenities. There's the Cheltenham Woods Community Park section just below it and the Fox Run Community Park sector on the west. Just outside Rosaryville is Branchwood Towers, if you're in desperate need of a hi-rise.

Rosaryville Recreation

Once you've settled into your favorite rental property and made friends with your neighbors, it's time to get serious about what you're doing during your time off. Fortunately, Rosaryville has an excess of goodies that make evenings and weekends the life-affirming moments they're meant to be. Here are some of the few ways you can cut loose in Rosaryville.

The Thrills

If you like the feeling of having your stomach in your throat -- and who doesn't -- head straight to Six Flags America and hit all the exhilarating roller coasters your belly can master. Once you've flipped, flopped and rolled, you can explore the rest of Prince George's County at a slower pace. Why not hit the trails in Rosaryville State Park? Or maybe you'd rather spend some time boating or fishing along the water in Chesapeake Bay? Not into the niceties of nature? Try retail therapy instead. You've got the Osborne Shopping Center right there in town, or go big at Boulevard at Capital Centre, and you can hit a movie after refreshing your wardrobe. Never forget how close you are to all the stimulating sights in D.C., from the museums to the monuments and back again. You're never far from fun here.


Getting around in Rosaryville shouldn't be too difficult. You have Highway 223 running straight through the town and easy access to I-95 and Highways 4 and 5. If you love to tool around on your bike, there are plenty of paths. You probably can't get too far that way, but you may be able to hit a few shops, and you can definitely have a grand time.

Better yet, you're relatively close to public transit. The Branch Ave Metro Station, with the Green Line, is just a few minutes drive away. Yes, you'll have to get there under your own power, but it will save you a bundle of time and money by skipping the freeway traffic and coasting on the rails.

Wait, There's More!

Seafood lovers can expect to have their appetites satisfied daily by the abundance of fresh treats available everywhere, while the Dutch Village Farmers Market just north of the little CDP boasts not only an overflowing selection of farm fresh produce and meats, but also vendors hawking hot pretzels, sausages, pastries and‰Û_grandfather clocks? You don't have to love food to love living here either (though you'll probably receive some serious side eye from locals). If you love outdoor sports, hot summers, cold winters, a rural feeling with access to big-city amenities and a rich history, it's time you pulled up a seat. Welcome to Rosaryville.