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City Guide
Moving to Reston

Reston is an ideal place to live for families, no matter what stage of family life one is in. Even those yet to start a family can find somewhere comfortable here. Rental prices are flexible, and you can even get an extra room for the price of a one bedroom. The only challenge is finding that room (or bunch of rooms) to call home.

Reston happens to have five villages set up with each home half-mile away from the other. So if you are the type that is always consulting with the neighbors or peeping at them, then sorry, this isn't the place for you. The only peeping that you will do is watching birds!

Renters make up 33.17% of the housing units in Reston, with 4.72% of the houses and apartments available in Reston, remaining unoccupied. To stand a chance beating other people to that ideal pad, you will definitely need ready money and luck. You also need a favorable rating from the folks manning the credit reference bureau, just in case your potential landlord wants to make sure you can afford to pay your rent. In other words, anything that will show that you are a potentially good tenant is preferable to bring -- like an employers note or current landlords referral letter.

Reston neighborhoods

Reston is home to a diverse range of homes. Below is a little more about what you can find in each area of the town.

Reston City Center:The apartments and townhouses around this neighborhood are surrounded by many shops, dining places, businesses, and walkable roads. But living to proximity to all the goodies comes with a hefty price tag. Make sure this area is in your budget before you fall head over heels in love with a home.$$$$

North Reston:This neighborhood has a mix of real estate styles from small apartments to very huge houses. Located minutes away from Reston City Center, North Reston is very ideal for someone that wants the vibrancy of the city center but only during the day. Like Reston CIty Center, North Reston carries a big price tag so be wary.$$$$$

Sunrise Valley:This suburban neighborhood is mainly composed of large townhomes and some amazing medium sized single-family homes. But the bad news is that at the time of this writing the vacancy rate was 0.0; plain zero, that is! With the amazingly low rents, that's no wonder.$$

Sunset Hills:This wonderful community is near the Dulles Access road. Expect a mixture of charming single family houses and townhomes. Small studio apartments, 2 bedroom houses and apartment also exist. The moderate rent here is appealing, but with a vacancy rate of 7.1%, you have better luck getting a place to rent than North Reston and the Town center. $$$

South Reston:This is a huge area on the Southern side of the Dulles Access Road. It plays host to two of Restons four lakes and has several huge village facilities, like Hunters Forest. Expect a mixture of real estate types, from high-rise apartments to luxury beachfront properties. But those aren't the best parts; South Reston is the most affordable area in which to rent!$

Life in Reston

Reston is replete with many high-end shops, restaurants, and even an ice rink -- among many other attractions. That is why it is constantly enticing to both locals and visitors. Even people who like to stand still will find something to do here, thanks to a multiplex cinema among other amenities.

But the real deal greets you before you even step into Reston if you arrive by plane. Right next to the Dulles Worldwide International airport and fed by the 8-lane Dulles Road is a hub that houses big-name high-tech organizations like Oracle, Honeywell and Siemens. This is where the best and the smartest in the North Virginia, hi-tech realm spend their days. So if you are into technology or entrepreneurship, then this is certainly a place you will thrive.

Being only 30 minutes outside of Washington, DC certainly adds to the appeal, too. Reston, which was founded by Robert E. Simon (and named after his initials: R.E.S-ton) is the perfect blend of urban living and natural space. Simon’s dream was to develop a multi-use town that incorporated business, industry, recreation, education and great housing while maintaining the natural beauty of the local area. His dream prevailed. This town has lots to offer the nature lover: everything from bike trails, huge wildflower meadows and parks, to outdoor reaction areas. You can’t beat that! The only issue with Reston is perhaps the ever crucial real estate scenario. The place has blossomed so quickly that real estate is currently attracting high prices. Make sure to start your search early and camp out on the affordable neighborhoods to snag the home of your dreams. If not, be prepared to pay more than you'd like for something you don't completely love.

Unfortunately, Reston is the deficiency of adequate educational institutions and teaching staff to help those with younger family members raise people that could become responsible citizens in the future. So expect to really scrutinize the available schools if you have school going kids.

However, this is generally a well-managed city with remarkable energy and money making opportunities. Reston will keep growing and flourishing, and, if it fixes its few issues, it will develop into one of most important urban centers in the United States.