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Walker Mill, MD: 300 apartments available for rent

Last updated May 27 at 5:38AM
Results within 1 miles of Walker Mill, MD
Windham Creek Apartments
5123 Suitland Rd
Suitland, MD
Updated May 1 at 6:02AM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
Suitland-Silver Hill
District Heights, MD
Updated May 13 at 6:20AM
1 Bedroom
Hyattsville, MD
Updated April 8 at 1:38PM
3 Bedrooms
344 Shady Glen Dr
Capitol Heights
Capitol Heights, MD
Updated May 13 at 5:38PM
3 Bedrooms
1991 Addison Road South
District Heights
District Heights, MD
Updated May 13 at 9:38AM
3 Bedrooms
Suitland-Silver Hill
Suitland, MD
Updated May 23 at 6:48AM
3 Bedrooms
District Heights
District Heights, MD
Updated May 21 at 7:33AM
3 Bedrooms
Suitland-Silver Hill
Suitland, MD
Updated April 18 at 11:26PM
3 Bedrooms
6006 Clay St NE
Marshall Heights - Lincoln Heights
Washington, DC
Updated May 26 at 10:24AM
2 Bedrooms
Larchmont Ave
Coral Hills
Capitol Heights, MD
Updated May 12 at 9:28AM
5 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Walker Mill
Moving to Walker Mill

Moving anywhere near the capital takes a little preparation beforehand. Since the neighborhoods surrounding Walker Mill are quite busy, getting in town to view properties can be a little tricky. The best time of day to get in and have a nose around would be in the daytime before 2 p.m. and in the evening after 6 p.m. If you're thinking of doing an evening viewing, call ahead of time. Some rental offices close shortly after 4 p.m.

If you haven't been to Walker Mill, but you're thinking of moving here, take a tour before deciding on the area where you would like to live. The great thing about Walker Mill is the diversity. But because it's so diverse, each part of the town has its own distinguishing features. Some areas are near shopping centers, others are nearer to parks and open greenery, so taking public transportation or driving around the area would be advisable. Since Walker Mill is a pretty sizable area, taking a cab from viewing to viewing may get a little pricey.

There a lot to premier apartments in Walker Mill due to its close proximity to Washington D.C. Some of these apartment homes are advertised as furnished apartments and unfurnished apartments, some are all bills paid. Depending on the area you're looking in, you might find a multitude of 1 bedroom apartments, studio apartments for rent and even four bedroom apartments for rent!

The best time to start your search is around spring or fall when more families are moving due to school breaks. You need to take a few key documents along with you to start the application process if your heart is set on a particular apartment home Some things that you'll need when you prepare to apply for an apartment are: your identification card and social security card for all of the residents that are going to be on the lease, proof of employment or self employment and letters of referral. Although some apartments would prefer to call your references, the process may go a little quicker if you bring along letters of referral as well. You'll also want to be sure you have proper proof of income. To prove your income you can bring along pay stubs, bank statements or a letter of hire. If you're bringing the letter, make sure the letter states when you started working, how many hours you worked, how often you're paid, and how much you are paid. A proof of name change can be useful, if relevant. If you're married or have filed a petition to change your name, you have to bring along this document, especially if it differs from the name on your most recent identification card or social security card. Lastly, you need to provide your current landlord's contact details (assuming you did not own your last home). Since Walker Mill is so close to Washington, D.C., finding an apartment may prove a little difficult at first. Your best chances of securing a place would be to apply as soon as you find an apartment you're interested in and submit the required deposit to hold the apartment. Alternatively, you can beg the tenants to move out or stage a peaceful protest.

Neighborhoods in Walker Mill

Since Walker Mill is a census-designated place, so it's small; however, there are some distinct. neighborhoods located within it, however, it is very common for residents to refer to the area they live in by street name.

Northern Walker Mill: Northern Walker Mill is the commercial part of town. It's a good spot for commuters because it's home to the train station. If you like spending time outside, you'll enjoy this neighborhood's park: the Millwood Recreation Center

Southern Walker Mill: This area is mainly suburban, but there are a few restaurants and shops that make running errands easy. If you like dining out, enjoy spots here like Taste Buds and Lucky Star Restaurant.

Living in Walker Mill

Luckily living in Walker Mill is just as exciting as living in one of its neighboring towns. There is never a dull moment here. Whether you are a person that likes to go out and socialize with other people, or person who likes to stay indoors and socialize with a few cats, there's always something for you to do in Walker Mill.

There are two main parks in Walker Mill. Both are located to the east of the city. Residents visit the Millwood Neighborhood Recreational Center to throw barbecues, have picnics, play soccer, shoot basketball, or take the kids to its oversized playground. Just southeast of Millwood is Walker Mill Regional Park. Walker Mill Regional Park has more land for those who are into activities such as football, soccer, or jogging.

If you're a fan of the East Coast you've no doubt heard of the 95 freeway, more correctly known as Interstate 95. Interstate 95 stretches from the northernmost point of the country all the way down to Florida. For this reason, many people use it to travel between major cities or vacationing spots.

If you want to get around Walker Mill without spending money on gas, you have lots of options available. This town is highly walkable and there are multiple parks spread out throughout the city, which makes walking a top priority for most residents of the area. If walking isn't your thing and you'd rather bike, note that there aren't any true bike paths in Walker Mill, although there are multiple areas that are bike friendly. Just make sure to strap on your helmet and obey the biking rules of the area to avoid getting fined.

Another more commonly used method of transportation is the WMATA, better known as the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. Most of these buses go through the outskirts of Walker Mill down Shady Glen Drive or Addison Road. These buses come regularly, so you don't have to stand at the bus stop for hours on end wondering where the bus is (if you live in New York you've probably experienced this a time or two).