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628 apartments for rent in Jacksonville, FL

Last updated April 27 at 12:21AM
River City Landing
2681 University Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL
Updated April 24 at 5:03PM
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City Guide
Renting in Jacksonville

There’s an Apt. for Jax: Apartments make up the majority of your rental options in Jacksonville. There’s a good amount of condos, too, but many of those are former apartments that have been converted. Self-sustaining holographic bubble pods haven’t been invented yet, so as you might imagine, there aren’t many of those to choose from in Jacksonville.

The Cost: You know how that three-year-old copy of Super Mario’s Modern Warfare costs less than its shiny new sequel? Well the same holds true for Jacksonville apartments. You can find 1-bedroom units for $600-$750 in many of the city’s older complexes, while the newer ones with ahh-inducing appliances will run you $800-$900. And take heart, Kiplinger rates the Cost of Living Index for Jacksonville at 94 (U.S. average is 100), so that means more money in your pocket for savory beef jerky or crisp carrot sticks, depending on your persuasion.

When to Pounce: For a better deal, pick your pad in the fall or winter. With Jacksonville University, University of North Florida, and Edward Waters College, thousands of students are competing with you for an apartment in the spring and summer. If you can home in on your home-to-be between October and February, you may be able to save a few bucks; but please, spend that money on something other than beef jerky.

Where the heck is Jacksonville’s Eastside?

You’ll often hear Jacksonvillians (yes, that’s the correct though rarely-used term) refer to three main parts of the city: Northside, Southside and Westside. “Wait a second,” you say, “aren't we missing a side?” Astute observation, dear apartment-seeker! While there may technically be an east side of Jacksonville, no one mentions it; kinda like how you don’t mention your hardcore crush on Susan Boyle. Instead, everything east of the Intracoastal Waterway (a narrow but long body of water that runs parallel to the river) is referred to as “the beaches” (Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach, all separate municipalities), while most of the turf west of the Intracoastal is just called the Southside. The Southside is in many ways the center of the city, with the massive outdoor Town Center mall and hundreds of businesses centered there. It’s also where many people live. Mandarin is another popular suburban center where apartments are plentiful as well as food and shopping options.

Downtown Jacksonville is still a work in progress. Home to a handful of skyscrapers, the area is known much more for its 9-5 rush than its residential dwellings. However, if you’re OK with spending a good chunk of change, there are some eye-catching options overlooking the river.

If you’re looking for a little more culture, Avondale, Riverside and San Marco are three neighborhoods to check out. All three offer a nice mix of standalone restaurants, shops and pubs, with San Marco standing out as the prettiest and priciest of the trio.

You may be able to find the most inexpensive apartments on the north and west sides of Jacksonville. Arlington is the best option if you’re going to live in the northern part of the city.

Exploring the First Coast

Jacksonville’s Identity: Jacksonville’s two main nicknames say a lot about its identity. You’ll often hear it referred to as the “River City” because the historic St. Johns River runs right through the center of town (hope you like bridges!). TV news anchors with lopsided makeup-to-personality ratios will often refer to the whole region as “The First Coast”, a nod to Jacksonville’s roots (St. Augustine, the oldest city in the U.S., is 30-minutes south of Jax) and it’s placement on I-95. When most non-Floridians think of Florida, they think of Orlando’s theme parks or Miami’s star-studded beaches, but Jacksonville’s history is much more aligned with the South than the tourism-driven attractions of its Florida neighbors. That can be good (shrimp and grits, southern charm) and bad.

Bring a Car: There are no significant public transportation options to speak of, so a vehicle will be necessary. The traffic can be rough heading towards downtown in the morning and going towards the beaches in the afternoon. A good rule of thumb for driving in Jacksonville is figure just about everything will take a half-hour’s drive. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for Mickey and his gang of merrymakers, Disney World is 2.5 hrs away.

Jaguars: Real and Less Real: Besides the great proximity to the beach, Jacksonville has one of the largest urban park systems in the country. The Jacksonville Zoo is a pretty nice medium-sized zoo, and an affordable way to spend the day. A handful of museums are sprinkled throughout the city, with the Cummer Museum of Art standing out as the most impressive. The Jacksonville Landing is a picturesque place for downtown dining and shopping. The Jacksonville Jaguars reign supreme when it comes to sports (hope you like teal!), and EverBank Field is where they call home. It’s also the home of the annual Florida-Georgia college football game, which turns a big section of downtown into a massive outdoor cocktail party for three days (hope you like RVs!). Minor league baseball is also nicely represented at the spiffy Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville with the Jacksonville Suns. The Veterans Memorial Arena also hosts the ABA’s Giants and major music acts when they come into town.

OK, you’re all set for your new life full of warm weather, beach access, and Jaguars! Good luck! Now, about that speedo…

Rent Report
April 2017 Jacksonville Rent Report

Jacksonville rents increased over the past month

In Jacksonville, rent prices grew by 0.1% over the past month, and rents have grown by 2.5% in the last year. 1-bedrooms in Jacksonville have a median rent of $850, while 2-bedrooms cost $1,000.

Jacksonville is the 9th most expensive city for renters

  • Miami: Miami has the highest rent prices in Florida. 2-bedrooms in Miami have a median rent of $2,460, and 1-bedrooms go for $1,890. Rents in Miami grew by 0.2% over the past month, though prices are 1.5% lower than last year.
  • Fort Lauderdale: Fort Lauderdale is the 3rd most expensive city for renters. A 2-bedroom in Fort Lauderdale runs a median rent of $1,700, while 1-beds cost $1,300.
  • Orlando: Orlando is the 7th most expensive city for renters in the state. A 2-bedroom in Orlando rents for $1,250, and 1-beds run $1,080. Orlando rent prices increased by 0.6% over the past month.

Pembroke Pines shows the highest year-over-year growth

  • Pembroke Pines: Having experienced a 9.0% increase in rents over the past year, Pembroke Pines shows the most year-over-year rent growth in Florida. 1- and 2-bedrooms in Pembroke Pines cost $1,450 and $1,780, respectively.
  • Coral Springs - Parkland: Rent prices in Coral Springs - Parkland are 5.2% higher than they were last year, the 2nd most rent growth in the state during that same period. 2-bedrooms there cost $1,480, while 1-bedrooms rent for $1,250.
  • St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg shows the 3rd fastest-growing rents in Florida, at a 4.6% increase over last year. A 2-bedroom in St. Petersburg has a median rent of $1,320, and 1-beds cost $980.

For more information check out our national report. You can also access our full data for cities and counties across the U.S. at this link.

City Median 1 BR price Median 2 BR price M/M price change Y/Y price change
Miami $1890 $2460 0.2% -1.5%
Pembroke Pines $1450 $1780 1.3% 9.0%
Fort Lauderdale $1300 $1700 0.2% 3.6%
Coral Springs - Parkland $1250 $1480 0.5% 5.2%
St. Petersburg $980 $1320 0.5% 4.6%
Tampa $1050 $1250 1.0% 3.5%
Orlando $1080 $1250 0.6% 2.0%
Cape Coral $800 $1100 -1.5% 0.2%
Jacksonville $850 $1000 0.1% 2.5%
Tallahassee $650 $800 0.9% 2.7%


Apartment List Rent Report data is drawn monthly from the millions of listings on our site. 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom rents are calculated as the median for units available in the specified size and time period. Price changes are calculated using a “same unit” methodology similar to the Case-Shiller “repeat sales” home prices methodology, taking the average price change for units available across both time periods.

About Rent Reports:

Apartment List’s Rent Reports cover rental pricing data in major cities, their suburbs, and their neighborhoods. We provide valuable leading indicators of rental price trends, highlight data on top cities, and identify the key facts renters should know. As always, our goal is to provide price transparency to America’s 105 million renters to help them make the best possible decisions in choosing a place to call home.

Jacksonville Renter Confidence Survey
National study of renter confidence in the economy, homeownership, and cities
Here's how Jacksonville ranks on:
A- Overall satisfaction
C- Safety and crime rate
B- Jobs and career opportunities
C+ Recreational activities
B+ Affordability
C Quality of schools
B Weather
C+ Commute time
A- State and local taxes
C+ Public transit
B Pet-friendliness
Best Worst
Full data available when viewing on a non-mobile device.
Overview of Findings

Apartment List has released results for Jacksonville from the second annual Apartment List Renter Satisfaction Survey. The survey, which drew on responses from over 30,000 renters, provides insight into what states and cities must do to meet the needs of the 105 million American renters nationwide.

“Jacksonville renters seem to be very satisfied with the city overall, with most categories receiving average or above average scores” says Andrew Woo, Director of Data Science at Apartment List. “Some things can be improved for renters to enjoy the city even more.”

Key findings in Jacksonville include the following:

  • Jacksonville renters give their city an A- overall for satisfaction.
  • The highest-rated category for Jacksonville was state and local taxes, which also received an A-.
  • Other top-rated categories included affordability/cost of living (B+), pet friendliness (B), and local jobs and career opportunities (B-).
  • Areas where renters were somewhat dissatisfied included access to public transit (C+), quality of local schools (C), and safety (C-).
  • Jacksonville did very well in overall renter satisfaction compared to other Florida cities like Orlando (B), Tampa (C+), and Miami (C-).
  • The top rated cities nationwide for renter satisfaction included Arlington, VA; Lincoln, NE; Pasadena, CA; Boston, MA; and Madison, WI. The lowest rated cities included Newark, NJ; Bronx, NY; Bridgeport, CT; Baltimore, MD; and Salinas, CA.

Renters say:

  • “I love the beautiful scenery & the weather. There aren't a lot of safe options for night life.” —LaTeeya S.
  • “I love my city, I'll never want to live anywhere else. I've visited many places but in my city there is nothing like coming home. Friendly people, respectable, kind, and we don't mind sharing a smile. Of course problems are everywhere, but I can say the people here work to make a difference.” —Anon.
  • “Hate the school system here.” —Adrienne T.
  • “Overall it's great, but some areas aren't great or safe. But the beach is a great place to hang out any day or time of the week.” —Anon.