"Still my favorite person in this whole wide world is the woman who can understand every word and when she speaks to me, she makes me see the whole world As my favorite place... Hawaii." -- The Strokes plant
Life in Hawaii

Welcome to paradise, everybody. We all know that Hawaii makes for a dream vacation destination, but why not live the dream full-time and move out to these gorgeous tropical islands? Finding an apartment to rent in Hawaii isn't hard at all -- in fact there are heaps of 1 bedroom apartments for rent and studio apartments peppered around the island in addition to all the big beach houses and private mansions. Why not join the other sun-seeking wanderers, surfers and workers who have migrated out to this oasis in the middle of the Pacific?

Moving to Hawaii

If you're thinking about moving to Hawaii to find apartments, your biggest consideration should be what you're bringing with you. Almost all house rentals come fully furnished because it's crazy expensive to ship things to and from the island! It ends up costing less to buy new stuff here or rent a furnished place than it does to send everything you own overseas. So you might have to part with your favorite mattress, but don't worry, you can probably slip your blankie or favorite stuffed animal into your suitcase with you. Aside from that, renting here is pretty straightforward. Most apartment buildings rent through leasing companies so you'll likely deal with a property manager and the lease company when moving in -- but don't worry, the aloha spirit means that all your negotiations and transactions should be warm and friendly ones.

What You'll Need

Although Hawaii doesn't feel much like the mainland, renting here is pretty much the same. Try to see a number of apartments to get a feel for what is available and, of course, show up on time and try to make a good impression on your landlord. The island spirit is alive and well here, but that doesn't give you an excuse to be a flake! Bring all your necessary paperwork with you so you can get approved and get the deal rolling right on the spot.

What To Expect

Hawaii is actually an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean. It only became a part of the U.S. in the 1950s and, though it definitely has an American influence, it still feels very much like a separate place. The natural scenery, warm tropical climate, stunning beaches and breathtaking sunsets will make you feel like you're on a permanent vacation. There are eight islands, though some of them are tiny. Here's a breakdown of the main islands.

The Islands

Oahu: With the capital Honolulu located here, this island has the largest population and draws in the most businesses and tourism of any of the islands. It's also where President Obama grew up.

Maui: Maui is considered the resort capital of the islands because of the large number of luxury tourist resorts scattered about.

Kaua'i: The oldest of all the islands, it's filled with beautiful gardens and the Waimea Canyon State Park. It's easy to find housing here and a little less expensive than on Oahu.

The Big Island or Hawaii: The biggest of all the islands, the population here is only about 50 people per mile. If you're lucky enough to find a house here, you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful and varied botanical gardens located all over the island.

HI Renter Confidence Survey
National study of renter’s satisfaction with their cities and states

Here’s how HI ranks on:

Overall satisfaction
Jobs and career opportunities
Recreational activities
Social Life
Commute time
Public transit

Overview of Findings

Apartment List has released Hawaii’s results from the third annual Apartment List Renter Satisfaction Survey. This survey, which drew on responses from over 45,000 renters, provides insight on what states and cities must do to meet the needs of 111 million American renters nationwide.

"Hawaii renters expressed general satisfaction with the state overall," according to Apartment List. "They gave most categories above-average or average scores."

Key findings in Hawaii include the following:

  • Hawaii renters gave their state a B+ overall.
  • The highest-rated categories for Hawaii were weather, which received an A+, and public transit and recreational activities, which both received A- grades.
  • The areas of concern to Hawaii renters are affordability (F) and commute time (C).
  • Millennial renters are very satisfied with their state, giving it an overall rating of B+, while renters who are parents are equally satisfied, also giving it a B+.
  • Hawaii did relatively well compared to West Coast states like Washington (B-) and Oregon (B-), but earned lower scores than California (A-) and Alaska (A+).
  • Hawaii earned similar scores to other states nationwide, including Georgia (B+), Illinois (B+) and Delaware (B+).
  • The top rated states nationwide for renter satisfaction include Colorado, Alaska, South Dakota, Idaho and Minnesota. The lowest rated states include Wyoming, Arkansas, Mississippi, West Virginia and Louisiana.