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Last updated August 21 at 11:52PM
Results within 1 miles of Langley Park, MD
9309 Glenville Road
Silver Spring
Silver Spring, MD
Updated August 17 at 10:59AM
Takoma - DC
Takoma Park, MD
Updated August 18 at 1:51PM
2 Bedrooms
701 Erie Ave.
Takoma - DC
Takoma Park, MD
Updated August 19 at 9:57AM
4 Bedrooms
Hyattsville, MD
Updated August 15 at 5:36AM
2 Bedrooms
Silver Spring
Silver Spring, MD
Updated August 15 at 5:52AM
2 Bedrooms
Hyattsville, MD
Updated August 21 at 8:16PM
5 Bedrooms
6503 9th Avenue 1
Hyattsville, MD
Updated August 10 at 10:38AM
3 Bedrooms
8408 Adelphi Rd
Adelphi, MD
Updated August 20 at 10:26AM
5 Bedrooms
Hyattsville, MD
Updated August 16 at 10:36PM
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Langley Park
Moving to Langley Park

There are definitely a few benefits to living in Langley Park, but it's important to remember that it is within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. You may be fully accustomed to the crazy antics from all those politicians in our nation's capital, but don't get too worried. The violent crime rate isn't much higher than Maryland's in general; just try to keep an eye on your iPod regardless. Other than that, you just need to keep a few things in mind when searching for that perfect rental apartment in Langley Park.

When to start looking

If you're looking into Langley Park, you may want to start trying to find apartment or housing rentals two months in advance. While this length of time isn't necessary to find just any old place, it will give you sufficient time to find the best rental option for you, and that counts for a lot. Renters make up nearly 70% of everyone in this area, and this has led to many homes being converted into city apartments. In reality, you'll have a much easier time trying to rent a place than trying to own one in the area.

When to make the move

Being that Langley Park is within D.C.'s metropolitan area, you may want to avoid showing up during the heavy tourism season, which is during March and April, so that you can move all your stuff without getting stuck in traffic. And please, don't be that crazy person who tries to move in during the next presidential inauguration or a mass rally on the mall. Also keep in mind that winter months can have average low temperatures of 25 degrees, so moving in between May and October is beneficial -- except on Independence Day. If you can't figure out why there will be too much traffic in our nation's capital on Independence Day, there's not much else we can do for you.

What to bring along

For some rental properties, you won't have to show up with much of anything. Maybe an application fee and the application. Of course, if you want to end up in one of the nicer neighborhoods in the area, you might want to bring a little bit extra. A credit and background check can go a long way, and referrals from prior landlords will go a long way in earning the trust of landlords who own the nicer properties throughout Langley Park.

Langley Park Neighborhoods

Even areas that seem rough and tumble have their silver linings, and this is definitely the case in Langley Park -- more so than in many other areas around the nation's capital. In fact, every neighborhood and area within Langley Park has its own little perks that go along with living there. Honestly, just look at all of these benefits!

Northern Section: If you're in this area, you're about as close as you can get to the Capital Beltway from Langley Park. That's right: ease of access to D.C.! Also, the Center for Change to Help Vets is located here, so go do your good deed for the day.

Eastern Section: You'll have easy access to Riggs Road here, and this means you can get around the area much easier. Also, due to the number of houses, there's a good shot you could bypass the one bedroom apartments and get yourself a real house! Come on, you know you want one.

Southern Section: Anything you need is easily within reach in the southern area of Langley Park. There's a great HNH Supermarket here along with several restaurants, and if things ever get too hot around the homestead, the Chillum-Adelphi Volunteer Fire Department is nearby.

Western Section: In a word? Shopping! The Langley Park Shopping Center is located in western Langley Park. Also, a little trip down New Hampshire Avenue will take you to the International Mall Shopping Center. Come on, wouldn't you rather waste your own money than watch Congress do it for you? Ba-zing!

Living in Langley Park

The aforementioned little perks of living in each neighborhood throughout Langley Park definitely aren't the only benefits of living in the area. Sure, there are definitely some downfalls when one considers the crime rate in the nation's capital overall, but the advantages of living in such a place undoubtedly counteract any of the seeming problems with living there.

Moments From America

Okay, you're in America whenever you're in America. When you're in Langley Park, though, you're literally less than half an hour away from great monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, and the Washington Monument.

Fly Away Home

If you head east towards College Park, you'll come across a wealth of awesome things to do. One of them is the College Park Aviation Museum. If you ever get tired of hanging out at the nearby Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the College Park edition is bound to be less crowded.

It's a Life Saver

Many states saw hospital closures throughout 2013 and 2014, but Washington Adventist Hospital stayed the course. Oh, and since you're only about five minutes from the hospital, you can rest assured that you'll have a decent chance of pulling through if you're injured. Better yet... avoid getting injured. That certainly seems smarter.

Pick Your Poison

Okay, poison is a bad word, but due to the high percentage of areas that are residential in Langley Park, you've got lots of choices. From 3 bedroom apartments to your quaint little studio, you're pretty much covered.