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Near South Beach, San Francisco, CA
262 Apartments for Rent

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the current price range for one-bedroom apartments in South Beach?

Rental pricing for one-bedroom apartments in South Beach ranges from $2,550 to $5,200 with an average rent of $3,496.

What is the current price range for two-bedroom apartments in South Beach?

Rental pricing for two-bedroom apartments in South Beach ranges from $2,250 to $11,000 with an average rent of $5,332.

How many apartments are currently available for rent in South Beach?

There are 1,238 apartments currently available for rent in South Beach.
South Beach
Neighborhood Guide
Neighborhood overview

In 1906, the neighborhood of San Francisco now known as South Beach was reduced to a heap of ashes and ruins left behind after the devastating earthquake and the fires that it sparked. But don't worry, everything has been rebuilt and is good to go now!

Looking at it today you will find it hard to picture how many transformations it has gone through, from a once elegant Victorian suburb to an industrial estate of warehouses, to today's hip home of the Giants and the city's hi-tech entrepreneurs. Now South Beach is a super trendy downtown district of glassy high rises that house the offices of tech businesses and residential apartment homes. A district that was practically born in the first decade of the 21st century, it is also home to the Giants' AT&T Park and many web 2.0 start-ups. Successful entrepreneurs frequenting trendy bars and clubs coexist happily with baseball fans hanging out in local bars.

Moving to South Beach

The price of renting: South Beach offers a great choice of premier apartments, lofts and condo rentals in shiny new residential developments. In a city known for its steep rents, however, this neighborhood heads the charts. Do not be shocked if you see one bedrooms going for prices that give you long-term sticker shock. Apartments with ocean views are the most expensive as apparently there is a price to pay for a stunning vista. Nothing will impress a landlord as much as a good credit history, nice references and willingness to pay on the spot. Get all of that sorted out and you get your flat.

Traffic and parking: Traffic in South Beach can wreck your nerves especially during game season. Finding parking spots is just as much fun as driving around. On the plus side, the neighborhood is very well served by the MUNI with lots of regular and express bus routes and the AC Transit connecting to various parts of town and the financial district. Get a residential parking permit first thing when you move in if you cannot live without your car.

The pros: Finding a place to live is fairly easy. Home rentals in South Beach dominate the market as local residents prefer renting over buying.

The cons: Coming by a large three-bedroom apartment is tricky as most residential units are geared towards one or two tenants. Because South Beach itself is a small neighborhood of San Francisco, don't expect too much in the way of distinct sub-neighborhoods here.

Life in South Beach

Brace yourself for streets congested with cars and pave walks filled with people during games season or simply join in the cheer and exhilaration of the crowds of fans marching down to the AT&T to watch a game.

Shopping outlets in the neighborhood specialize mostly in designer furniture and stationery, so you will have to head elsewhere to check items off your shopping list. On the plus side, there is a fantastic farmers market in South Beach, at the Ferry Building, open every day of the year apart from national holidays, while the Westfield shopping center is a short drive from the neighborhood.

South Beach is much loved by joggers, skateboarders and cyclists for its fantastic paved waterfront trail. The waterfront is also lined with attractive dining spots. You can watch the sailboats docked at South Beach Harbor, while teasing your palate. All in all, in this area you can easily strike a balance between indulging your inner gourmet and staying fit all at the same time.