• In 2016, the share of cost-burdened renters, or those spending 30 percent or more of their income on rent, reached the lowest level since 2008. Despite the decrease, nearly half of renters remain cost burdened and one-quarter of renters are severely cost burdened, spending more than half their income on rent.
  • The decrease in cost burden is due to growth in renter incomes, which outpaced increases in rent prices, but this is largely the result of an influx of high-income earners in the rental market, rather than an increase in the wages of existing renters.
  • Florida and California have the largest shares of cost-burdened renters, while the South and Midwest remain more affordable.
  • Cost burden increased in metros where increases in rental prices outpaced income growth, including in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and New York.



As the U.S. renter population nears 44 million households — or 37 percent of U.S. households — and rents increase nationwide, rental affordability remains an important concern. Nearly half of U.S. renters are “cost burdened,” spending 30 percent or more of their income on rent. As illustrated in previous Apartment List research, the vast majority of low-income renters do not receive rental assistance. Nearly one in five renters were unable to pay their rent in full in the past three months. Households that struggle to pay rent often cut back spending on other basic necessities and may ultimately face eviction, with lasting consequences. The inability to pay rent in full is more common with low-income renters because unexpected expenses, such as medical bills or car repairs, often leave these renters with little income left over to put towards rent.

To better understand the affordability challenges facing renters, Apartment List analyzed U.S. Census data from 2005 to 2016 on the share of income renters spend on housing. We divided renters into three groups: 1) Not cost burdened; 2) Moderately cost burdened; 3) Severely cost burdened.

CategoryShare of Income Spent on Rent
Not cost-burdenedLess than 30%
Moderately cost-burdened30 - 50%
Severely cost-burdenedMore than 50%

Apartment List then looked at Census data on median rents and renter incomes to understand how they drive affordability.


Share of Cost Burdened Renters Fell Below 50% for the First Time Since 2008

In 2016, the share of cost-burdened renters fell for the third consecutive year to 49.7 percent, the lowest share since the Great Recession. The share of cost-burdened renters is down 0.9 percentage points in 2016 from last year, and 3.7 percentage points below the 2011 peak of 53.4 percent. Not only has the share of cost-burdened renters fallen at the national level since the recession, 91 metros out of the 100 largest metros now have lower cost burden rates than in 2011.

The share of moderately burdened renters has remained relatively stable over the past sixteen years. The share of severely burdened renters, on the other hand, increased significantly during the recession, and has been falling since 2011. Results from the 2014 Consumer Expenditure Survey show that cost-burdened households must cut back in other areas, spending 41 percent less on food and 74 percent less on healthcare than their non-cost burdened counterparts.

The share of severely cost-burdened renters has fallen 3 percentage points between 2011 and 2016, while the share of moderately burdened renters has fallen 0.7 percentage points. During the recession, some moderately cost-burdened renters fell into the severely burdened category due to a job loss or pay cut. While the moderately cost-burdened population share remained more stable, the composition of this group changed, as moderately burdened renters became severely burdened, and renters who were not cost burdened before the recession became moderately cost burdened.


One in Four Renters is Severely Cost-Burdened, Spending 50% of more of their Income on Rent

Despite the decrease in the cost burdened share of renter population, affordability remains a major concern. About half of renters spent 30 percent or more of their income on rent, and a staggering 25 percent of renters spend 50 percent or more of their income on rent. The share of cost-burdened renters has doubled since 1960 when just 24 percent of renters spent 30 percent or more of their income on rent. 

Renters are significantly more cost-burdened than homeowners, with only 28.3 percent of homeowners spending 30 percent or more of their income on rent, compared to 49.7 percent of renters. Only 11.1 percent of homeowners are severely cost burdened, less than half the rate for renters. Homeowners tend to have higher median incomes, $73,127 compared to $37,264, and are more insulated to price changes once they have purchased a home and signed a mortgage. Lower income and cost-burdened households are less likely to become homeowners, as it’s difficult to save enough for a downpayment. Unfortunately, this creates a cycle where poor families are stuck in the rental market, struggling with increasing rents and unable to build wealth through homeownership.


Renter Incomes Continue to Outpace Rents, Improving Affordability Measures

To understand the drivers of the decreasing share of cost-burdened renters, we compared median rents and median renter incomes in the U.S. from 2005 to 2016. Since 2005, rents increased by 9.7 percent, while renter incomes increased by 7.3 percent over the same period. From 2007 to 2011, incomes fell sharply while rents did not, causing an increase in the share of cost-burdened renters. More recently, renter incomes have been increasing faster than rents, helping to explain the decrease in the share of renters who are cost burdened. However, this decrease doesn’t necessarily mean that individual renters are any better off. The decrease in cost-burdened renters may be driven by an increase in high-income renters, rather than an increase in the wages of existing renters.


Increase in Share of High-Income Renters Helping Drive Decrease in Cost Burdens

Although renters earn much less than homeowners, renter income has grown much faster than homeowner income. From 2005 to 2016 renter income increased 7.3 percent, compared to just 1.4 percent for homeowners. Although this rapid increase in renter income and a decrease in the share of cost-burdened renters appears to be good news for low-income renters, this overall trend appears to be driven by an increase in high-income renters, rather than an increase in income for low-income renters.

From 2005 to 2016, the share of renter households earning over 120 percent of the area median income (AMI) increased by 4.1 percentage points, while the share earning under 80 percent of the AMI fell by a similar amount. This trend is driven both by high-income renters delaying homeownership and by low-income renters being priced out of the rental market. Poor renters pushed out of the rental market may move to cheaper areas, double up with family members or other low-income renters or end up homeless.

Additionally, there is evidence that rents have been increasing faster than wages for low-wage and less-educated workers. A recent Apartment List analysis showed that from 2005 to 2015, “post-rent wages,” or wages left after deducting median rent costs, decreased for service workers (-7 percent) and blue-collar workers (-5 percent), while only knowledge workers saw an increase (6 percent). Stagnant wages for working-class Americans indicate that these gains in renter wages are primarily due to a change in the composition of renter households, with more high-income households renting.


Florida and California Home to Some of the Most Unaffordable Metros for Renters


The share of cost-burdened renters is 49.7 percent nationwide, but this figure varies significantly across metros. Of the largest 100 metros in the U.S., Miami has the highest share of cost-burdened renters at 62.8 percent, while Ogden, Utah, has the lowest share, at 37.9 percent.

Five of the top 10 most cost burdened large metros — Fresno, Oxnard, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Diego — are located in California. Despite high rents in the San Jose and San Francisco metros, these cities have lower shares of cost burdened renters, 48.3 percent and 46.8 percent respectively, due to the large share of high-income renters.

Many smaller Southern metros, located in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, have high cost burden rates, as well. For example, between 57 percent and 65 percent percent of renters are cost burdened in Laurel, Miss., Laredo, Tex., Shreveport, La., and Montgomery, Ala.

Metros located in the Midwest, Rust Belt and South are more affordable for renters. For example, the Southern metros of Raleigh (No. 3), Louisville (No. 7), Charlotte (No. 8) and Knoxville (No. 9) all have cost burden rates of under 45 percent. Pennsylvania metros also fair well, with Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Scranton in the top 10 most affordable large metros.


Largest Decrease in Cost Burden in Affordable Inland Metros with Strong Job Growth

Compared to 2005, cost burden is now lower in 47 metros out of the 100 largest metros, with the largest decrease in the share of cost-burdened renters in the Midwest and Mountain regions. Utah and Idaho metros, including Ogden, Utah (No. 1), Boise, Idaho (No. 4) and Provo, Utah (No. 6), have seen some of the biggest decreases in cost-burdened renters, driven by strong job and wage growth. Midwest and Rust Belt metros that have been able to build up new industries outside of manufacturing, such as Pittsburgh (No. 3), Cleveland (No. 5), Grand Rapids (No. 8) and Minneapolis (No. 11), have seen increased affordability.

Other metros have become significantly less affordable for renters since 2005, with the share of cost-burdened renters increasing by large margins. For example, 53 percent of Chattanooga, Tenn., renters were cost burdened in 2016, compared to just 45 percent in 2005. In 2005, Des Moines, Iowa, was the most affordable metro, with just 39 percent of renters spending 30 percent or more of their income on rent. Unfortunately, the share of cost burdened renters in Des Moines grew to 46 percent in 2016. Other metros that experienced large increases in the share of cost burdened renters include the Connecticut metros of Bridgeport and Hartford, as well as in New Orleans and Honolulu.

Only nine metros of the top 100 metros currently have higher cost burden rates than during the peak of the recession. These metros are a mix of metros with struggling economies and those with skyrocketing rents. For example, Springfield, Mass., Fresno, Calif., and Richmond have all experienced slow economic growth and increases in the share of cost-burdened renters. The picture is more mixed for tech hubs that have experienced both rapid job growth and steep rent increases. For example, the share of cost burdened renters has increased in San Jose and Denver since 2011, but decreased in Seattle, Austin and San Francisco.


Cost Burden Increased in Metros where Rent Growth Outpaced Income Growth

Nationwide, the growth in renter incomes has outpaced rent growth for the past few years, causing a decrease in the share of cost burdened renters. At the metro level, the picture is more varied, with rent growth outpacing income growth in many metros. In the metros that fall above the dotted line, income has grown faster than rents; below the dotted line, the opposite is true. Individual marks are sized by population and shaded based on the change in the cost burden rate: red indicates that the share of cost-burdened renters in a metro has increased, while green indicated that it has decreased.

As illustrated, cost burdens tend to decrease when income growth outpaces rent growth.

  • Metros in the bottom left corner, including Bridgeport and Las Vegas, have seen income decreases and low-rent growth, leading to an increase in the share of cost-burdened renters.
  • Metros in the top right corner tend to be tech hubs, for example San Francisco, Seattle and Austin. These metros have experienced rapid rent growth, but incomes have increased rapidly as well, causing the share of cost-burdened renters to fall. Part of the rise may come from more high-income renters moving to these metros, while lower-income renters are pushed out.
  • Although rent growth has been slower in large, pricey metros such as Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and New York, than in tech hubs, renter incomes have not kept pace with rising rents, causing an increase in the share of cost-burdened renters.
  • Renters fare best in growing Midwest and Rust Belt metros such as Minneapolis, Columbus, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, where incomes increased faster than rents decreasing the share of cost-burdened renters
  • The picture is more varied in Southern metros. Income growth outpaced rent growth and cost burden fell in Houston, Nashville and Raleigh, while wages stagnated and cost burden increased in Chattanooga, Charleston and Richmond.

In some metros, cost burdens decreased despite rents increasing faster than incomes. This indicates a change in the composition of the renter population, either due to renters’ migration in and out of metros or shifts between renter and homeowner populations.

  • Secondary markets on the outskirts of pricey coastal hubs have seen cost burdens decrease despite rent increases outpacing incomes, due to an influx of higher income renters priced out of nearby markets. For example, we see this impact in Sacramento (near San Francisco and San Jose), Riverside (near Los Angeles) and Baltimore (outskirts of D.C.).
  • Tech hubs, such as Portland and Seattle, have seen a decrease in cost burdens, despite skyrocketing rents due to the influx of well-paid tech workers from other areas, such as the Bay Area. Additionally, the steep rent increases in these metros have likely pushed the poorest renters out of the market.
  • Sunbelt metros with growing populations, such as Phoenix, San Antonio and Atlanta, have seen cost burdens decrease despite rent growth outpacing renter income growth. This suggests that new renters moving to these metros earn higher wages than the existing renter population.



Rental affordability is improving, as 2016 marks the fifth consecutive year in which renter incomes increased faster than rents, reducing the share of cost burdened renters. Unfortunately, the decrease in cost-burdened renters is due in part to an increase in high-income households in the rental market. Additionally, with nearly half of renters spending a third of their income on rent, and a quarter of renters spending half of their income on rent, rental affordability remains an important concern.

Cost-burden rates are driven by both changes in rent and changes in income, leading renters in some pricey cities, such as San Francisco and Austin, to fare better than renters in struggling metros, such as Chattanooga and Hartford. Renters fare best in metros with moderate rents and strong wage growth, including Raleigh and Pittsburgh. While the cost burden share may look reasonable in pricey tech hubs, such as Seattle and Portland, this is likely due to a sorting of renters, with high-income renters entering the rental market and poor renters getting displaced.

Despite the decrease in the share of cost-burdened renters, affordability continues to be a challenge for millions of renters. With cost-burdened rates of over 45 percent in most large metros, and over 10 million severely cost burdened renters nationwide, the lack of affordable housing remains a major challenge for renters.

2016 Cost Burden Rates by Metro, County and State

GeographyTypeTotal Cost-BurdenedModerately Cost-BurdenedSeverely Cost-Burdened
Aberdeen, WA Micro AreaMSA48.9%25.1%23.9%
Abilene, TX Metro AreaMSA46.7%23.7%23.0%
Ada County, IdahoCounty44.9%20.1%24.7%
Adams County, ColoradoCounty54.5%29.4%25.0%
Adams County, IllinoisCounty52.0%29.0%23.0%
Adams County, PennsylvaniaCounty48.6%24.6%24.0%
Adrian, MI Micro AreaMSA43.2%23.1%20.2%
Aguadilla-Isabela, PR Metro AreaMSA54.5%25.5%28.9%
Aiken County, South CarolinaCounty46.3%21.4%24.9%
Akron, OH Metro AreaMSA48.2%23.1%25.1%
Alachua County, FloridaCounty63.0%27.8%35.2%
Alamance County, North CarolinaCounty43.0%16.9%26.2%
Alameda County, CaliforniaCounty49.5%25.4%24.2%
Alamogordo, NM Micro AreaMSA32.7%19.7%13.1%
Albany County, New YorkCounty49.2%23.3%25.9%
Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY Metro AreaMSA46.6%24.7%21.9%
Albany, GA Metro AreaMSA52.9%23.6%29.3%
Albany, OR Metro AreaMSA48.4%28.7%19.7%
Albemarle County, VirginiaCounty47.8%27.3%20.5%
Albertville, AL Micro AreaMSA48.3%22.8%25.4%
Albuquerque, NM Metro AreaMSA52.0%24.4%27.6%
Alexandria city, VirginiaCounty47.0%26.5%20.5%
Alexandria, LA Metro AreaMSA58.1%32.4%25.7%
Allegan County, MichiganCounty38.2%22.6%15.6%
Allegany County, MarylandCounty49.5%12.4%37.1%
Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaCounty43.8%20.7%23.2%
Allen County, IndianaCounty43.7%22.5%21.2%
Allen County, OhioCounty47.5%27.5%20.0%
Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA-NJ Metro AreaMSA48.6%25.0%23.6%
Altoona, PA Metro AreaMSA42.3%22.9%19.4%
Amarillo, TX Metro AreaMSA42.6%21.7%20.8%
Ames, IA Metro AreaMSA58.8%19.3%39.5%
Anchorage Municipality, AlaskaCounty44.1%24.8%19.3%
Anchorage, AK Metro AreaMSA44.8%24.5%20.3%
Anderson County, South CarolinaCounty45.0%21.5%23.6%
Anderson County, TennesseeCounty38.8%14.0%24.9%
Androscoggin County, MaineCounty45.8%28.3%17.5%
Angelina County, TexasCounty46.5%28.3%18.2%
Ann Arbor, MI Metro AreaMSA51.3%20.1%31.2%
Anne Arundel County, MarylandCounty46.5%25.8%20.7%
Anniston-Oxford-Jacksonville, AL Metro AreaMSA39.1%19.1%20.0%
Anoka County, MinnesotaCounty49.2%24.3%24.9%
Apache County, ArizonaCounty31.0%19.1%11.9%
Appleton, WI Metro AreaMSA37.5%18.7%18.8%
Arapahoe County, ColoradoCounty52.0%29.6%22.4%
Arecibo, PR Metro AreaMSA55.8%28.6%27.2%
Arlington County, VirginiaCounty42.0%22.7%19.2%
Armstrong County, PennsylvaniaCounty47.6%30.1%17.6%
Aroostook County, MaineCounty45.4%25.4%20.0%
Ascension Parish, LouisianaCounty41.6%14.2%27.4%
Asheville, NC Metro AreaMSA45.8%27.7%18.1%
Ashtabula County, OhioCounty52.6%25.3%27.3%
Ashtabula, OH Micro AreaMSA52.6%25.3%27.3%
Athens County, OhioCounty50.0%22.0%28.0%
Athens-Clarke County, GA Metro AreaMSA52.2%23.9%28.4%
Athens, OH Micro AreaMSA50.0%22.0%28.0%
Athens, TX Micro AreaMSA41.9%22.9%19.0%
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GA Metro AreaMSA48.4%24.8%23.6%
Atlantic City-Hammonton, NJ Metro AreaMSA57.5%30.4%27.1%
Atlantic County, New JerseyCounty57.5%30.4%27.1%
Auburn-Opelika, AL Metro AreaMSA48.0%20.4%27.6%
Auburn, NY Micro AreaMSA44.8%22.4%22.4%
Augusta County, VirginiaCounty36.6%16.5%20.1%
Augusta-Richmond County, GA-SC Metro AreaMSA47.7%24.0%23.7%
Augusta-Waterville, ME Micro AreaMSA41.5%15.3%26.2%
Austin-Round Rock, TX Metro AreaMSA47.7%26.5%21.2%
Bakersfield, CA Metro AreaMSA54.5%26.9%27.6%
Baldwin County, AlabamaCounty47.9%24.2%23.7%
Baltimore city, MarylandCounty48.9%22.0%27.0%
Baltimore County, MarylandCounty46.3%21.0%25.3%
Baltimore-Columbia-Towson, MD Metro AreaMSA47.5%22.8%24.8%
Bangor, ME Metro AreaMSA49.7%30.6%19.2%
Bannock County, IdahoCounty40.3%24.1%16.1%
Barnstable County, MassachusettsCounty56.9%28.8%28.1%
Barnstable Town, MA Metro AreaMSA56.9%28.8%28.1%
Barrow County, GeorgiaCounty43.1%24.0%19.1%
Bartholomew County, IndianaCounty35.5%18.8%16.7%
Bartow County, GeorgiaCounty40.6%30.5%10.1%
Bastrop County, TexasCounty57.9%40.4%17.5%
Baton Rouge, LA Metro AreaMSA49.0%23.7%25.3%
Battle Creek, MI Metro AreaMSA51.9%23.8%28.1%
Bay City, MI Metro AreaMSA49.1%28.8%20.3%
Bay County, FloridaCounty53.6%23.3%30.3%
Bay County, MichiganCounty49.1%28.8%20.3%
Beaufort County, South CarolinaCounty52.0%26.6%25.4%
Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX Metro AreaMSA47.6%25.1%22.5%
Beaver County, PennsylvaniaCounty34.0%21.2%12.9%
Beaver Dam, WI Micro AreaMSA38.9%17.1%21.8%
Beckley, WV Metro AreaMSA49.7%26.3%23.4%
Bedford County, VirginiaCounty44.5%23.4%21.1%
Bell County, TexasCounty42.7%24.4%18.3%
Bellingham, WA Metro AreaMSA54.0%24.0%30.0%
Belmont County, OhioCounty42.3%18.0%24.3%
Bend-Redmond, OR Metro AreaMSA50.5%28.0%22.5%
Benton County, ArkansasCounty33.5%17.4%16.2%
Benton County, OregonCounty69.6%29.1%40.6%
Benton County, WashingtonCounty44.3%24.0%20.3%
Bergen County, New JerseyCounty49.7%23.6%26.1%
Berkeley County, South CarolinaCounty45.8%24.5%21.3%
Berkeley County, West VirginiaCounty47.3%25.7%21.7%
Berks County, PennsylvaniaCounty51.2%25.8%25.4%
Berkshire County, MassachusettsCounty43.9%24.8%19.1%
Bernalillo County, New MexicoCounty51.5%23.9%27.6%
Berrien County, MichiganCounty48.7%25.8%22.9%
Bexar County, TexasCounty48.8%26.2%22.6%
Bibb County, GeorgiaCounty56.0%23.2%32.7%
Billings, MT Metro AreaMSA38.9%21.8%17.1%
Binghamton, NY Metro AreaMSA54.9%24.8%30.1%
Birmingham-Hoover, AL Metro AreaMSA48.1%24.1%24.1%
Bismarck, ND Metro AreaMSA35.2%13.5%21.6%
Black Hawk County, IowaCounty47.4%20.2%27.2%
Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford, VA Metro AreaMSA48.5%16.8%31.7%
Blair County, PennsylvaniaCounty42.3%22.9%19.4%
Bloomington, IL Metro AreaMSA38.4%14.9%23.6%
Bloomington, IN Metro AreaMSA58.2%25.1%33.2%
Bloomsburg-Berwick, PA Metro AreaMSA40.1%20.8%19.3%
Blount County, TennesseeCounty36.8%16.1%20.7%
Blue Earth County, MinnesotaCounty49.3%24.2%25.1%
Bluefield, WV-VA Micro AreaMSA38.5%18.3%20.2%
Boise City, ID Metro AreaMSA45.1%23.1%22.1%
Bonneville County, IdahoCounty38.1%19.2%18.9%
Boone County, KentuckyCounty44.1%20.4%23.7%
Boone County, MissouriCounty47.2%21.4%25.8%
Bossier Parish, LouisianaCounty57.4%33.5%23.9%
Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH Metro AreaMSA48.4%24.2%24.2%
Boulder County, ColoradoCounty60.3%25.7%34.6%
Boulder, CO Metro AreaMSA60.3%25.7%34.6%
Bowie County, TexasCounty44.0%21.4%22.6%
Bowling Green, KY Metro AreaMSA43.5%25.6%17.9%
Bozeman, MT Micro AreaMSA48.7%27.5%21.2%
Bradley County, TennesseeCounty38.9%23.4%15.5%
Brainerd, MN Micro AreaMSA54.2%33.7%20.5%
Branson, MO Micro AreaMSA40.8%24.8%16.0%
Brazoria County, TexasCounty35.7%18.8%16.9%
Brazos County, TexasCounty62.7%23.3%39.5%
Bremerton-Silverdale, WA Metro AreaMSA42.8%20.7%22.1%
Brevard County, FloridaCounty51.0%25.6%25.4%
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT Metro AreaMSA55.8%27.4%28.4%
Bristol County, MassachusettsCounty48.3%26.8%21.4%
Bronx County, New YorkCounty59.7%26.3%33.4%
Broome County, New YorkCounty54.8%24.5%30.3%
Broomfield County, ColoradoCounty42.2%16.1%26.1%
Broward County, FloridaCounty61.0%29.5%31.5%
Brown County, WisconsinCounty37.8%18.0%19.8%
Brownsville-Harlingen, TX Metro AreaMSA54.6%27.8%26.8%
Brunswick County, North CarolinaCounty61.6%21.7%40.0%
Brunswick, GA Metro AreaMSA47.8%28.4%19.3%
Buchanan County, MissouriCounty38.0%16.5%21.5%
Bucks County, PennsylvaniaCounty49.3%21.3%28.0%
Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, NY Metro AreaMSA47.9%22.8%25.1%
Bullitt County, KentuckyCounty39.4%25.1%14.3%
Bulloch County, GeorgiaCounty52.9%19.7%33.2%
Buncombe County, North CarolinaCounty46.6%29.5%17.2%
Burke County, North CarolinaCounty40.5%24.9%15.6%
Burleigh County, North DakotaCounty32.3%16.3%16.1%
Burlington County, New JerseyCounty49.5%27.9%21.6%
Burlington-South Burlington, VT Metro AreaMSA51.6%29.2%22.4%
Burlington, NC Metro AreaMSA43.0%16.9%26.2%
Butler County, KansasCounty42.8%19.4%23.4%
Butler County, OhioCounty44.3%24.2%20.1%
Butler County, PennsylvaniaCounty42.0%22.5%19.5%
Butte County, CaliforniaCounty65.5%25.3%40.2%
Cabarrus County, North CarolinaCounty42.0%22.8%19.2%
Cabell County, West VirginiaCounty52.5%24.7%27.8%
Cache County, UtahCounty49.0%26.7%22.3%
Caddo Parish, LouisianaCounty60.8%26.6%34.2%
Calcasieu Parish, LouisianaCounty48.2%24.6%23.6%
Caldwell County, North CarolinaCounty51.1%35.7%15.4%
Calhoun County, AlabamaCounty39.1%19.1%20.0%
Calhoun County, MichiganCounty51.9%23.8%28.1%
California-Lexington Park, MD Metro AreaMSA50.1%25.4%24.6%
Calvert County, MarylandCounty44.0%17.4%26.5%
Cambria County, PennsylvaniaCounty46.0%18.1%27.9%
Camden County, New JerseyCounty52.7%23.6%29.1%
Cameron County, TexasCounty54.6%27.8%26.8%
Campbell County, KentuckyCounty45.7%21.4%24.3%
Canadian County, OklahomaCounty44.3%27.5%16.8%
Canton-Massillon, OH Metro AreaMSA41.5%23.1%18.5%
Canyon County, IdahoCounty47.0%31.8%15.1%
Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL Metro AreaMSA53.3%25.6%27.7%
Cape Girardeau County, MissouriCounty43.4%22.4%21.0%
Cape Girardeau, MO-IL Metro AreaMSA43.9%22.2%21.7%
Cape May County, New JerseyCounty62.3%33.8%28.5%
Carbon County, PennsylvaniaCounty42.9%12.7%30.2%
Carbondale-Marion, IL Metro AreaMSA54.7%24.7%30.0%
Carroll County, GeorgiaCounty38.4%21.3%17.1%
Carroll County, MarylandCounty47.9%26.3%21.5%
Carson City, NV Metro AreaMSA42.7%29.3%13.3%
Carteret County, North CarolinaCounty43.5%22.1%21.4%
Carver County, MinnesotaCounty36.0%17.1%18.9%
Cascade County, MontanaCounty48.4%26.5%21.9%
Casper, WY Metro AreaMSA46.0%24.6%21.5%
Cass County, MissouriCounty51.1%33.7%17.4%
Cass County, North DakotaCounty41.2%22.5%18.8%
Catawba County, North CarolinaCounty40.7%21.2%19.5%
Catoosa County, GeorgiaCounty48.0%31.8%16.2%
Cattaraugus County, New YorkCounty42.7%18.6%24.1%
Cayuga County, New YorkCounty44.8%22.4%22.4%
Cecil County, MarylandCounty53.3%35.7%17.6%
Cedar Rapids, IA Metro AreaMSA38.2%21.8%16.4%
Centralia, WA Micro AreaMSA59.3%37.1%22.2%
Centre County, PennsylvaniaCounty55.0%15.1%39.9%
Chambersburg-Waynesboro, PA Metro AreaMSA36.4%19.1%17.3%
Champaign County, IllinoisCounty55.8%25.2%30.6%
Champaign-Urbana, IL Metro AreaMSA55.2%24.9%30.3%
Charles County, MarylandCounty52.5%27.7%24.8%
Charleston County, South CarolinaCounty52.3%25.5%26.8%
Charleston-Mattoon, IL Micro AreaMSA43.8%19.3%24.5%
Charleston-North Charleston, SC Metro AreaMSA50.7%26.0%24.6%
Charleston, WV Metro AreaMSA50.2%20.9%29.2%
Charlotte County, FloridaCounty55.5%24.5%31.0%
Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC-SC Metro AreaMSA44.2%23.6%20.7%
Charlottesville, VA Metro AreaMSA50.8%25.7%25.1%
Chatham County, GeorgiaCounty43.4%22.5%20.9%
Chatham County, North CarolinaCounty54.7%32.9%21.8%
Chattanooga, TN-GA Metro AreaMSA53.3%31.9%21.4%
Chautauqua County, New YorkCounty51.1%22.7%28.5%
Chaves County, New MexicoCounty40.3%12.2%28.1%
Chelan County, WashingtonCounty39.4%24.8%14.6%
Chemung County, New YorkCounty52.0%27.4%24.6%
Cherokee County, GeorgiaCounty36.4%14.6%21.8%
Chesapeake city, VirginiaCounty51.5%24.0%27.5%
Cheshire County, New HampshireCounty52.3%32.8%19.5%
Chester County, PennsylvaniaCounty47.3%22.3%25.0%
Chesterfield County, VirginiaCounty46.0%24.4%21.5%
Cheyenne, WY Metro AreaMSA47.1%29.3%17.8%
Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI Metro AreaMSA49.2%23.9%25.3%
Chico, CA Metro AreaMSA65.5%25.3%40.2%
Chillicothe, OH Micro AreaMSA47.8%28.6%19.1%
Chittenden County, VermontCounty54.1%30.6%23.5%
Christian County, KentuckyCounty48.8%23.1%25.7%
Christian County, MissouriCounty50.4%32.1%18.3%
Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN Metro AreaMSA44.6%23.2%21.5%
Citrus County, FloridaCounty59.9%32.9%27.0%
Clackamas County, OregonCounty48.7%24.3%24.4%
Clallam County, WashingtonCounty45.5%23.7%21.7%
Claremont-Lebanon, NH-VT Micro AreaMSA48.2%26.3%22.0%
Clark County, IndianaCounty39.0%17.6%21.4%
Clark County, NevadaCounty51.2%26.9%24.4%
Clark County, OhioCounty45.9%23.9%22.0%
Clark County, WashingtonCounty46.4%25.0%21.3%
Clarke County, GeorgiaCounty55.1%23.9%31.1%
Clarksburg, WV Micro AreaMSA41.7%26.0%15.7%
Clarksville, TN-KY Metro AreaMSA45.9%25.0%20.9%
Clay County, FloridaCounty54.7%27.6%27.1%
Clay County, MissouriCounty40.3%22.1%18.2%
Clayton County, GeorgiaCounty48.5%22.3%26.2%
Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaCounty36.5%23.0%13.5%
Clearlake, CA Micro AreaMSA57.2%35.1%22.0%
Clermont County, OhioCounty44.9%26.2%18.7%
Cleveland County, North CarolinaCounty49.9%21.2%28.7%
Cleveland County, OklahomaCounty45.0%20.3%24.7%
Cleveland-Elyria, OH Metro AreaMSA47.9%21.7%26.2%
Cleveland, TN Metro AreaMSA38.5%22.3%16.3%
Clinton County, MichiganCounty42.6%21.5%21.1%
Clinton County, New YorkCounty45.4%18.8%26.6%
Cobb County, GeorgiaCounty45.3%24.7%20.6%
Cochise County, ArizonaCounty44.3%19.2%25.1%
Coconino County, ArizonaCounty50.5%19.9%30.6%
Coeur d'Alene, ID Metro AreaMSA51.2%29.7%21.4%
Cole County, MissouriCounty32.7%12.2%20.5%
College Station-Bryan, TX Metro AreaMSA61.8%23.9%38.0%
Collier County, FloridaCounty53.8%25.8%28.0%
Collin County, TexasCounty41.2%25.4%15.8%
Colorado Springs, CO Metro AreaMSA49.7%25.2%24.5%
Columbia County, FloridaCounty40.5%17.9%22.6%
Columbia County, GeorgiaCounty37.0%20.4%16.6%
Columbia County, PennsylvaniaCounty37.8%18.9%19.0%
Columbia, MO Metro AreaMSA47.2%21.4%25.8%
Columbia, SC Metro AreaMSA49.8%26.7%23.0%
Columbiana County, OhioCounty45.0%22.4%22.6%
Columbus, GA-AL Metro AreaMSA50.8%24.5%26.3%
Columbus, IN Metro AreaMSA35.5%18.8%16.7%
Columbus, OH Metro AreaMSA43.7%21.9%21.8%
Comal County, TexasCounty44.8%21.9%22.9%
Comanche County, OklahomaCounty40.0%19.6%20.5%
Concord, NH Micro AreaMSA45.0%20.1%24.9%
Contra Costa County, CaliforniaCounty52.0%26.7%25.3%
Cook County, IllinoisCounty49.4%23.4%26.0%
Cookeville, TN Micro AreaMSA50.2%24.1%26.1%
Coos Bay, OR Micro AreaMSA43.9%26.8%17.1%
Corning, NY Micro AreaMSA43.2%29.4%13.8%
Corpus Christi, TX Metro AreaMSA45.2%22.8%22.5%
Corvallis, OR Metro AreaMSA69.6%29.1%40.6%
Coryell County, TexasCounty40.6%29.1%11.5%
Coweta County, GeorgiaCounty43.7%24.8%18.9%
Cowlitz County, WashingtonCounty54.5%30.5%24.0%
Craighead County, ArkansasCounty44.7%20.3%24.4%
Craven County, North CarolinaCounty48.1%25.2%22.8%
Crawford County, PennsylvaniaCounty34.9%19.2%15.7%
Creek County, OklahomaCounty42.2%21.3%21.0%
Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin, FL Metro AreaMSA49.8%29.0%20.8%
Cullman County, AlabamaCounty49.0%27.7%21.2%
Cullman, AL Micro AreaMSA49.0%27.7%21.2%
Cumberland County, MaineCounty50.3%27.8%22.5%
Cumberland County, New JerseyCounty59.8%24.6%35.2%
Cumberland County, North CarolinaCounty49.9%24.7%25.2%
Cumberland County, PennsylvaniaCounty39.4%24.7%14.7%
Cumberland, MD-WV Metro AreaMSA47.4%13.7%33.6%
Cuyahoga County, OhioCounty49.7%22.0%27.7%
Dakota County, MinnesotaCounty43.9%25.4%18.5%
Dallas County, IowaCounty53.9%41.2%12.7%
Dallas County, TexasCounty45.1%24.7%20.5%
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX Metro AreaMSA45.3%25.1%20.2%
Dalton, GA Metro AreaMSA41.2%25.3%15.9%
Dane County, WisconsinCounty46.7%23.9%22.8%
Danville, IL Metro AreaMSA57.6%27.4%30.3%
Danville, VA Micro AreaMSA45.6%23.4%22.2%
Daphne-Fairhope-Foley, AL Metro AreaMSA47.9%24.2%23.7%
Darlington County, South CarolinaCounty43.4%21.7%21.7%
Dauphin County, PennsylvaniaCounty43.2%22.4%20.8%
Davenport-Moline-Rock Island, IA-IL Metro AreaMSA46.9%24.9%22.0%
Davidson County, North CarolinaCounty40.1%21.6%18.5%
Davidson County, TennesseeCounty46.1%25.9%20.3%
Daviess County, KentuckyCounty43.6%19.6%24.0%
Davis County, UtahCounty37.6%20.6%17.1%
Dayton, OH Metro AreaMSA47.0%23.8%23.2%
Decatur, AL Metro AreaMSA41.1%21.9%19.3%
Decatur, IL Metro AreaMSA52.2%26.4%25.8%
DeKalb County, AlabamaCounty52.9%31.6%21.3%
DeKalb County, GeorgiaCounty53.2%29.4%23.8%
DeKalb County, IllinoisCounty50.8%29.0%21.7%
Delaware County, IndianaCounty50.8%20.2%30.7%
Delaware County, OhioCounty40.1%25.8%14.4%
Delaware County, PennsylvaniaCounty50.7%28.2%22.5%
Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach, FL Metro AreaMSA55.4%27.6%27.8%
Denton County, TexasCounty46.0%25.4%20.6%
Denver County, ColoradoCounty50.7%26.1%24.6%
Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO Metro AreaMSA51.5%27.8%23.8%
Des Moines-West Des Moines, IA Metro AreaMSA46.0%26.1%19.9%
Deschutes County, OregonCounty50.5%28.0%22.5%
DeSoto County, MississippiCounty44.6%25.4%19.2%
Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI Metro AreaMSA50.2%24.0%26.2%
District of ColumbiaState48.4%21.8%26.7%
District of Columbia, District of ColumbiaCounty48.4%21.8%26.7%
Dodge County, WisconsinCounty38.9%17.1%21.8%
Doña Ana County, New MexicoCounty52.0%23.9%28.1%
Dorchester County, South CarolinaCounty51.2%30.0%21.2%
Dothan, AL Metro AreaMSA45.1%23.4%21.7%
Dougherty County, GeorgiaCounty53.3%21.2%32.2%
Douglas County, ColoradoCounty47.5%28.3%19.2%
Douglas County, GeorgiaCounty41.9%20.6%21.3%
Douglas County, KansasCounty54.1%20.8%33.3%
Douglas County, NebraskaCounty48.6%26.4%22.2%
Douglas County, OregonCounty48.7%25.8%22.9%
Dover, DE Metro AreaMSA51.4%32.2%19.1%
DuBois, PA Micro AreaMSA36.5%23.0%13.5%
Dubuque County, IowaCounty38.0%18.2%19.8%
Dubuque, IA Metro AreaMSA38.0%18.2%19.8%
Duluth, MN-WI Metro AreaMSA48.0%27.6%20.4%
Dunn, NC Micro AreaMSA46.8%26.4%20.4%
DuPage County, IllinoisCounty48.3%23.6%24.7%
Durham County, North CarolinaCounty50.1%26.6%23.4%
Durham-Chapel Hill, NC Metro AreaMSA51.2%27.3%24.0%
Dutchess County, New YorkCounty54.7%24.6%30.1%
Duval County, FloridaCounty46.7%23.7%23.0%
East Baton Rouge Parish, LouisianaCounty50.1%24.0%26.1%
East Stroudsburg, PA Metro AreaMSA38.6%19.1%19.6%
Eaton County, MichiganCounty40.2%15.6%24.6%
Eau Claire County, WisconsinCounty49.9%25.7%24.2%
Eau Claire, WI Metro AreaMSA46.8%28.3%18.5%
Ector County, TexasCounty44.5%16.7%27.8%
El Centro, CA Metro AreaMSA53.5%28.4%25.2%
El Dorado County, CaliforniaCounty47.5%23.0%24.5%
El Paso County, ColoradoCounty49.7%25.3%24.4%
El Paso County, TexasCounty50.8%29.1%21.7%
El Paso, TX Metro AreaMSA50.8%29.1%21.7%
Elizabeth City, NC Micro AreaMSA47.8%24.2%23.6%
Elizabethtown-Fort Knox, KY Metro AreaMSA36.5%19.3%17.2%
Elkhart County, IndianaCounty42.6%23.0%19.6%
Elkhart-Goshen, IN Metro AreaMSA42.6%23.0%19.6%
Ellis County, TexasCounty45.9%29.5%16.4%
Elmira, NY Metro AreaMSA52.0%27.4%24.6%
Elmore County, AlabamaCounty60.6%35.6%25.0%
Enid, OK Metro AreaMSA42.0%23.9%18.1%
Erie County, New YorkCounty48.9%23.1%25.8%
Erie County, OhioCounty44.0%19.4%24.6%
Erie County, PennsylvaniaCounty45.4%21.3%24.1%
Erie, PA Metro AreaMSA45.4%21.3%24.1%
Escambia County, FloridaCounty52.9%33.9%19.0%
Essex County, MassachusettsCounty52.8%24.7%28.2%
Essex County, New JerseyCounty56.4%24.6%31.8%
Etowah County, AlabamaCounty36.7%18.4%18.4%
Eugene, OR Metro AreaMSA55.4%24.1%31.3%
Eureka-Arcata-Fortuna, CA Micro AreaMSA63.2%30.7%32.5%
Evansville, IN-KY Metro AreaMSA48.4%29.2%19.1%
Fairbanks North Star Borough, AlaskaCounty41.5%20.7%20.7%
Fairbanks, AK Metro AreaMSA41.5%20.7%20.7%
Fairfax County, VirginiaCounty45.6%24.2%21.5%
Fairfield County, ConnecticutCounty55.8%27.4%28.4%
Fairfield County, OhioCounty45.0%22.5%22.5%
Fargo, ND-MN Metro AreaMSA44.1%23.1%21.0%
Faribault-Northfield, MN Micro AreaMSA47.3%18.7%28.5%
Farmington, MO Micro AreaMSA49.4%25.7%23.7%
Farmington, NM Metro AreaMSA36.8%19.1%17.7%
Faulkner County, ArkansasCounty49.3%25.2%24.1%
Fauquier County, VirginiaCounty46.9%26.6%20.3%
Fayette County, GeorgiaCounty46.0%32.5%13.5%
Fayette County, KentuckyCounty47.7%22.0%25.7%
Fayette County, PennsylvaniaCounty46.7%19.3%27.4%
Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR-MO Metro AreaMSA40.9%22.4%18.5%
Fayetteville, NC Metro AreaMSA50.4%24.2%26.2%
Findlay, OH Micro AreaMSA35.2%21.5%13.6%
Flagler County, FloridaCounty55.9%36.0%19.9%
Flagstaff, AZ Metro AreaMSA50.5%19.9%30.6%
Flathead County, MontanaCounty56.5%36.1%20.4%
Flint, MI Metro AreaMSA55.0%24.5%30.6%
Florence County, South CarolinaCounty48.1%22.5%25.5%
Florence-Muscle Shoals, AL Metro AreaMSA42.0%16.9%25.1%
Florence, SC Metro AreaMSA46.8%22.3%24.5%
Floyd County, GeorgiaCounty38.4%20.9%17.5%
Floyd County, IndianaCounty49.1%29.0%20.0%
Fond du Lac County, WisconsinCounty44.3%26.7%17.6%
Fond du Lac, WI Metro AreaMSA44.3%26.7%17.6%
Forest City, NC Micro AreaMSA41.2%25.3%15.9%
Forrest County, MississippiCounty50.8%23.0%27.9%
Forsyth County, GeorgiaCounty43.3%24.4%18.9%
Forsyth County, North CarolinaCounty50.0%23.2%26.8%
Fort Bend County, TexasCounty48.6%23.5%25.2%
Fort Collins, CO Metro AreaMSA57.3%26.5%30.8%
Fort Payne, AL Micro AreaMSA52.9%31.6%21.3%
Fort Smith, AR-OK Metro AreaMSA41.4%20.3%21.1%
Fort Wayne, IN Metro AreaMSA43.4%22.7%20.7%
Frankfort, KY Micro AreaMSA30.8%15.3%15.6%
Franklin County, MassachusettsCounty50.5%27.4%23.2%
Franklin County, MissouriCounty34.3%16.2%18.1%
Franklin County, OhioCounty44.5%21.7%22.8%
Franklin County, PennsylvaniaCounty36.4%19.1%17.3%
Franklin County, WashingtonCounty47.8%26.1%21.7%
Frederick County, MarylandCounty48.5%24.4%24.1%
Frederick County, VirginiaCounty51.7%30.5%21.2%
Fresno County, CaliforniaCounty60.5%25.8%34.7%
Fresno, CA Metro AreaMSA60.5%25.8%34.7%
Fulton County, GeorgiaCounty49.6%23.4%26.3%
Gadsden, AL Metro AreaMSA36.7%18.4%18.4%
Gainesville, FL Metro AreaMSA62.8%27.8%35.0%
Gainesville, GA Metro AreaMSA42.2%20.7%21.6%
Gallatin County, MontanaCounty48.7%27.5%21.2%
Gallup, NM Micro AreaMSA45.9%9.8%36.1%
Galveston County, TexasCounty49.2%26.6%22.6%
Garland County, ArkansasCounty52.3%23.6%28.7%
Gaston County, North CarolinaCounty44.6%23.4%21.3%
Geauga County, OhioCounty45.8%22.7%23.1%
Genesee County, MichiganCounty55.0%24.5%30.6%
Gettysburg, PA Metro AreaMSA48.6%24.6%24.0%
Glens Falls, NY Metro AreaMSA50.9%31.9%19.0%
Glenwood Springs, CO Micro AreaMSA40.6%21.9%18.7%
Gloucester County, New JerseyCounty50.9%22.9%28.0%
Glynn County, GeorgiaCounty46.8%28.6%18.2%
Goldsboro, NC Metro AreaMSA50.5%27.7%22.8%
Grafton County, New HampshireCounty47.2%24.8%22.4%
Grand Forks County, North DakotaCounty50.6%24.6%26.0%
Grand Forks, ND-MN Metro AreaMSA52.1%25.3%26.8%
Grand Island, NE Metro AreaMSA43.3%20.3%23.0%
Grand Junction, CO Metro AreaMSA57.7%24.4%33.3%
Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI Metro AreaMSA44.6%19.6%25.0%
Grand Traverse County, MichiganCounty48.1%33.1%15.0%
Grant County, IndianaCounty52.7%32.2%20.4%
Grant County, WashingtonCounty39.3%26.0%13.3%
Grants Pass, OR Metro AreaMSA60.9%32.2%28.6%
Grays Harbor County, WashingtonCounty48.9%25.1%23.9%
Grayson County, TexasCounty36.7%21.6%15.1%
Great Falls, MT Metro AreaMSA48.4%26.5%21.9%
Greeley, CO Metro AreaMSA52.8%23.8%29.1%
Green Bay, WI Metro AreaMSA36.8%17.3%19.5%
Greene County, MissouriCounty47.9%23.4%24.6%
Greene County, OhioCounty39.5%18.7%20.8%
Greene County, TennesseeCounty55.9%27.9%28.0%
Greeneville, TN Micro AreaMSA55.9%27.9%28.0%
Greenfield Town, MA Micro AreaMSA50.5%27.4%23.2%
Greensboro-High Point, NC Metro AreaMSA48.4%25.4%23.0%
Greenville County, South CarolinaCounty48.3%25.3%23.0%
Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin, SC Metro AreaMSA46.9%23.7%23.2%
Greenville, NC Metro AreaMSA53.6%20.7%32.9%
Greenwood County, South CarolinaCounty52.4%32.2%20.1%
Greenwood, SC Micro AreaMSA50.4%29.8%20.6%
Gregg County, TexasCounty51.7%24.8%26.9%
Guadalupe County, TexasCounty41.5%26.6%15.0%
Guayama, PR Metro AreaMSA41.3%16.8%24.4%
Guilford County, North CarolinaCounty49.9%25.7%24.2%
Gulfport-Biloxi-Pascagoula, MS Metro AreaMSA50.2%22.8%27.3%
Gwinnett County, GeorgiaCounty52.2%26.9%25.3%
Hagerstown-Martinsburg, MD-WV Metro AreaMSA45.3%22.3%23.0%
Hall County, GeorgiaCounty42.2%20.7%21.6%
Hamilton County, IndianaCounty39.3%20.3%19.0%
Hamilton County, OhioCounty45.2%22.8%22.5%
Hamilton County, TennesseeCounty52.3%31.3%20.9%
Hammond, LA Metro AreaMSA55.4%16.2%39.1%
Hampden County, MassachusettsCounty53.6%25.4%28.2%
Hampshire County, MassachusettsCounty60.5%33.8%26.7%
Hampton city, VirginiaCounty49.9%23.2%26.7%
Hancock County, IndianaCounty41.6%24.9%16.7%
Hancock County, OhioCounty35.2%21.5%13.6%
Hanford-Corcoran, CA Metro AreaMSA45.9%21.4%24.5%
Hanover County, VirginiaCounty44.5%24.0%20.5%
Hardin County, KentuckyCounty36.7%18.8%17.9%
Harford County, MarylandCounty51.2%26.2%25.0%
Harnett County, North CarolinaCounty46.8%26.4%20.4%
Harris County, TexasCounty50.3%25.4%24.9%
Harrisburg-Carlisle, PA Metro AreaMSA41.2%23.2%18.1%
Harrison County, MississippiCounty52.5%26.0%26.5%
Harrison County, TexasCounty49.3%22.3%27.0%
Harrison County, West VirginiaCounty42.3%24.5%17.8%
Harrisonburg, VA Metro AreaMSA53.1%25.4%27.7%
Hartford County, ConnecticutCounty50.0%24.8%25.2%
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT Metro AreaMSA50.3%24.5%25.8%
Hattiesburg, MS Metro AreaMSA43.3%22.5%20.8%
Hawaii County, HawaiiCounty49.3%23.9%25.5%
Hays County, TexasCounty51.6%26.7%24.9%
Helena, MT Micro AreaMSA35.3%23.3%12.0%
Henderson County, North CarolinaCounty44.2%29.7%14.5%
Henderson County, TexasCounty41.9%22.9%19.0%
Hendricks County, IndianaCounty46.2%23.0%23.2%
Hennepin County, MinnesotaCounty46.1%24.1%22.0%
Henrico County, VirginiaCounty47.0%25.1%21.9%
Henry County, GeorgiaCounty40.7%17.9%22.8%
Hermiston-Pendleton, OR Micro AreaMSA45.4%23.0%22.4%
Hernando County, FloridaCounty59.3%33.0%26.3%
Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton, NC Metro AreaMSA43.4%26.0%17.4%
Hidalgo County, TexasCounty54.5%26.6%27.9%
Highlands County, FloridaCounty57.7%21.3%36.4%
Hillsborough County, FloridaCounty50.9%26.2%24.7%
Hillsborough County, New HampshireCounty45.3%23.8%21.5%
Hilo, HI Micro AreaMSA49.3%23.9%25.5%
Hilton Head Island-Bluffton-Beaufort, SC Metro AreaMSA52.5%25.2%27.3%
Hinds County, MississippiCounty52.1%27.7%24.4%
Hinesville, GA Metro AreaMSA52.9%30.2%22.7%
Hobbs, NM Micro AreaMSA37.6%10.4%27.2%
Holland, MI Micro AreaMSA38.2%22.6%15.6%
Homosassa Springs, FL Metro AreaMSA59.9%32.9%27.0%
Honolulu County, HawaiiCounty58.1%28.1%30.0%
Horry County, South CarolinaCounty54.6%28.1%26.5%
Hot Springs, AR Metro AreaMSA52.3%23.6%28.7%
Houma-Thibodaux, LA Metro AreaMSA50.7%16.2%34.5%
Houston County, AlabamaCounty48.3%25.1%23.2%
Houston County, GeorgiaCounty44.1%28.3%15.7%
Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TX Metro AreaMSA49.0%24.9%24.1%
Howard County, IndianaCounty42.9%22.6%20.4%
Howard County, MarylandCounty43.8%21.1%22.7%
Hudson County, New JerseyCounty46.6%23.6%23.0%
Humboldt County, CaliforniaCounty63.2%30.7%32.5%
Hunt County, TexasCounty48.5%21.9%26.6%
Hunterdon County, New JerseyCounty52.5%28.9%23.6%
Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH Metro AreaMSA48.5%23.8%24.7%
Huntsville, AL Metro AreaMSA48.0%27.3%20.8%
Huntsville, TX Micro AreaMSA53.5%16.1%37.4%
Hutchinson, KS Micro AreaMSA51.6%26.9%24.6%
Iberia Parish, LouisianaCounty59.7%24.7%35.1%
Idaho Falls, ID Metro AreaMSA35.8%18.0%17.8%
Imperial County, CaliforniaCounty53.5%28.4%25.2%
Indian River County, FloridaCounty57.9%30.8%27.1%
Indiana County, PennsylvaniaCounty56.8%21.0%35.8%
Indiana, PA Micro AreaMSA56.8%21.0%35.8%
Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson, IN Metro AreaMSA47.8%24.8%23.0%
Ingham County, MichiganCounty52.4%22.6%29.8%
Iowa City, IA Metro AreaMSA59.4%20.6%38.9%
Iredell County, North CarolinaCounty37.9%17.3%20.7%
Isabella County, MichiganCounty59.7%19.3%40.4%
Island County, WashingtonCounty46.1%25.7%20.4%
Ithaca, NY Metro AreaMSA62.8%25.7%37.1%
Jackson County, MichiganCounty48.6%30.0%18.6%
Jackson County, MississippiCounty47.1%18.9%28.2%
Jackson County, MissouriCounty44.9%23.2%21.7%
Jackson County, OregonCounty57.0%25.5%31.5%
Jackson, MI Metro AreaMSA48.6%30.0%18.6%
Jackson, MS Metro AreaMSA48.0%26.5%21.5%
Jackson, TN Metro AreaMSA52.3%23.2%29.1%
Jacksonville, FL Metro AreaMSA47.7%24.4%23.3%
Jacksonville, NC Metro AreaMSA44.2%30.1%14.1%
James City County, VirginiaCounty55.8%33.4%22.4%
Jamestown-Dunkirk-Fredonia, NY Micro AreaMSA51.1%22.7%28.5%
Janesville-Beloit, WI Metro AreaMSA46.6%23.7%23.0%
Jasper County, MissouriCounty46.8%25.1%21.6%
Jefferson City, MO Metro AreaMSA34.4%18.9%15.5%
Jefferson County, AlabamaCounty49.7%24.7%25.0%
Jefferson County, ArkansasCounty46.4%19.3%27.1%
Jefferson County, ColoradoCounty53.8%29.6%24.3%
Jefferson County, KentuckyCounty44.8%24.3%20.5%
Jefferson County, MissouriCounty43.3%22.5%20.9%
Jefferson County, New YorkCounty51.3%25.9%25.3%
Jefferson County, OhioCounty41.1%18.0%23.1%
Jefferson County, TexasCounty52.0%28.5%23.5%
Jefferson County, WisconsinCounty46.3%26.9%19.4%
Jefferson Parish, LouisianaCounty55.2%26.2%29.1%
Johnson City, TN Metro AreaMSA44.5%29.7%14.8%
Johnson County, IndianaCounty43.5%31.4%12.2%
Johnson County, IowaCounty61.1%19.6%41.4%
Johnson County, KansasCounty43.2%25.6%17.6%
Johnson County, TexasCounty44.3%30.3%14.0%
Johnston County, North CarolinaCounty45.4%25.1%20.3%
Johnstown, PA Metro AreaMSA46.0%18.1%27.9%
Jones County, MississippiCounty65.2%40.0%25.3%
Jonesboro, AR Metro AreaMSA45.2%21.6%23.5%
Joplin, MO Metro AreaMSA40.3%23.3%17.0%
Josephine County, OregonCounty60.9%32.2%28.6%
Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, HI Metro AreaMSA46.9%23.7%23.3%
Kalamazoo County, MichiganCounty52.3%27.7%24.6%
Kalamazoo-Portage, MI Metro AreaMSA51.0%28.2%22.8%
Kalispell, MT Micro AreaMSA56.5%36.1%20.4%
Kanawha County, West VirginiaCounty49.2%20.7%28.6%
Kane County, IllinoisCounty51.4%29.5%21.9%
Kankakee County, IllinoisCounty42.0%15.3%26.7%
Kankakee, IL Metro AreaMSA42.0%15.3%26.7%
Kansas City, MO-KS Metro AreaMSA43.3%23.9%19.5%
Kapaa, HI Micro AreaMSA51.9%32.9%19.0%
Kauai County, HawaiiCounty51.9%32.9%19.0%
Kaufman County, TexasCounty47.7%34.1%13.6%
Keene, NH Micro AreaMSA52.3%32.8%19.5%
Kendall County, IllinoisCounty53.0%36.5%16.5%
Kennebec County, MaineCounty41.5%15.3%26.2%
Kennewick-Richland, WA Metro AreaMSA45.3%24.6%20.7%
Kenosha County, WisconsinCounty48.3%21.5%26.9%
Kent County, DelawareCounty51.4%32.2%19.1%
Kent County, MichiganCounty44.2%19.7%24.5%
Kent County, Rhode IslandCounty47.8%24.1%23.6%
Kenton County, KentuckyCounty42.8%26.4%16.5%
Kern County, CaliforniaCounty54.5%26.9%27.6%
Key West, FL Micro AreaMSA63.0%28.9%34.0%
Killeen-Temple, TX Metro AreaMSA42.6%24.9%17.7%
King County, WashingtonCounty44.8%24.1%20.7%
Kings County, CaliforniaCounty45.9%21.4%24.5%
Kings County, New YorkCounty54.3%23.3%30.9%
Kingsport-Bristol-Bristol, TN-VA Metro AreaMSA44.8%26.1%18.6%
Kingston, NY Metro AreaMSA56.7%25.6%31.1%
Kitsap County, WashingtonCounty42.8%20.7%22.1%
Klamath County, OregonCounty49.1%22.2%26.8%
Klamath Falls, OR Micro AreaMSA49.1%22.2%26.8%
Knox County, TennesseeCounty46.6%25.1%21.5%
Knoxville, TN Metro AreaMSA44.4%22.5%22.0%
Kokomo, IN Metro AreaMSA42.9%22.6%20.4%
Kootenai County, IdahoCounty51.2%29.7%21.4%
Kosciusko County, IndianaCounty49.3%24.8%24.5%
La Crosse County, WisconsinCounty49.7%24.5%25.2%
La Crosse-Onalaska, WI-MN Metro AreaMSA47.4%23.2%24.2%
Lackawanna County, PennsylvaniaCounty44.4%21.6%22.8%
Lafayette Parish, LouisianaCounty48.3%24.6%23.6%
Lafayette-West Lafayette, IN Metro AreaMSA54.2%26.0%28.2%
Lafayette, LA Metro AreaMSA51.1%26.5%24.5%
Lafourche Parish, LouisianaCounty44.9%6.4%38.5%
LaGrange, GA Micro AreaMSA53.8%32.0%21.8%
Lake Charles, LA Metro AreaMSA47.9%24.6%23.3%
Lake City, FL Micro AreaMSA40.5%17.9%22.6%
Lake County, CaliforniaCounty57.2%35.1%22.0%
Lake County, FloridaCounty50.7%29.5%21.2%
Lake County, IllinoisCounty49.9%28.1%21.8%
Lake County, IndianaCounty46.3%21.0%25.3%
Lake County, OhioCounty36.8%19.8%17.0%
Lake Havasu City-Kingman, AZ Metro AreaMSA45.6%21.2%24.4%
Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL Metro AreaMSA47.1%22.3%24.7%
Lancaster County, NebraskaCounty47.6%23.0%24.6%
Lancaster County, PennsylvaniaCounty47.3%23.3%24.0%
Lancaster County, South CarolinaCounty44.6%22.3%22.3%
Lancaster, PA Metro AreaMSA47.3%23.3%24.0%
Lane County, OregonCounty55.4%24.1%31.3%
Lansing-East Lansing, MI Metro AreaMSA49.1%21.0%28.1%
Lapeer County, MichiganCounty61.8%38.6%23.2%
LaPorte County, IndianaCounty36.7%21.3%15.5%
Laramie County, WyomingCounty47.1%29.3%17.8%
Laredo, TX Metro AreaMSA64.0%29.9%34.1%
Larimer County, ColoradoCounty57.3%26.5%30.8%
Las Cruces, NM Metro AreaMSA52.0%23.9%28.1%
Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV Metro AreaMSA51.2%26.9%24.4%
LaSalle County, IllinoisCounty43.8%24.7%19.0%
Lauderdale County, AlabamaCounty33.6%14.0%19.6%
Lauderdale County, MississippiCounty43.9%9.4%34.5%
Laurel, MS Micro AreaMSA65.1%41.5%23.6%
Laurens County, South CarolinaCounty43.8%20.6%23.2%
Lawrence County, PennsylvaniaCounty46.6%24.4%22.2%
Lawrence, KS Metro AreaMSA54.1%20.8%33.3%
Lawton, OK Metro AreaMSA39.6%19.2%20.5%
Lea County, New MexicoCounty37.6%10.4%27.2%
Leavenworth County, KansasCounty36.4%18.2%18.2%
Lebanon County, PennsylvaniaCounty45.1%28.9%16.3%
Lebanon, PA Metro AreaMSA45.1%28.9%16.3%
Lee County, AlabamaCounty48.0%20.4%27.6%
Lee County, FloridaCounty53.3%25.6%27.7%
Lee County, MississippiCounty51.9%26.5%25.4%
Lehigh County, PennsylvaniaCounty52.2%24.1%28.0%
Lenawee County, MichiganCounty43.2%23.1%20.2%
Leon County, FloridaCounty56.0%24.4%31.5%
Lewis and Clark County, MontanaCounty35.4%22.4%13.0%
Lewis County, WashingtonCounty59.3%37.1%22.2%
Lewiston-Auburn, ME Metro AreaMSA45.8%28.3%17.5%
Lewiston, ID-WA Metro AreaMSA51.6%30.8%20.8%
Lexington County, South CarolinaCounty50.4%27.9%22.6%
Lexington-Fayette, KY Metro AreaMSA45.1%21.3%23.9%
Liberty County, GeorgiaCounty49.6%27.1%22.5%
Liberty County, TexasCounty41.3%26.8%14.6%
Licking County, OhioCounty46.2%25.1%21.1%
Lima, OH Metro AreaMSA47.5%27.5%20.0%
Limestone County, AlabamaCounty44.9%23.1%21.8%
Lincoln County, North CarolinaCounty46.4%24.8%21.6%
Lincoln, NE Metro AreaMSA47.5%22.6%24.9%
Linn County, IowaCounty38.9%22.3%16.6%
Linn County, OregonCounty48.4%28.7%19.7%
Litchfield County, ConnecticutCounty49.3%28.1%21.2%
Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway, AR Metro AreaMSA46.0%21.2%24.8%
Livingston County, MichiganCounty41.4%22.6%18.8%
Livingston County, New YorkCounty47.0%16.1%31.0%
Livingston Parish, LouisianaCounty37.7%25.7%12.0%
Logan, UT-ID Metro AreaMSA49.6%26.9%22.8%
London, KY Micro AreaMSA52.6%25.9%26.6%
Longview, TX Metro AreaMSA48.6%24.9%23.7%
Longview, WA Metro AreaMSA54.5%30.5%24.0%
Lonoke County, ArkansasCounty37.3%19.1%18.3%
Lorain County, OhioCounty49.5%22.3%27.2%
Los Angeles County, CaliforniaCounty58.3%26.8%31.5%
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA Metro AreaMSA58.0%27.2%30.8%
Loudoun County, VirginiaCounty43.8%23.2%20.7%
Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN Metro AreaMSA44.2%24.0%20.1%
Lowndes County, GeorgiaCounty52.4%27.0%25.4%
Lubbock County, TexasCounty48.5%23.2%25.4%
Lubbock, TX Metro AreaMSA48.4%23.5%24.9%
Lucas County, OhioCounty49.0%24.7%24.2%
Lufkin, TX Micro AreaMSA46.5%28.3%18.2%
Lumberton, NC Micro AreaMSA42.0%19.7%22.3%
Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaCounty44.7%22.9%21.7%
Lycoming County, PennsylvaniaCounty53.2%26.1%27.1%
Lynchburg city, VirginiaCounty45.3%30.5%14.8%
Lynchburg, VA Metro AreaMSA43.9%25.2%18.8%
Macomb County, MichiganCounty48.9%24.2%24.7%
Macon County, IllinoisCounty52.2%26.4%25.8%
Macon-Bibb County, GA Metro AreaMSA54.0%25.0%28.9%
Madera County, CaliforniaCounty59.9%32.4%27.5%
Madera, CA Metro AreaMSA59.9%32.4%27.5%
Madison County, AlabamaCounty48.6%28.0%20.6%
Madison County, IllinoisCounty49.1%25.9%23.2%
Madison County, IndianaCounty47.1%24.5%22.6%
Madison County, KentuckyCounty52.9%16.3%36.7%
Madison County, MississippiCounty55.7%34.1%21.6%
Madison County, New YorkCounty47.9%20.3%27.6%
Madison County, TennesseeCounty53.2%21.2%31.9%
Madison, WI Metro AreaMSA45.9%23.9%21.9%
Mahoning County, OhioCounty44.8%19.9%24.9%
Manatee County, FloridaCounty59.9%32.8%27.1%
Manchester-Nashua, NH Metro AreaMSA45.3%23.8%21.5%
Manhattan, KS Metro AreaMSA48.6%23.5%25.1%
Manitowoc County, WisconsinCounty22.7%11.0%11.6%
Manitowoc, WI Micro AreaMSA22.7%11.0%11.6%
Mankato-North Mankato, MN Metro AreaMSA44.9%21.5%23.4%
Mansfield, OH Metro AreaMSA44.8%26.6%18.3%
Marathon County, WisconsinCounty33.3%16.5%16.8%
Maricopa County, ArizonaCounty47.6%24.6%23.0%
Marin County, CaliforniaCounty50.9%24.1%26.8%
Marinette, WI-MI Micro AreaMSA37.6%17.8%19.8%
Marion County, FloridaCounty51.8%22.2%29.6%
Marion County, IndianaCounty51.1%25.7%25.4%
Marion County, OhioCounty54.8%36.7%18.0%
Marion County, OregonCounty50.6%27.4%23.1%
Marion, IN Micro AreaMSA52.7%32.2%20.4%
Marion, OH Micro AreaMSA54.8%36.7%18.0%
Marquette County, MichiganCounty58.7%32.4%26.3%
Marquette, MI Micro AreaMSA58.7%32.4%26.3%
Marshall County, AlabamaCounty48.3%22.8%25.4%
Marshall, TX Micro AreaMSA49.3%22.3%27.0%
Martin County, FloridaCounty60.5%28.8%31.7%
Martinsville, VA Micro AreaMSA54.5%38.9%15.6%
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AlaskaCounty49.0%22.9%26.1%
Maui County, HawaiiCounty47.0%23.7%23.3%
Maury County, TennesseeCounty39.2%22.0%17.2%
Mayagüez, PR Metro AreaMSA66.6%20.7%46.0%
McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX Metro AreaMSA54.5%26.6%27.9%
McCracken County, KentuckyCounty46.8%21.3%25.5%
McHenry County, IllinoisCounty48.6%21.0%27.5%
McKinley County, New MexicoCounty45.9%9.8%36.1%
McLean County, IllinoisCounty39.3%14.9%24.4%
McLennan County, TexasCounty49.7%23.0%26.7%
Meadville, PA Micro AreaMSA34.9%19.2%15.7%
Mecklenburg County, North CarolinaCounty45.6%25.8%19.7%
Medford, OR Metro AreaMSA57.0%25.5%31.5%
Medina County, OhioCounty33.9%18.6%15.3%
Memphis, TN-MS-AR Metro AreaMSA52.0%25.3%26.7%
Mendocino County, CaliforniaCounty59.5%24.8%34.7%
Merced County, CaliforniaCounty49.1%24.2%24.9%
Merced, CA Metro AreaMSA49.1%24.2%24.9%
Mercer County, New JerseyCounty53.2%25.1%28.1%
Mercer County, PennsylvaniaCounty37.2%25.1%12.1%
Meridian, MS Micro AreaMSA45.4%12.0%33.4%
Merrimack County, New HampshireCounty45.0%20.1%24.9%
Mesa County, ColoradoCounty57.7%24.4%33.3%
Miami County, OhioCounty37.4%22.6%14.8%
Miami-Dade County, FloridaCounty65.1%29.0%36.1%
Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL Metro AreaMSA62.8%29.0%33.8%
Michigan City-La Porte, IN Metro AreaMSA36.7%21.3%15.5%
Middlesex County, ConnecticutCounty46.8%20.2%26.6%
Middlesex County, MassachusettsCounty46.0%24.6%21.4%
Middlesex County, New JerseyCounty47.2%22.1%25.1%
Midland County, MichiganCounty44.4%19.6%24.8%
Midland County, TexasCounty43.3%26.5%16.8%
Midland, MI Metro AreaMSA44.4%19.6%24.8%
Midland, TX Metro AreaMSA43.5%26.7%16.9%
Milwaukee County, WisconsinCounty49.9%22.1%27.8%
Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, WI Metro AreaMSA48.1%22.3%25.9%
Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI Metro AreaMSA45.7%24.1%21.6%
Minnehaha County, South DakotaCounty41.9%23.2%18.6%
Minot, ND Micro AreaMSA46.2%23.4%22.8%
Missoula County, MontanaCounty50.0%22.0%28.0%
Missoula, MT Metro AreaMSA50.0%22.0%28.0%
Mobile County, AlabamaCounty51.6%23.6%28.0%
Mobile, AL Metro AreaMSA51.6%23.6%28.0%
Modesto, CA Metro AreaMSA58.2%30.0%28.2%
Mohave County, ArizonaCounty45.6%21.2%24.4%
Monmouth County, New JerseyCounty54.7%26.8%27.9%
Monongalia County, West VirginiaCounty51.6%16.0%35.7%
Monroe County, FloridaCounty63.0%28.9%34.0%
Monroe County, IndianaCounty59.8%24.7%35.1%
Monroe County, MichiganCounty46.0%27.6%18.4%
Monroe County, New YorkCounty53.8%25.2%28.6%
Monroe County, PennsylvaniaCounty38.6%19.1%19.6%
Monroe, LA Metro AreaMSA56.7%29.7%27.1%
Monroe, MI Metro AreaMSA46.0%27.6%18.4%
Monterey County, CaliforniaCounty55.3%32.9%22.4%
Montgomery County, AlabamaCounty54.5%23.6%30.9%
Montgomery County, MarylandCounty50.0%24.9%25.1%
Montgomery County, OhioCounty50.3%25.2%25.1%
Montgomery County, PennsylvaniaCounty47.8%22.7%25.1%
Montgomery County, TennesseeCounty45.1%25.8%19.3%
Montgomery County, TexasCounty40.2%21.2%19.0%
Montgomery County, VirginiaCounty53.7%17.6%36.2%
Montgomery, AL Metro AreaMSA57.1%25.9%31.1%
Moore County, North CarolinaCounty35.9%17.1%18.9%
Morehead City, NC Micro AreaMSA43.5%22.1%21.4%
Morgan County, AlabamaCounty42.6%21.7%21.0%
Morgan County, IndianaCounty31.8%22.1%9.7%
Morgantown, WV Metro AreaMSA49.9%16.6%33.3%
Morris County, New JerseyCounty44.1%23.3%20.8%
Morristown, TN Metro AreaMSA51.2%18.8%32.4%
Moses Lake, WA Micro AreaMSA39.3%26.0%13.3%
Mount Airy, NC Micro AreaMSA53.0%24.1%28.9%
Mount Pleasant, MI Micro AreaMSA59.7%19.3%40.4%
Mount Vernon-Anacortes, WA Metro AreaMSA46.7%24.4%22.3%
Multnomah County, OregonCounty52.9%23.7%29.1%
Muncie, IN Metro AreaMSA50.8%20.2%30.7%
Muscogee County, GeorgiaCounty52.2%25.1%27.1%
Muskegon County, MichiganCounty49.4%27.6%21.9%
Muskegon, MI Metro AreaMSA49.4%27.6%21.9%
Muskingum County, OhioCounty49.8%22.9%26.9%
Muskogee County, OklahomaCounty52.3%26.9%25.4%
Muskogee, OK Micro AreaMSA52.3%26.9%25.4%
Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach, SC-NC Metro AreaMSA56.5%26.4%30.1%
Nacogdoches County, TexasCounty59.3%28.3%31.0%
Nacogdoches, TX Micro AreaMSA59.3%28.3%31.0%
Napa County, CaliforniaCounty49.9%28.1%21.8%
Napa, CA Metro AreaMSA49.9%28.1%21.8%
Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, FL Metro AreaMSA53.8%25.8%28.0%
Nash County, North CarolinaCounty45.7%26.8%18.9%
Nashville-Davidson--Murfreesboro--Franklin, TN Metro AreaMSA44.6%24.8%19.8%
Nassau County, FloridaCounty50.2%35.9%14.3%
Nassau County, New YorkCounty56.3%26.9%29.4%
Natrona County, WyomingCounty46.0%24.6%21.5%
Navajo County, ArizonaCounty46.1%15.3%30.8%
Nevada County, CaliforniaCounty54.7%21.4%33.3%
New Bern, NC Metro AreaMSA48.7%26.3%22.4%
New Castle County, DelawareCounty49.7%26.5%23.2%
New Castle, PA Micro AreaMSA46.6%24.4%22.2%
New HampshireState44.4%23.0%21.3%
New Hanover County, North CarolinaCounty55.1%25.7%29.4%
New Haven County, ConnecticutCounty51.6%24.7%27.0%
New Haven-Milford, CT Metro AreaMSA51.6%24.7%27.0%
New JerseyState51.8%24.6%27.2%
New London County, ConnecticutCounty44.5%24.0%20.5%
New MexicoState47.5%22.9%24.7%
New Orleans-Metairie, LA Metro AreaMSA57.1%25.6%31.4%
New Philadelphia-Dover, OH Micro AreaMSA34.5%16.9%17.6%
New YorkState52.9%24.2%28.6%
New York County, New YorkCounty46.0%22.7%23.2%
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA Metro AreaMSA53.3%24.3%28.9%
Newport County, Rhode IslandCounty41.5%22.1%19.4%
Newport News city, VirginiaCounty56.2%31.7%24.5%
Newton County, GeorgiaCounty53.2%21.4%31.8%
Niagara County, New YorkCounty42.5%21.1%21.3%
Niles-Benton Harbor, MI Metro AreaMSA48.7%25.8%22.9%
Norfolk city, VirginiaCounty53.3%24.1%29.2%
Norfolk County, MassachusettsCounty49.3%25.6%23.7%
North CarolinaState46.9%24.3%22.6%
North DakotaState39.6%20.5%19.2%
North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, FL Metro AreaMSA55.7%28.5%27.2%
North Wilkesboro, NC Micro AreaMSA45.4%17.3%28.0%
Northampton County, PennsylvaniaCounty44.7%27.0%17.7%
Northumberland County, PennsylvaniaCounty35.3%15.5%19.8%
Norwich-New London, CT Metro AreaMSA44.5%24.0%20.5%
Nueces County, TexasCounty45.0%22.5%22.5%
Oak Harbor, WA Micro AreaMSA46.1%25.7%20.4%
Oakland County, MichiganCounty42.3%21.5%20.8%
Ocala, FL Metro AreaMSA51.8%22.2%29.6%
Ocean City, NJ Metro AreaMSA62.3%33.8%28.5%
Ocean County, New JerseyCounty58.3%23.9%34.4%
Oconee County, South CarolinaCounty52.2%21.2%31.0%
Odessa, TX Metro AreaMSA44.5%16.7%27.8%
Ogden-Clearfield, UT Metro AreaMSA37.9%21.4%16.6%
Ogdensburg-Massena, NY Micro AreaMSA41.2%15.2%26.0%
Okaloosa County, FloridaCounty48.6%29.5%19.1%
Oklahoma City, OK Metro AreaMSA45.3%23.0%22.3%
Oklahoma County, OklahomaCounty45.4%23.1%22.3%
Oldham County, KentuckyCounty53.1%35.1%18.0%
Olean, NY Micro AreaMSA42.7%18.6%24.1%
Olmsted County, MinnesotaCounty50.4%23.4%27.0%
Olympia-Tumwater, WA Metro AreaMSA56.2%30.3%25.9%
Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE-IA Metro AreaMSA46.5%25.9%20.6%
Oneida County, New YorkCounty44.1%17.5%26.5%
Onondaga County, New YorkCounty46.5%20.5%26.0%
Onslow County, North CarolinaCounty44.2%30.1%14.1%
Ontario County, New YorkCounty52.4%36.7%15.6%
Opelousas, LA Micro AreaMSA57.9%25.8%32.1%
Orange County, CaliforniaCounty56.6%28.6%28.0%
Orange County, FloridaCounty56.5%29.1%27.4%
Orange County, New YorkCounty53.4%25.5%27.9%
Orange County, North CarolinaCounty54.6%24.4%30.2%
Orange County, TexasCounty34.7%17.5%17.3%
Orangeburg County, South CarolinaCounty56.4%28.7%27.7%
Orangeburg, SC Micro AreaMSA56.4%28.7%27.7%
Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL Metro AreaMSA54.8%28.1%26.7%
Orleans Parish, LouisianaCounty60.8%25.6%35.3%
Osceola County, FloridaCounty56.3%26.9%29.3%
Oshkosh-Neenah, WI Metro AreaMSA42.2%23.3%19.0%
Oswego County, New YorkCounty54.0%24.0%30.0%
Otero County, New MexicoCounty32.7%19.7%13.1%
Ottawa County, MichiganCounty43.0%17.9%25.1%
Ottawa-Peru, IL Micro AreaMSA41.6%23.0%18.5%
Ouachita Parish, LouisianaCounty58.0%29.7%28.3%
Outagamie County, WisconsinCounty36.7%18.9%17.8%
Owensboro, KY Metro AreaMSA42.2%19.6%22.6%
Owosso, MI Micro AreaMSA43.2%27.1%16.0%
Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CA Metro AreaMSA58.3%30.6%27.7%
Ozaukee County, WisconsinCounty43.3%19.4%23.9%
Paducah, KY-IL Micro AreaMSA47.4%22.0%25.4%
Palatka, FL Micro AreaMSA51.2%25.3%25.9%
Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, FL Metro AreaMSA51.0%25.6%25.4%
Palm Beach County, FloridaCounty59.6%28.2%31.4%
Panama City, FL Metro AreaMSA54.4%23.7%30.7%
Parker County, TexasCounty37.2%22.6%14.6%
Parkersburg-Vienna, WV Metro AreaMSA50.3%29.9%20.4%
Pasco County, FloridaCounty54.7%28.1%26.5%
Passaic County, New JerseyCounty56.9%23.1%33.8%
Paulding County, GeorgiaCounty48.6%22.6%26.0%
Payne County, OklahomaCounty59.9%19.6%40.3%
Pennington County, South DakotaCounty50.4%27.9%22.5%
Penobscot County, MaineCounty49.7%30.6%19.2%
Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent, FL Metro AreaMSA50.7%30.3%20.4%
Peoria County, IllinoisCounty48.6%22.0%26.6%
Peoria, IL Metro AreaMSA43.4%21.0%22.4%
Philadelphia County, PennsylvaniaCounty53.4%22.3%31.0%
Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD Metro AreaMSA51.1%23.9%27.2%
Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ Metro AreaMSA47.7%24.6%23.0%
Pickens County, South CarolinaCounty45.0%21.7%23.4%
Pierce County, WashingtonCounty50.2%26.2%24.0%
Pima County, ArizonaCounty50.6%22.9%27.6%
Pinal County, ArizonaCounty48.2%24.1%24.0%
Pine Bluff, AR Metro AreaMSA46.1%19.7%26.4%
Pinehurst-Southern Pines, NC Micro AreaMSA35.9%17.1%18.9%
Pinellas County, FloridaCounty52.0%26.8%25.2%
Pitt County, North CarolinaCounty53.6%20.7%32.9%
Pittsburgh, PA Metro AreaMSA43.3%21.5%21.8%
Pittsfield, MA Metro AreaMSA43.9%24.8%19.1%
Placer County, CaliforniaCounty50.0%24.3%25.7%
Platte County, MissouriCounty36.5%25.7%10.8%
Plattsburgh, NY Micro AreaMSA45.4%18.8%26.6%
Plymouth County, MassachusettsCounty47.9%22.9%25.0%
Pocatello, ID Metro AreaMSA40.3%24.1%16.1%
Polk County, FloridaCounty47.1%22.3%24.7%
Polk County, IowaCounty45.1%24.4%20.6%
Polk County, OregonCounty50.8%23.0%27.8%
Ponce, PR Metro AreaMSA51.7%29.5%22.2%
Port Angeles, WA Micro AreaMSA45.5%23.7%21.7%
Port St. Lucie, FL Metro AreaMSA63.6%27.4%36.2%
Portage County, OhioCounty57.3%29.4%27.9%
Portage County, WisconsinCounty44.6%20.5%24.1%
Porter County, IndianaCounty43.8%26.0%17.8%
Portland-South Portland, ME Metro AreaMSA46.6%26.0%20.6%
Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA Metro AreaMSA49.7%24.5%25.3%
Portsmouth city, VirginiaCounty62.9%34.0%28.9%
Portsmouth, OH Micro AreaMSA54.8%26.2%28.7%
Pottawatomie County, OklahomaCounty42.3%17.6%24.8%
Pottawattamie County, IowaCounty43.0%23.0%20.0%
Potter County, TexasCounty43.8%21.4%22.4%
Pottsville, PA Micro AreaMSA47.2%20.4%26.8%
Prescott, AZ Metro AreaMSA50.5%21.8%28.7%
Prince George's County, MarylandCounty49.1%25.6%23.5%
Prince William County, VirginiaCounty52.2%25.6%26.6%
Providence County, Rhode IslandCounty49.4%25.4%24.0%
Providence-Warwick, RI-MA Metro AreaMSA48.4%25.2%23.2%
Provo-Orem, UT Metro AreaMSA45.5%24.6%20.9%
Pueblo County, ColoradoCounty56.9%27.2%29.7%
Pueblo, CO Metro AreaMSA56.9%27.2%29.7%
Puerto RicoState52.1%22.5%29.5%
Pulaski County, ArkansasCounty47.8%20.6%27.2%
Punta Gorda, FL Metro AreaMSA55.5%24.5%31.0%
Putnam County, FloridaCounty51.2%25.3%25.9%
Putnam County, New YorkCounty55.5%33.3%22.2%
Putnam County, TennesseeCounty52.7%23.6%29.1%
Queens County, New YorkCounty55.9%25.5%30.4%
Quincy, IL-MO Micro AreaMSA49.6%28.7%20.9%
Racine County, WisconsinCounty46.9%23.1%23.8%
Racine, WI Metro AreaMSA46.9%23.1%23.8%
Raleigh County, West VirginiaCounty49.4%26.4%23.0%
Raleigh, NC Metro AreaMSA42.1%24.0%18.2%
Ramsey County, MinnesotaCounty47.0%24.0%23.0%
Randall County, TexasCounty41.7%22.9%18.8%
Randolph County, North CarolinaCounty44.5%22.1%22.4%
Rankin County, MississippiCounty29.0%16.5%12.5%
Rapid City, SD Metro AreaMSA49.2%28.0%21.2%
Rapides Parish, LouisianaCounty58.9%33.0%25.8%
Reading, PA Metro AreaMSA51.2%25.8%25.4%
Redding, CA Metro AreaMSA59.0%28.6%30.4%
Reno, NV Metro AreaMSA48.6%25.5%23.1%
Rensselaer County, New YorkCounty44.2%27.0%17.2%
Rhode IslandState48.5%24.4%24.1%
Rice County, MinnesotaCounty47.3%18.7%28.5%
Richland County, OhioCounty44.8%26.6%18.3%
Richland County, South CarolinaCounty49.1%27.1%22.0%
Richmond city, VirginiaCounty57.7%23.5%34.2%
Richmond County, GeorgiaCounty50.2%23.8%26.4%
Richmond County, New YorkCounty57.0%23.4%33.6%
Richmond-Berea, KY Micro AreaMSA50.6%15.5%35.1%
Richmond, IN Micro AreaMSA38.3%23.5%14.8%
Richmond, VA Metro AreaMSA50.7%23.0%27.7%
Riley County, KansasCounty49.8%24.0%25.8%
Riverside County, CaliforniaCounty58.0%27.9%30.1%
Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA Metro AreaMSA58.2%28.3%29.9%
Roanoke city, VirginiaCounty52.6%23.1%29.5%
Roanoke County, VirginiaCounty36.4%17.3%19.1%
Roanoke Rapids, NC Micro AreaMSA59.3%38.2%21.1%
Roanoke, VA Metro AreaMSA44.9%21.8%23.1%
Robertson County, TennesseeCounty39.6%19.5%20.1%
Robeson County, North CarolinaCounty42.0%19.7%22.3%
Rochester, MN Metro AreaMSA46.8%21.8%25.0%
Rochester, NY Metro AreaMSA52.6%26.1%26.5%
Rock County, WisconsinCounty46.6%23.7%23.0%
Rock Island County, IllinoisCounty36.3%16.6%19.6%
Rockdale County, GeorgiaCounty40.0%21.9%18.1%
Rockford, IL Metro AreaMSA46.4%23.5%22.9%
Rockingham County, New HampshireCounty37.6%20.6%17.0%
Rockingham County, North CarolinaCounty42.4%27.1%15.3%
Rockingham County, VirginiaCounty42.0%20.5%21.5%
Rockland County, New YorkCounty63.2%26.4%36.8%
Rockwall County, TexasCounty44.5%26.1%18.5%
Rocky Mount, NC Metro AreaMSA44.7%21.4%23.2%
Rogers County, OklahomaCounty46.0%24.9%21.0%
Rome, GA Metro AreaMSA38.4%20.9%17.5%
Roseburg, OR Micro AreaMSA48.7%25.8%22.9%
Ross County, OhioCounty47.8%28.6%19.1%
Roswell, NM Micro AreaMSA40.3%12.2%28.1%
Rowan County, North CarolinaCounty37.0%16.7%20.3%
Russellville, AR Micro AreaMSA53.6%24.2%29.4%
Rutherford County, North CarolinaCounty41.2%25.3%15.9%
Rutherford County, TennesseeCounty45.3%23.1%22.1%
Sacramento County, CaliforniaCounty54.6%25.6%29.0%
Sacramento--Roseville--Arden-Arcade, CA Metro AreaMSA53.6%25.2%28.4%
Saginaw County, MichiganCounty52.7%27.0%25.7%
Saginaw, MI Metro AreaMSA52.7%27.0%25.7%
Salem County, New JerseyCounty58.1%25.5%32.6%
Salem, OH Micro AreaMSA45.0%22.4%22.6%
Salem, OR Metro AreaMSA50.6%26.7%23.9%
Salinas, CA Metro AreaMSA55.3%32.9%22.4%
Saline County, ArkansasCounty35.4%20.9%14.5%
Salisbury, MD-DE Metro AreaMSA55.2%27.7%27.5%
Salt Lake City, UT Metro AreaMSA45.3%23.8%21.5%
Salt Lake County, UtahCounty45.1%23.5%21.6%
San Angelo, TX Metro AreaMSA48.9%27.9%21.1%
San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX Metro AreaMSA47.7%25.8%21.9%
San Bernardino County, CaliforniaCounty58.4%28.7%29.7%
San Diego County, CaliforniaCounty57.1%27.6%29.5%
San Diego-Carlsbad, CA Metro AreaMSA57.1%27.6%29.5%
San Francisco County, CaliforniaCounty38.3%18.7%19.6%
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA Metro AreaMSA46.8%23.5%23.3%
San Germán, PR Metro AreaMSA55.3%22.1%33.2%
San Joaquin County, CaliforniaCounty53.2%25.7%27.5%
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA Metro AreaMSA48.3%26.3%22.0%
San Juan County, New MexicoCounty36.8%19.1%17.7%
San Juan-Carolina-Caguas, PR Metro AreaMSA51.3%21.7%29.6%
San Luis Obispo County, CaliforniaCounty47.6%22.0%25.6%
San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles-Arroyo Grande, CA Metro AreaMSA47.6%22.0%25.6%
San Mateo County, CaliforniaCounty48.9%24.4%24.5%
San Patricio County, TexasCounty48.6%26.6%22.0%
Sandoval County, New MexicoCounty53.5%25.7%27.8%
Sandusky, OH Micro AreaMSA44.0%19.4%24.6%
Sangamon County, IllinoisCounty48.5%20.9%27.6%
Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaCounty60.2%30.2%29.9%
Santa Clara County, CaliforniaCounty48.2%26.0%22.1%
Santa Cruz County, CaliforniaCounty60.1%26.9%33.2%
Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA Metro AreaMSA60.1%26.9%33.2%
Santa Fe County, New MexicoCounty39.3%21.8%17.5%
Santa Fe, NM Metro AreaMSA39.3%21.8%17.5%
Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA Metro AreaMSA60.2%30.2%29.9%
Santa Rosa County, FloridaCounty44.0%19.3%24.7%
Santa Rosa, CA Metro AreaMSA56.4%31.7%24.7%
Sarasota County, FloridaCounty51.3%24.0%27.3%
Saratoga County, New YorkCounty39.2%24.7%14.5%
Sarpy County, NebraskaCounty40.8%25.7%15.1%
Savannah, GA Metro AreaMSA44.9%23.6%21.2%
Schenectady County, New YorkCounty52.3%26.6%25.7%
Schuylkill County, PennsylvaniaCounty47.2%20.4%26.8%
Scioto County, OhioCounty54.8%26.2%28.7%
Scott County, IowaCounty57.6%30.7%26.9%
Scott County, MinnesotaCounty53.3%30.6%22.6%
Scranton--Wilkes-Barre--Hazleton, PA Metro AreaMSA44.6%22.4%22.2%
Searcy, AR Micro AreaMSA52.2%25.4%26.9%
Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA Metro AreaMSA46.8%25.0%21.7%
Sebastian County, ArkansasCounty41.8%19.9%21.9%
Sebastian-Vero Beach, FL Metro AreaMSA57.9%30.8%27.1%
Sebring, FL Metro AreaMSA57.7%21.3%36.4%
Sedgwick County, KansasCounty44.6%25.6%19.0%
Seminole County, FloridaCounty49.8%24.4%25.4%
Seneca, SC Micro AreaMSA52.2%21.2%31.0%
Sevier County, TennesseeCounty45.4%28.6%16.8%
Sevierville, TN Micro AreaMSA45.4%28.6%16.8%
Shasta County, CaliforniaCounty59.0%28.6%30.4%
Shawnee County, KansasCounty42.4%24.9%17.5%
Shawnee, OK Micro AreaMSA42.3%17.6%24.8%
Sheboygan County, WisconsinCounty35.5%22.8%12.7%
Sheboygan, WI Metro AreaMSA35.5%22.8%12.7%
Shelby County, AlabamaCounty36.6%18.3%18.4%
Shelby County, TennesseeCounty53.3%25.4%27.9%
Shelby, NC Micro AreaMSA49.9%21.2%28.7%
Sherburne County, MinnesotaCounty46.2%22.8%23.4%
Sherman-Denison, TX Metro AreaMSA36.7%21.6%15.1%
Shiawassee County, MichiganCounty43.2%27.1%16.0%
Show Low, AZ Micro AreaMSA46.1%15.3%30.8%
Shreveport-Bossier City, LA Metro AreaMSA59.2%28.8%30.5%
Sierra Vista-Douglas, AZ Metro AreaMSA44.3%19.2%25.1%
Sioux City, IA-NE-SD Metro AreaMSA37.8%20.5%17.3%
Sioux Falls, SD Metro AreaMSA40.2%23.2%17.0%
Skagit County, WashingtonCounty46.7%24.4%22.3%
Smith County, TexasCounty52.3%33.2%19.1%
Snohomish County, WashingtonCounty50.0%27.1%22.9%
Solano County, CaliforniaCounty51.4%23.8%27.6%
Somerset County, New JerseyCounty45.7%19.5%26.2%
Somerset County, PennsylvaniaCounty38.8%20.7%18.1%
Somerset, PA Micro AreaMSA38.8%20.7%18.1%
Sonoma County, CaliforniaCounty56.4%31.7%24.7%
South Bend-Mishawaka, IN-MI Metro AreaMSA44.6%21.2%23.4%
South CarolinaState48.8%25.0%23.9%
South DakotaState40.8%22.1%18.8%
Spartanburg County, South CarolinaCounty41.9%21.4%20.5%
Spartanburg, SC Metro AreaMSA41.3%21.8%19.5%
Spokane County, WashingtonCounty50.0%24.0%26.0%
Spokane-Spokane Valley, WA Metro AreaMSA49.6%23.7%25.9%
Spotsylvania County, VirginiaCounty52.5%26.5%26.0%
Springfield, IL Metro AreaMSA48.7%21.1%27.6%
Springfield, MA Metro AreaMSA55.1%27.3%27.9%
Springfield, MO Metro AreaMSA47.0%23.5%23.5%
Springfield, OH Metro AreaMSA45.9%23.9%22.0%
St. Charles County, MissouriCounty36.8%23.1%13.7%
St. Clair County, AlabamaCounty42.5%15.4%27.1%
St. Clair County, IllinoisCounty56.1%29.3%26.8%
St. Clair County, MichiganCounty49.3%24.1%25.2%
St. Cloud, MN Metro AreaMSA40.8%21.1%19.6%
St. Croix County, WisconsinCounty39.3%17.8%21.6%
St. Francois County, MissouriCounty49.4%25.7%23.7%
St. George, UT Metro AreaMSA54.1%30.3%23.8%
St. Johns County, FloridaCounty49.9%24.5%25.5%
St. Joseph County, IndianaCounty44.7%20.9%23.8%
St. Joseph, MO-KS Metro AreaMSA36.7%16.9%19.9%
St. Landry Parish, LouisianaCounty57.9%25.8%32.1%
St. Lawrence County, New YorkCounty41.2%15.2%26.0%
St. Louis city, MissouriCounty47.7%21.5%26.2%
St. Louis County, MinnesotaCounty50.2%28.0%22.2%
St. Louis County, MissouriCounty44.1%22.4%21.7%
St. Louis, MO-IL Metro AreaMSA45.9%23.2%22.7%
St. Lucie County, FloridaCounty64.8%26.9%37.9%
St. Mary's County, MarylandCounty50.1%25.4%24.6%
St. Tammany Parish, LouisianaCounty49.9%26.4%23.5%
Stafford County, VirginiaCounty53.1%33.4%19.7%
Stanislaus County, CaliforniaCounty58.2%30.0%28.2%
Stark County, OhioCounty41.8%23.0%18.8%
State College, PA Metro AreaMSA55.0%15.1%39.9%
Statesboro, GA Micro AreaMSA52.9%19.7%33.2%
Staunton-Waynesboro, VA Metro AreaMSA30.3%14.9%15.4%
Stearns County, MinnesotaCounty37.6%17.5%20.1%
Steuben County, New YorkCounty43.2%29.4%13.8%
Stevens Point, WI Micro AreaMSA44.6%20.5%24.1%
Stillwater, OK Micro AreaMSA59.9%19.6%40.3%
Stockton-Lodi, CA Metro AreaMSA53.2%25.7%27.5%
Story County, IowaCounty58.8%19.3%39.5%
Strafford County, New HampshireCounty36.9%17.1%19.8%
Suffolk city, VirginiaCounty56.2%33.0%23.2%
Suffolk County, MassachusettsCounty51.2%24.3%26.8%
Suffolk County, New YorkCounty59.4%23.2%36.2%
Sullivan County, New YorkCounty51.9%26.9%25.1%
Sullivan County, TennesseeCounty41.9%24.8%17.1%
Summit County, OhioCounty46.0%21.5%24.4%
Sumner County, TennesseeCounty48.6%27.9%20.7%
Sumter County, FloridaCounty66.2%40.2%26.0%
Sumter County, South CarolinaCounty55.5%27.5%28.0%
Sumter, SC Metro AreaMSA55.5%27.5%28.0%
Sunbury, PA Micro AreaMSA35.3%15.5%19.8%
Surry County, North CarolinaCounty53.0%24.1%28.9%
Sussex County, DelawareCounty48.9%29.0%20.0%
Sussex County, New JerseyCounty52.3%25.2%27.0%
Sutter County, CaliforniaCounty53.4%35.8%17.6%
Syracuse, NY Metro AreaMSA47.8%21.1%26.7%
Talladega County, AlabamaCounty47.3%27.6%19.8%
Talladega-Sylacauga, AL Micro AreaMSA46.4%27.0%19.4%
Tallahassee, FL Metro AreaMSA55.7%25.4%30.3%
Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL Metro AreaMSA52.0%26.9%25.1%
Tangipahoa Parish, LouisianaCounty55.4%16.2%39.1%
Tarrant County, TexasCounty47.2%25.1%22.2%
Taylor County, TexasCounty49.8%25.5%24.3%
Tazewell County, IllinoisCounty36.3%19.8%16.5%
Terre Haute, IN Metro AreaMSA55.5%29.9%25.7%
Terrebonne Parish, LouisianaCounty55.6%24.4%31.1%
Texarkana, TX-AR Metro AreaMSA47.4%21.4%26.0%
The Villages, FL Metro AreaMSA66.2%40.2%26.0%
Thurston County, WashingtonCounty56.2%30.3%25.9%
Tippecanoe County, IndianaCounty56.3%26.3%30.1%
Toledo, OH Metro AreaMSA47.4%23.3%24.1%
Tolland County, ConnecticutCounty57.0%27.4%29.6%
Tom Green County, TexasCounty49.0%27.9%21.1%
Tompkins County, New YorkCounty62.8%25.7%37.1%
Topeka, KS Metro AreaMSA41.1%24.8%16.3%
Torrington, CT Micro AreaMSA49.3%28.1%21.2%
Traverse City, MI Micro AreaMSA49.0%32.4%16.6%
Travis County, TexasCounty47.7%25.7%22.0%
Trenton, NJ Metro AreaMSA53.2%25.1%28.1%
Troup County, GeorgiaCounty53.8%32.0%21.8%
Truckee-Grass Valley, CA Micro AreaMSA54.7%21.4%33.3%
Trumbull County, OhioCounty48.9%26.6%22.3%
Tucson, AZ Metro AreaMSA50.6%22.9%27.6%
Tulare County, CaliforniaCounty53.8%31.7%22.1%
Tullahoma-Manchester, TN Micro AreaMSA35.4%20.0%15.5%
Tulsa County, OklahomaCounty45.1%24.0%21.2%
Tulsa, OK Metro AreaMSA44.8%23.9%20.9%
Tupelo, MS Micro AreaMSA48.5%26.0%22.4%
Tuscaloosa County, AlabamaCounty55.6%24.7%30.9%
Tuscaloosa, AL Metro AreaMSA55.9%24.4%31.5%
Tuscarawas County, OhioCounty34.5%16.9%17.6%
Twin Falls County, IdahoCounty54.4%25.1%29.4%
Twin Falls, ID Micro AreaMSA52.9%26.1%26.7%
Tyler, TX Metro AreaMSA52.3%33.2%19.1%
Ukiah, CA Micro AreaMSA59.5%24.8%34.7%
Ulster County, New YorkCounty56.7%25.6%31.1%
Umatilla County, OregonCounty44.8%21.9%22.9%
Union County, New JerseyCounty53.5%29.5%24.0%
Union County, North CarolinaCounty48.9%23.9%24.9%
United StatesNational49.7%24.8%25.0%
Urban Honolulu, HI Metro AreaMSA58.1%28.1%30.0%
Utah County, UtahCounty46.0%24.9%21.1%
Utica-Rome, NY Metro AreaMSA41.9%17.5%24.5%
Valdosta, GA Metro AreaMSA53.3%26.7%26.6%
Valencia County, New MexicoCounty55.9%33.6%22.2%
Vallejo-Fairfield, CA Metro AreaMSA51.4%23.8%27.6%
Van Buren County, MichiganCounty42.9%31.3%11.6%
Vanderburgh County, IndianaCounty49.0%29.4%19.6%
Ventura County, CaliforniaCounty58.3%30.6%27.7%
Vermilion County, IllinoisCounty57.6%27.4%30.3%
Victoria County, TexasCounty44.3%26.7%17.6%
Victoria, TX Metro AreaMSA43.9%26.1%17.8%
Vigo County, IndianaCounty60.7%32.4%28.3%
Vineland-Bridgeton, NJ Metro AreaMSA59.8%24.6%35.2%
Virginia Beach city, VirginiaCounty49.7%29.8%19.9%
Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC Metro AreaMSA52.5%27.7%24.9%
Visalia-Porterville, CA Metro AreaMSA53.8%31.7%22.1%
Volusia County, FloridaCounty55.3%26.2%29.1%
Waco, TX Metro AreaMSA49.7%22.9%26.7%
Wagoner County, OklahomaCounty40.6%21.8%18.7%
Wake County, North CarolinaCounty41.7%23.8%17.9%
Walker County, AlabamaCounty53.6%23.8%29.8%
Walker County, GeorgiaCounty64.4%36.9%27.5%
Walker County, TexasCounty53.6%14.6%39.0%
Walla Walla, WA Metro AreaMSA39.1%19.9%19.2%
Walton County, FloridaCounty54.4%27.3%27.1%
Walton County, GeorgiaCounty60.8%31.1%29.7%
Walworth County, WisconsinCounty53.5%22.6%30.9%
Ward County, North DakotaCounty48.0%24.2%23.8%
Warner Robins, GA Metro AreaMSA47.9%30.1%17.9%
Warren County, KentuckyCounty45.0%27.0%18.0%
Warren County, New JerseyCounty47.7%28.5%19.1%
Warren County, New YorkCounty50.5%25.6%24.9%
Warren County, OhioCounty41.6%17.8%23.7%
Warsaw, IN Micro AreaMSA49.3%24.8%24.5%
Washington County, ArkansasCounty46.0%25.1%20.9%
Washington County, MarylandCounty44.1%20.2%23.9%
Washington County, MinnesotaCounty41.7%23.3%18.4%
Washington County, OregonCounty47.1%24.2%22.9%
Washington County, PennsylvaniaCounty43.7%24.9%18.8%
Washington County, Rhode IslandCounty50.9%22.5%28.4%
Washington County, TennesseeCounty45.9%32.5%13.3%
Washington County, UtahCounty54.1%30.3%23.8%
Washington County, WisconsinCounty43.3%26.7%16.6%
Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metro AreaMSA48.2%24.4%23.8%
Washoe County, NevadaCounty48.7%25.6%23.1%
Washtenaw County, MichiganCounty51.3%20.1%31.2%
Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA Metro AreaMSA44.8%19.0%25.7%
Watertown-Fort Atkinson, WI Micro AreaMSA46.3%26.9%19.4%
Watertown-Fort Drum, NY Metro AreaMSA51.3%25.9%25.3%
Waukesha County, WisconsinCounty41.8%22.3%19.5%
Wausau, WI Metro AreaMSA33.3%16.5%16.8%
Wayne County, IndianaCounty38.3%23.5%14.8%
Wayne County, MichiganCounty55.4%25.0%30.4%
Wayne County, New YorkCounty44.4%25.3%19.1%
Wayne County, North CarolinaCounty50.5%27.7%22.8%
Wayne County, OhioCounty46.0%29.9%16.1%
Webb County, TexasCounty64.0%29.9%34.1%
Weber County, UtahCounty39.2%21.4%17.8%
Weirton-Steubenville, WV-OH Metro AreaMSA37.6%15.5%22.1%
Weld County, ColoradoCounty52.8%23.8%29.1%
Wenatchee, WA Metro AreaMSA38.3%24.0%14.3%
West VirginiaState48.4%24.2%24.3%
Westchester County, New YorkCounty54.0%25.0%29.0%
Westmoreland County, PennsylvaniaCounty43.3%23.5%19.8%
Whatcom County, WashingtonCounty54.0%24.0%30.0%
Wheeling, WV-OH Metro AreaMSA52.8%31.8%21.0%
White County, ArkansasCounty52.2%25.4%26.9%
Whitewater-Elkhorn, WI Micro AreaMSA53.5%22.6%30.9%
Whitfield County, GeorgiaCounty37.9%19.9%17.9%
Wichita County, TexasCounty46.7%25.1%21.7%
Wichita Falls, TX Metro AreaMSA47.3%25.5%21.8%
Wichita, KS Metro AreaMSA45.2%25.2%20.0%
Wicomico County, MarylandCounty61.1%26.9%34.2%
Wilkes County, North CarolinaCounty45.4%17.3%28.0%
Will County, IllinoisCounty51.1%25.7%25.4%
Williamson County, IllinoisCounty41.5%14.3%27.3%
Williamson County, TennesseeCounty42.1%24.1%18.1%
Williamson County, TexasCounty44.8%28.3%16.5%
Williamsport, PA Metro AreaMSA53.2%26.1%27.1%
Wilmington, NC Metro AreaMSA55.8%26.8%29.0%
Wilson County, North CarolinaCounty54.2%23.7%30.4%
Wilson County, TennesseeCounty33.2%19.5%13.7%
Wilson, NC Micro AreaMSA54.2%23.7%30.4%
Winchester, VA-WV Metro AreaMSA53.0%30.9%22.1%
Windham County, ConnecticutCounty43.8%21.8%22.0%
Winnebago County, IllinoisCounty44.7%21.5%23.2%
Winnebago County, WisconsinCounty42.2%23.3%19.0%
Winston-Salem, NC Metro AreaMSA46.6%22.5%24.1%
Wisconsin Rapids-Marshfield, WI Micro AreaMSA33.8%18.0%15.9%
Wood County, OhioCounty40.1%18.9%21.2%
Wood County, West VirginiaCounty50.2%30.0%20.2%
Wood County, WisconsinCounty33.8%18.0%15.9%
Woodbury County, IowaCounty44.4%24.4%20.0%
Wooster, OH Micro AreaMSA46.0%29.9%16.1%
Worcester County, MassachusettsCounty48.1%24.4%23.7%
Worcester, MA-CT Metro AreaMSA47.5%24.1%23.5%
Wright County, MinnesotaCounty46.9%31.0%15.9%
Wyandotte County, KansasCounty45.6%21.0%24.6%
Yakima County, WashingtonCounty42.5%21.1%21.4%
Yakima, WA Metro AreaMSA42.5%21.1%21.4%
Yamhill County, OregonCounty42.8%24.5%18.3%
Yavapai County, ArizonaCounty50.5%21.8%28.7%
Yellowstone County, MontanaCounty39.4%21.9%17.5%
Yolo County, CaliforniaCounty53.4%24.6%28.8%
York County, MaineCounty40.8%23.9%16.9%
York County, PennsylvaniaCounty47.7%24.9%22.8%
York County, South CarolinaCounty43.3%19.2%24.2%
York County, VirginiaCounty48.1%28.1%20.0%
York-Hanover, PA Metro AreaMSA47.7%24.9%22.8%
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH-PA Metro AreaMSA45.1%23.4%21.6%
Yuba City, CA Metro AreaMSA55.2%34.9%20.3%
Yuba County, CaliforniaCounty57.4%33.9%23.6%
Yuma County, ArizonaCounty43.4%23.6%19.8%
Yuma, AZ Metro AreaMSA43.4%23.6%19.8%
Zanesville, OH Micro AreaMSA49.8%22.9%26.9%
Source: US Census; AL Calculations