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Bethesda, MD: 141 apartments available for rent

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Last updated June 24 at 5:28AM
10448 Parthenon Ct
Bethesda, MD
Updated June 10 at 9:48AM
3 Bedrooms
9113 Friars Rd
Bethesda, MD
Updated June 15 at 11:21PM
4 Bedrooms
8714 Irvington Avenue
Bethesda, MD
Updated June 22 at 8:22PM
4 Bedrooms
Bethesda, MD
Updated June 24 at 3:29AM
7 Bedrooms
Bethesda, MD
Updated June 24 at 3:29AM
4 Bedrooms
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City Guide
It Doesn't Take a Genius to Snag Digs in this Town...

Even though geniuses have conquered this town for their own, it doesn't take an IQ as high as Einstein's to find an apartment in Bethesda. You do, however, need mountain-loads of cash. Here's a quick primer to nudge you in the right direction:

How Much Will It Cost?

Sorry to break it to you, but for an area thats technically not even a city, rental cost in Bethesda can go way over the roof compared to other parts of Maryland. However, the town is oozing with wealth that you can chalk up the high rental cost to top-notch amenities like libraries, parks, excellent schools, and public transportation. For a three-bedroom apartment, prepare to pay almost twice the national average for rent.

What Are the Housing Options?

Half of the housing options available in this town are single family homes. A close second are hi rise apartment complexes. Medium-sized houses with three or four bedrooms are largely dominate this area -- although, if you're leaning towards other sizes, there are lots of those in the mix as well.

How to Get Around?

For people who are used to driving BMWs and Lexus, riding a public transit can be a refreshing change. Good thing, Bethesda is well served by a public bus and rail system. Washington Metros red line services the downtown area and the Medical Center Washington Metro stations. Public buses have several routes throughout the town as well.

How Soon Should You Start Looking?

Bethesda's vacancy rate of 6.5% is kinda worrisome if you're picky or you're in a hurry to get an apartment. Unless you don't mind spending some nights in a hotel, better start looking for a home in this town at least four to six weeks before you're scheduled to move out of your current accommodation. Getting the services of a professional realtor can speed things up as well.

Bethesda, MD Neighborhoods

The saying "tell me where you live and Ill tell you who you are" might be a bad take on the clich, but theres some truth to it. Thus, to help you choose a neighborhood that best reflects your lifestyle and values, heres an overview.

Battery Park/Bradley Hills

If you want to live in a community whose idea of fun is luxurious shopping, a European summer getaway, or a night out in a theatrical play. Classy and refined are what easily comes to mind. And the residents certainly have the means to live the good life. $$$$$

Westmoreland Hills/Glen Mar Park

This neighborhood is known for its tree-lined streets, vintage brick homes, and atmosphere oozing with understated luxury. One of the historic areas in Bethesda, the main upside in living here is its proximity to the metro as well as the bragging rights of living in the same neighborhood as some notable people, namely: CIA director, George Tenet and Nobel Prize Award-winning columnist, George Will.$$$$$

Kenwood Park/Landon Village

Tree-lined streets, a contrast of colonial homes and contemporary mansions, and amenities that families would surely love everything about this neighborhood speaks of wealth. Furthermore, you'd have to look closely to find the "for sale" or "apartments for rent" signs with the areas miniscule vacancy rate.$$$$$

Bradley Woods/Cohasset

Whats particularly interesting with this neighborhood is that a good percentage of its population is on Uncle Sam's payroll. You'd most likely see large and stately classic colonial homes built in the 1940s. If you like the charm of that particular era, this is the place to roost.$$$$$


A good mix of seniors, young professionals, and families with school-aged children live in this neighborhood. Churches like St. Mark Orthodox Church and Trinity Presbyterian Church are within this area. With a mere 1.9% vacancy rate, conscientiousness, luck, or both is the only way to get an apartment rental in this part of Bethesda.$$$$$

Glen Echo

Traditional-style homes on a Potomac golf course, soccer and baseball fields on parks, equestrian center, tennis and swim club you couldn't get any more country club-y than this neighborhood. Add to this the fact that a good percentage of the locals here works at home, it'd be like living in paradise every single moment of their life. Sounds good? Join the club; but pay the price.$$$$$

Ashleigh/Bells Mill

With people of all different age groups as neighbors, you can expect a lot of diverse activities and amenities geared toward all ages. And if you're highly intellectual yourself, it helps to know that your next door neighbor most likely is in the same IQ level as you.$$$$$

High Point/Springfield

Many retirees consider this neighborhood their own haven. The area is so peaceful and quiet that if you're used to the frenetic lifestyle, the silence could get a little discomforting. If you find comfort in tranquility, however, this area is the perfect fit.$$$

Glen Cove/Crestview

If you want a neighborhood that reflects a big city lifestyle, this is the place to be. Residents of this area have sophisticated tastes in the arts and entertainment. Weekends may call for a night out in the theater or a fine-dining restaurant. You'll find a lot of common grounds with your neighbor if you have such refined tastes as well.$$$$$

Columbia Forest/Glenbrook

With the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the Naval Support Activity Bethesda within the neighborhood, expect to see a lot of military personnel in this area. North Chevy Chase Local Park and Columbia Country Club are within the vicinity as well. If only the rental cost of this neighborhood wasn't sky-high, this residential area would be perfect.$$$$$

Living in Bethesda to the Hilt

Residents of this town give work and play a new meaning. You'll find no people more immersed in their work than the people of Bethesda. Highly educated, driven, and successful in their field, people here exude with wealth that can only come from being spanking good at what they do. Of course, all that money has to be spent somewhere. And Bethesda also has the retail selections and big ticket entertainment and hobbies to keep the locals occupied during their spare time. There are plenty of selections of country clubs for residents to enjoy a game of golf. AT&T National and U.S Open, anyone?

Aside from the seemingly opulent atmosphere of this town, Bethesda also offers a great avenue for arts and sciences. The Writers Center, Strathmore Music Center, National Institute of Health, and Imagination Stage are just some facilities where artists and scientists are bred and developed. If you can overlook the ridiculously high cost of living in this town and you have the boatloads of money to sustain an affluent lifestyle, time to get your own address at a hi rise apartment or luxury condo rental in Bethesda.

In their reviews of Edgemont at Bethesda Metro Apartments, residents go bananas over the Capital bikeshare program and quiet, well-maintained community pool.