2 bedroom apartments with washer dryer
Last updated February 22 2024 at 1:27 AM

Atlanta, GA
400 2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent with Washer-Dryers

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City Guide for Atlanta, GA

Oh, Atlanta - I hear you calling. I'm coming back to you one fine day. No need to worry, there ain't no hurry 'cause I'm on my way back to Georgia." (Allison Krauss - "Oh Atlanta")

It happens all the time. You're at a cocktail party. Granny Smith appletini in one hand, Crab Louie with hydroponic chive in mini puff pastry in the other. While musing about summers in the Hamptons, the tennis cad injects a social trump card with a devilish aphorism extolling the virtues of winter sailing in Catalina. And just like that, it's on. The East Coast - West Coast rivalry. A virulent, zealous, hopeless fight. That's why people like Atlanta. New York has the potency of Wall Street, L.A. has the glitterati of Hollywood. That's why people like Atlanta. Let Wall Street have its base of operations for entitled billionaires - I'm just a good ol’ hard working Josephine after all. Let Hollywood be the nerve center of flashbulbs and red carpets - I don't need daily affirmation to feel like a star. That's why I like Atlanta... headquarters to Coca Cola, Home Depot, and Cartoon Network... now that's what speaks to me!

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