160 Apartments for rent in Grand Rapids, MI

Last updated September 21 at 10:28AM
49 Zeno St SW
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 9 at 9:23AM
3 Bedrooms
1102 Edmund Ave NE
Highland Park
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated August 31 at 1:00PM
2 Bedrooms
850 Benjamin Ave SE
South East End
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 21 at 10:28AM
3 Bedrooms
1217 Sherman St SE
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 21 at 1:51AM
4 Bedrooms
1450 42nd St SE
Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 19 at 5:29PM
1 Bedroom
1814 Lafayette Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 9 at 9:23AM
3 Bedrooms
2115 Wealthy St SE
Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 19 at 9:58AM
2 Bedrooms
818 Carrier Creek Blvd NE
Highland Park
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 11 at 9:54AM
2 Bedrooms
1431 Union Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 21 at 10:18AM
3 Bedrooms
1826 Francis Ave SE
Garfield Park
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 21 at 10:28AM
2 Bedrooms
1628 Southampton SE
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 21 at 1:27AM
3 Bedrooms
1736 Philadelphia Ave SE
South East End
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 21 at 10:26AM
3 Bedrooms
17 La Belle St SE
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 17 at 1:26AM
2 Bedrooms
1851 Cornelius Ave SE
South East End
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 20 at 9:30AM
3 Bedrooms
2311 Wealthy St. SE #30
Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated August 29 at 10:25AM
2 Bedrooms
158 Prospect NE Apt 1
Heritage Hill
Grand Rapids, MI
Updated September 12 at 10:26AM
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Grand Rapids
The River City, In the Palm of Your Hand

On the classic Michigan Hand Map, Grand Rapids is located roughly in the middle of the right hand, between the ring finger and pinkie. If you don't know about the Hand Map, and you're considering a move to the great state of Michigan, we suggest you get to know it ASAP. Believe it or not, Michiganders really do often utilize these “handy” bodily maps as visual aids. So, what's so great about living in this part of the north paw? Plenty, actually. Cultural opportunities abound, commutes are a cinch, public spaces are ample, the beaches of that one really big lake are just 30 minutes away and, most importantly, the local beer is good. For a 10 minute tour of the city and a peek at nearly 3,000 of its inhabitants, just watch Rob Bliss' world record-breaking Lip Dub video.


With average winter low temps hovering around 20 degrees Fahrenheit, living in Grand Rapids pretty much requires a car. With snow tires. GR does offer reliable (and cheap) public transportation around downtown and between suburbs via The Rapid and Dash systems.

Finding Your Niche

Lifestyle considerations may prove to be a deal-breaker or maker for some house-hunters. While Grand Rapids is widely considered to be an 'up and coming' American community, it's not exactly a world capitol, so competition for vacant units is usually a non-issue. Investigate GR's neighborhoods, and take it from there.

A River Runs Through It

Grand Rapids is basically divided into four sections, NE, NW, SE and SW:

Southeast: This area has a variety of housing options.

Northeast: Includes the areas of Rockford and Kent county, and holds a plethora of hiking, biking and golfing opportunities.

Southwest: Composed of the suburbs of Wyoming, Grandville and Byron Center, this area is known fo– Hey! Look at that giant mall!

Northwest: A more rural area.

Breaking it Down


Eastown, so hot right now . . . Eastown. GR's most happening 'hood offers everything you need to get through your day: art galleries, bookstores, a legendary breakfast spot, dive bars, coffee and hot yoga. Located just 5 minutes east of downtown Grand Rapids, snaggable rentals include townhomes, mid-rise apartments and second floor apartments.

Heritage Hill

Founded in 1848 (hence the name) Heritage Hills' rental inventory consists primarily of old, stately manors carved into apartments, and single-family homes. By the way, the whole freakin' neighborhood is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Belknap Lookout

The Lookout has a diverse selection of rentals. The farther east you go, the nicer it gets.


This neighborhood is smack in the center of town, and somewhat of an ongoing project. A recently opened farmers market and nightlife district and the assortment of LEED-certified apartment buildings.

Grand Rapids is, quite simply, an extremely friendly place to live, if you didn’t notice from the lip dub. It offer a vibrant downtown, cool neighborhood shopping districts, and green development plans. So here’s a final insider tip for you, go out and buy a jacket, you don’t want to miss the boat on this one. Hurry and find your rental – before global warming ruins your chances!

Rent Report
Grand Rapids

September 2017 Grand Rapids Rent Report

Welcome to the September 2017 Grand Rapids Rent Report. Grand Rapids rents increased over the past month. In this report, we'll evaluate trends in the Grand Rapids rental market, including comparisons to similar cities nationwide.

Grand Rapids rents increased slightly over the past month

Grand Rapids rents have increased 0.3% over the past month, and are up slightly by 1.4% in comparison to the same time last year. Currently, median rents in Grand Rapids stand at $740 for a one-bedroom apartment and $900 for a two-bedroom. This is the fifth straight month that the city has seen rent increases after a decline in March. Grand Rapids' year-over-year rent growth lags the state average of 2.5%, as well as the national average of 3.0%.

Grand Rapids rents more affordable than many large cities nationwide

Rent growth in Grand Rapids has been relatively stable over the past year - some other large cities have seen more substantial increases; in contrast, rents in a few cities have actually declined. Grand Rapids is still more affordable than most large cities across the country.

  • Other cities across the state have seen rents increase, with Michigan as a whole logging rent growth of 2.5% over the past year.
  • Grand Rapids' median two-bedroom rent of $900 is below the national average of $1,160. Nationwide, rents have grown by 3.0% over the past year compared to the 1.4% rise in Grand Rapids.
  • While rents in Grand Rapids remained moderately stable this year, similar cities saw increases, including Seattle (+5.4%), Phoenix (+4.9%), and Denver (+3.0%); note that median 2BR rents in these cities go for $1,710, $1,020, and $1,350 respectively.
  • Renters will find more reasonable prices in Grand Rapids than most large cities. For example, San Francisco has a median 2BR rent of $3,070, which is nearly three-and-a-half times the price in Grand Rapids.

For more information check out our national report. You can also access our full data for cities and counties across the U.S. at this link.

Methodology - Recent Updates:

Data from private listing sites, including our own, tends to skew toward luxury apartments, which introduces sample bias when estimates are calculated directly from these listings. To address these limitations, we’ve recently made major updates to our methodology, which we believe have greatly improved the accuracy and reliability of our estimates.

Read more about our new methodology below, or see a more detailed post here.


Apartment List is committed to making our rent estimates the best and most accurate available. To do this, we start with reliable median rent statistics from the Census Bureau, then extrapolate them forward to the current month using a growth rate calculated from our listing data. In doing so, we use a same-unit analysis similar to Case-Shiller’s approach, comparing only units that are available across both time periods to provide an accurate picture of rent growth in cities across the country.

Our approach corrects for the sample bias inherent in other private sources, producing results that are much closer to statistics published by the Census Bureau and HUD. Our methodology also allows us to construct a picture of rent growth over an extended period of time, with estimates that are updated each month.

Read more about our methodology here.

About Rent Reports:

Apartment List publishes monthly reports on rental trends for hundreds of cities across the U.S. We intend these reports to be a source of reliable information that help renters and policymakers make sound decisions, and we invest significant time and effort in gathering and analyzing rent data. Our work is covered regularly by journalists across the country.

We are continuously working to improve our methodology and data, with the goal of providing renters with the information that they need to make the best decisions.

Grand Rapids Renter Confidence Survey
National study of renter confidence in the economy, homeownership, and cities
Here's how Grand Rapids ranks on:
A+ Overall satisfaction
B+ Safety and crime rate
A+ Confidence in the local economy
A Plans for homeownership
C- Recreational activities
B Quality of schools
C+ Commute time
C- State and local taxes
Best Worst
Full data available when viewing on a non-mobile device.
Overview of Findings

Apartment List has released Grand Rapids's results from the first annual Apartment List Renter Satisfaction Survey. The survey, which drew on responses from over 18,000 renters, provides new insights into what states and cities must do to meet the needs of the 105 million American renters nationwide.

"Grand Rapids renters report an extremely high degree of satisfaction (9th happiest in the country) and are very confident in the local economy," says Andrew Tam, Vice President of Data Science at Apartment List. "The US renter population is at its highest level in 20 years, and Grand Rapids has a lot to offer this highly mobile demographic."

Key findings in Grand Rapids include the following:

  • Grand Rapids renters give their city an A+ overall, which is one of the highest grades in the country.
  • The Grand Rapids economy earned an A+, with 46% of renters saying the local economy is on the right track compared to just 18% who disagree. This was the 5th best score in the country.
  • Confidence in the local economy typically correlates to plans for homeownership, and Grand Rapids was no exception: 69% of renters plan to buy a home ranking 16th out of 100 cities in our study.
  • Grand Rapids renters give the city a B+ for safety, reflecting satisfaction levels that are slightly above the national average.
  • Renters gave Grand Rapids a C- for access to recreational activities, which is the lowest grade it received in any category and below the national average.
  • Three Michigan cities ranked, with Grand Rapids earning an A+, Lansing following with a B, and Detroit earning a F.
  • The top rated cities nationwide for city satisfaction were Plano, TX; Boston, MA; Arlington, VA; Austin, TX; and Torrance, CA. The lowest rated cities were Newark, NJ; New Haven, CT; Bridgeport, CT; Hartford, CT; and Columbia, SC.

A detailed report explaining the survey's methodology, analysis, and findings is available upon request. To obtain a copy, please email Andrew Tam, Apartment List's Vice President of Data Science, at andrew@apartmentlist.com.