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Last updated August 20 at 4:22AM
Results within 1 miles of Bowleys Quarters, MD
Bowleys Quarters
Middle River, MD
Updated August 15 at 5:58AM
3 Bedrooms
4102 Cutty Sark Rd
Bowleys Quarters
Middle River, MD
Updated August 16 at 1:53AM
3 Bedrooms
3814 Chestnut Rd
Bowleys Quarters
Middle River, MD
Updated August 17 at 11:11AM
5 Bedrooms
Bowleys Quarters
Middle River, MD
Updated August 15 at 6:14AM
3 Bedrooms
Bowleys Quarters
Baltimore, MD
Updated August 20 at 4:22AM
4 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Bowleys Quarters, MD
Overlook at Franklin Square
8501 Franklin Square Drive
Baltimore, MD
Updated August 19 at 6:29PM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
Kosoak Rd
Bowleys Quarters
Middle River, MD
Updated August 18 at 7:42AM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Bowleys Quarters
Moving to Bowleys Quarters

The community enjoyed a prolonged era of prosperity with modest homes eventually giving way to increasingly grander estates once more people heard the alluring call of waterfront living. However, in 2003 Hurricane Isabel washed away many homes and families were displaced. Fortunately, a rebuilding effort began shortly thereafter and the march toward luxurious living continues today.

Today's top-dollar waterfront prices are a far cry from the original abodes constructed by town namesake Daniel Bowley, a sea captain and merchant who owned the area in the mid-18th century. This is a unique waterfront residential community with diverse home designs, a lot of natural beauty, and many recreational options for residents.

Since Bowleys Quarters has largely left its tourist history in the past, you shouldn't need to worry about competition from seasonal renters these days. Locals get local quickly and stay local for a long time, so the only competition you'll really face is from people who got there before you did. Home rentals may require you to wait for an opening, so start looking at least two months before you pack your moving van.

Maryland is a southern state and as such you won't need to worry about harsh winter weather. January temperatures are usually in the 40-50 degree range, though dips occur, so bring your puffy jacket just in case. Summers are hot, though, and as they say, it's not the heat but the humidity that will get you. Still, your perch on the Chesapeake Bay should grant you some relief from the worst of things in August. And, of course, the area can be subjected to hurricanes, though the community has taken action to mitigate potential future risk.

As always, when you start your search for an apartment, gather all of the necessary documents before you set up your first appointments with landlords or agents. You want to make the best first impression possible, right? Make sure you have your proof of income, a recent credit report (remember now's the time to use that one free report per year!), and contact information from a few previous landlords willing to vouch that you are a delightful tenant and neighbor who always pays the rent on time. You should also be ready to pay first and last months' rent, and a security deposit usually equal to another months' rent. Yes, three months' rent is a lot to shell out at one time, but it will be worth it once you're sitting on your new porch humming "Maryland, My Maryland" while cracking into some fresh crab.

Bowleys Quarters Neighborhoods

Bowleys Quarters is situated on a peninsula bordered by Eastern Boulevard, Carroll Island Road, Seneca Creek, Frog Mortar Creek, Galloway Creek and the Chesapeake Bay (you like seafood, right?). Detached homes range from mid-century rambling ranchers to classic bungalows, Cape Codes, and Colonials. Increasingly, you'll also find vast waterfront estates featuring modern designs and amenities. Locals enjoy the area's rich history and close knit community, but also appreciate having a comfortable space between their neighbors. You won't find city apartments here, but that's not what draws you to Bowelys Quarters, is it? Note that sometimes it can be helpful to search for a "Middle River" house for rent in addition to Bowleys Quarters as listings don't always separate out this burg's name.

Long Beach Estates: Towards the southeastern portion of this peninsula, Long Beach Estates offers great lot sizes and waterfront views. A home for rent here will be in the 3 to 4 bedroom range. You might even luck into one on the water, complete with a private boat dock. Check out Long Beach Restaurant & Tavern for fresh crab cakes and frosty beverages.

Revolea Beach: Two and three bedroom townhouses for rent can be found here. the Beacon Light Marina is located here on the border of Revolea Beach and Long Beach Estates. So maybe you should get a boat to go with your new rental home, right?

North Bowleys Quarters / Middle River: The area closest to Middle River and the entrance to the peninsula is the best place to find apts to rent in Bowleys Quarters. Close to the freeway and with great amenities, this area is one of the more popular places to live. Many apartment complexes offer one bedroom apartments for rent here, or larger, depending on your needs. Eastern Regional Park offers a great recreational opportunity here with many sports fields and ample parking.

Living in Bowleys Quarters

Whether you're up for a movie or a day at the beach, Bowleys Quarters always has something fun up its sleeve. That's the joy of living in this affordable and surprisingly isolated locale. You can have the best the big city has to offer and still come home to enjoy the delights of living in a small town.

Bengies Drive-In has long been a local staple, as is the Carroll Island Shopping Mall. A myriad of marinas -- Tradewinds, Porter Seneca Park, Parkside, Maryland, Goose Harbor, Galloway Creek and Bowleys Marina -- keep people on the water busy, while Miami Park Beach does its duty just on shore. Three charming creeks offer a slight change of pace for those who enjoy the outdoors, and quaint eateries like Sunset Cove and Capt. Jim's Crabs give residents a place to go for a night of relaxation or romance.

If you don't mind a bit of a drive (oh, and having a car is handy, because public transportation is scarce), Middle River offers more dining options just outside of Bowleys Quarters. Treat yourself to a tour of local seafood joints and hold your own crab cake contest -- after all, you're living on Chesapeake Bay now.

Your daily errands will require trips into the Middle River/Bowleys Quarters borderlands. Big box retail is available along Route 150 in the Carroll Island Shopping Mall or along Route 700 leading to Highway 40.

Because of its close location to the city, many residents head regularly into Baltimore, about 20 minutes away, to explore big city life. When you're tired of eating seafood and would rather just watch it swim past, head for the National Aquarium in Baltimore. The Maryland Science Center will make a scientist out of even the most reluctant former chemistry student. And, of course, you shouldn't miss out on the chance to root for your new home team, the Baltimore Orioles, at Camden Yards.