191 apartments for rent near Toddville Road, Charlotte, NC

Last updated April 27 at 10:34AM
2732 Alleghany Street
Westerly Hills
Charlotte, NC
Updated April 27 at 10:32AM
3 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of Toddville Road, Charlotte, NC
629 Robertson Avenue
Thomasboro - Hoskins
Charlotte, NC
Updated April 27 at 10:34AM
4 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Toddville Road, Charlotte, NC
201 S Hoskins Rd
Thomasboro - Hoskins
Charlotte, NC
Updated April 23 at 1:34AM
2 Bedrooms
4815 Westcrest Dr
Charlotte, NC
Updated April 26 at 10:19AM
3 Bedrooms
1208 Helms Rd
Coulwood West
Charlotte, NC
Updated March 23 at 5:35PM
3 Bedrooms
6010 Sullins Road
Charlotte, NC
Updated April 18 at 5:05AM
5 Bedrooms
Chelton Oaks Dr
Coulwood West
Charlotte, NC
Updated April 27 at 9:23AM
3 Bedrooms
5133 Magnasco Lane
Toddville Road
Charlotte, NC
Updated March 28 at 11:22AM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Toddville Road, Charlotte
If You Love Roads, You'll Love Toddville Road!

It's just a road. Just keep that in mind. Toddville isn't an official city or town, it's just a really long road that runs north and south through a very small portion of North Carolina. With that being said, there are quite a number of properties in the area to choose from. While it's possible that you will find a house to rent in Toddville Road, most of them will be apartment rentals. Since there aren't many amenities here, the apartments generally contain them. You'll find apartments with swimming pools, free cable (a few of them, not all of them), spacious floor plans, air conditioning, patios, garages and more.

To get an apartment in this area, it's best to start your search sometime in July or August when apartments traditionally have a lower vacancy rate. Since Toddville Road just consists of apartments off of this road, there aren't too many to choose from -- but for some reason you still want to move here.

If you're just sooo bent on coming to this area (although we must admit it is kind of nice) here are some of the things you'll need in order to process your application: past lease, check stubs or bank statements, landlord references, business references, and socials and IDs for anyone who's going to be living with you. This goes for your pets too! (Not really, but you should have seen your face just then!)

Aside from the above listed items, the apartment manager may well run a credit check, so if this happens don't panic. They aren't looking at the hospital bill you owe; they're looking at your rent worthiness. If your credit score is a little below average, you may still be able to rent, but with a guarantor or a higher deposit.

The biggest piece of advice we can give here is to make sure that you research everything you need ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is move from your other place and get stuck in a hotel while you go on a mad search for additional paperwork. What we listed above is the bare necessity and the bare minimum. Call the apartment complex ahead of time to get more details. Being organized is the way to get yourself a studio for rent, or elbow your way into larger homes such as rental condos.

The Road that Became a City

Obviously, this neighborhood was named after a street, more specifically a street that runs straight through the center of it -- do you want to guess what the name of this street is? We'll give you a few seconds. Okay, you got it? That's right: Toddville Road. This road runs north and south from below the 27 to Rozzelles Ferry Road.

What to Do Here: This little town is more of a country area, so there isn't much to do here. In fact, there are no shops around this area at all. Just good ol' country air, a few family-run businesses, a post office and a lot of houses and apartments.

Transportation: A little north of the city is Brookshire Blvd, which is the main thruway going north through the city, which will come in handy since you almost have to have a car here. We say almost because you can choose to walk, cycle or even fly through the area.

There isn't much in the way of public transportation, though, so it's a little hard to get around without a set of wheels. There are a small number of buses that shuttle people around, but you'll mainly catch the 8 to get wherever you want to go. You will see train tracks here, but they're not for you! The train doesn't even want to stop in this area, it just drives people through the area showing them Toddville Road, without actually picking anyone up or letting anyone off at Toddville Road. Now if you want to travel a little more to the east and almost out of the Toddville Road area, you will find significantly better transportation and a few more shops and diners.

Looking for Fun?

Okay, so we've already established that there isn't much to do here, but there is plenty of things to do in neighboring towns -- which is great news! If you travel west of Toddville Road by a few miles along the 27, you'll reach one of the biggest shopping centers in the area called Pawtuckett Village Shopping Center. This shopping center is technically located in Todd Park. Right across the street from this shopping center is another shopping center called Forest Pawtuckett Shopping Centers.

Westchester. If you travel a little east to neighboring Westchester you can find your pick of restaurants. One of the most frequented of these restaurants is Beauregard's. This is a murder mystery diner, which is always fun (although we are a little concerned that it's come to be known for it's prime ribs -- hmm). Another super popular restaurant in the area is Cook Out! This is home of the burgers and shakes for locals and out of town passers-by.

Many of the restaurants in and around Toddville Road are fast food chains such as Wendy's, Dairy Queen, Burger King and McDonalds. If you take the 27 east or west you'll see so many places to eat that it might have you scratching your head -- but the area does service the Interstate 85, the 485 and 77 so there are likely to be a lot of hungry out-of-towners just waiting to grab a bite! Charlotte Douglas International Airport is also nearby, so there's another reason behind the fast food madness here.