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57 apartments for rent in Bridgeport, CT

2 Bed
6 Bed
3895 Old Town ROAD
North End
4 Bed
1835 North AVENUE
West End - West Side
2 Bed
60 Chestnut STREET
The Hollow
1 Bed
2 Bed
2625 Park AVENUE
Brooklawn - St. Vincent
200 Ruth STREET
North End
2 Bed
2660 North AVENUE
Brooklawn - St. Vincent
2 Bed
158 Eckart STREET
North End
3 Bed
111 Smith STREET
East End
3 Bed
99 Madison AVENUE
The Hollow
2 Bed
50 Ferris STREET
Black Rock
3 Bed
3401 Main Street
North End
5 Bed
28 Sampson STREET
Brooklawn - St. Vincent
2 Bed
418 Shelton STREET
East Side
5 Bed
226 Ruth STREET
North End
3 Bed
76 Palisade STREET
Boston Ave - Mill Hill
1 Bed
3 Bed
172 Kent AVENUE
Boston Ave - Mill Hill
2 Bed
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City Guide


Downtown Bridgeport is perhaps the area where the nascent evolution of the city is the most evident. The ubiquitous abandoned-factory-come-lofts permeate the downtown apartment market. One of the largest of these buildings, Read's Artspace, a former department store, has several units available for live/work purposes. Expect to pay $1100-1450 for two bedrooms in this area.


So, the New York Times will not shut up about Black Rock. Beginning as early as 2002, this developing area of north Bridgeport has been featured in numerous Times lifestyle pieces. So here's how it works: the Black Rock neighborhood is divided into two sections by the main thoroughfare of Fairfield Avenue, which itself has undergone changes as older businesses are transformed into trendy bars, restaurants and boutiques . There are a number of developments along the coast side of Black Rock, including two large condo complexes that overlook the Long Island Sound and boardwalk park. The other side of Fairfield is a more densely packed, varied neighborhood. Expect to pay $900-1050 for a two bedroom on this side of Fairfield, while prices for two bedrooms on the coast side range from $1300-1600.

Beyond Black Rock, there are a number of other desirable west side neighborhoods that skew slightly cheaper. For instance, the primarily residential Brooklawn area has a number of historic homes that have one and two bedroom apartments for rent, ranging in price from $550-1300.


South End Bridgeport guarantees a number of rentals with flexible leases. Two bedrooms range from $650-850.


Bridgeport's eastern neighborhoods provide some of the best housing options. Less commercially developed than Black Rock, the areas found in east Bridgeport, including Treeland, Beardsley Park and Success Village all have a variety of housing options ranging in price from $950-1250 for a two bedroom. Gated communities, condos and apartments within private houses are all available in this region, within walking distance to the area's many parks.

Gettin' Around

The Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority operates several express and local routes throughout the city and Fairfield County with lines operating into neighboring Stratford and Trumbull. Perhaps the main draw of Bridgeport public transportation is its prime location on the East of Hudson Metro-North line, which gets passengers from Bridgeport to Grand Central Station in a little over an hour.


A wide variety of housing options and its status as a developing city allow Bridgeport renters more ease in their apartment searches than neighboring Fairfield County cities. Start your apartment search 30-60 days before your move-in date and be prepared to spend up to $50 in credit checks and application fees.

Bridgeport Renter Confidence Survey
National study of renter confidence in the economy, homeownership, and cities
Here's how Bridgeport ranks on:
F Plans for homeownership
F City satisfaction
F Confidence in the local economy
F Safety and crime rate
F Access to recreational activities
F Quality of schools
F State and local taxes
C- Satisfaction with daily commute
Best Worst
Full data available when viewing on a non-mobile device.
Overview of Findings

Apartment List has released Bridgeport's results from the first annual Apartment List Renter Satisfaction Survey. The survey, which drew on responses from over 18,000 renters, provides new insights into what states and cities must do to meet the needs of the 105 million American renters nationwide.

"Bridgeport renters reported being extremely unsatisfied and give their city one of the lowest scores in the country in almost every category," says Andrew Tam, Vice President of Data Science at Apartment List. "The US renter population is at its highest level in 20 years, and Bridgeport's low grades in categories like safety and the economy make it an unappealing location for members of this large demographic."

Key findings in Bridgeport include the following:

  • Bridgeport renters report the third lowest satisfaction in the country and give the city an unambiguous F.
  • Just 4% of Bridgeport renters say that the economy is on the right track -- the lowest percentage in any of the 100 cities in our survey. Unsurprisingly, that translated to an F.
  • Bridgeport received another F on plans for homeownership, with just 38% of respondents saying they plan to purchase an apartment or home in the future. By contrast, 60% of renters nationwide expect to do so.
  • The only non-F grade that Bridgeport earned was a C- for satisfaction with daily commute.
  • Renters in Bridgeport had the lowest satisfaction nationwide with access to recreational activities and the second lowest satisfaction with local schools.
  • Boston received the highest grade in New England at an A+, while Providence received a B- and 3 Connecticut cities - Hartford, Bridgeport, and New Haven - received F's.
  • The top rated cities nationwide for city satisfaction were Plano, TX; Boston, MA; Arlington, VA; Austin, TX; and Torrance, CA. The lowest rated cities were Newark, NJ; New Haven, CT; Bridgeport, CT; Hartford, CT; and Columbia, SC.

A detailed report explaining the survey's methodology, analysis, and findings is available upon request. To obtain a copy, please email Andrew Tam, Apartment List's Vice President of Data Science, at andrew@apartmentlist.com.