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Westminster, CO: 79 apartments available for rent

Last updated May 28 at 9:17PM
9100 Vance
9100 Vance St
Westminster, CO
Updated May 28 at 6:27PM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3023 W 107th Place #D
Central Westminster
Westminster, CO
Updated May 28 at 10:11AM
2 Bedrooms
12102 Melody Drive #104
Northeast Westminster
Westminster, CO
Updated May 18 at 12:36PM
2 Bedrooms
8886 Lowell Way
Shaw Heights
Westminster, CO
Updated May 22 at 9:15PM
3 Bedrooms
10485 Jellison Way
Walnut Grove
Westminster, CO
Updated May 27 at 2:43AM
4 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Why would I want to live in Westminster? Why not just find a place in Denver proper?

Denver certainly has its charms, but affordable housing isn’t always one of them. In Westminster, however, rental prices average just $1100, and even luxury apartments and multi-BR townhouses can often be found for under $1300. Westminster also offers a more laid-back, suburban alternative to the hustle and bustle of the Mile High City.

What’s there to do in Westminster?

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors you’ll immediately fall in love with Westminster’s vast “open space system” that includes a plethora of parks, trails, wildlife preserves, and scenic views of the mighty Rockies. Other attractions include the Promenade (a multi-venue outdoor recreational village) and an insect zoo where visitors can kick back with 1000-plus exotic butterflies (and we all know there ain’t no party like a butterfly party!). Westminster is also home to a smattering of neighborhood dive bars, sports pubs, and live music hotspots to keep the night owls hooting. And, if you eventually get a bit bored with Westminster, you can always hit up Denver or Boulder, both only 20-minutes away.

What’s the best way to bum around town? On a pair of skis?

Nope. The Denver metro area might have a reputation for being perpetually covered in white, but the truth is that the sun is almost always shining in many parts of the Mountain West (including Westminster). Even in Boulder, the ski capital of the U.S., fake snow covers the many of slippery slopes – gasp! The skiing’s still fine, it’s a ski capital for a reason; just don’t bring a pair of skis everywhere you go. Oh, and save the ski jokes for Utah, wise guy.

Westminster, like most of American suburbia, is so spread out that you’ll need your own set of wheels to live, work, and play conveniently. If, like many Westminster residents, you plan to work in Denver, you may want to take advantage of the Denver Regional Transportation District buses that connect the two cities. Fortunately, traffic in and around Westminster is child’s play compared to most mid-sized cities, and parking is readily available throughout town.

Are apartments easy to come by?

There’s no such thing as an “apartment season” in Westminster, so occupancy rates rarely spike, meaning available units are a constant at most complexes. Arm yourself with the basics (a list of previous residences, banking statements, proof of income, and payment for any initial fees) and you’ll be living the Mile High life in a jiffy.

What can I expect out of a Westminster apartment?

Apartments in Westminster range from basic studio crash pads to spacious luxurious units equipped with all the modern amenities. The city has experienced a 10% population boom since the year 2000, and plenty of new housing units, including apartments, lofts, and condos, have been erected to keep pace. So if you’re in the market for a newly constructed, über-contemporary residence, you’re in luck. Likewise, if you prefer a more vintage look and feel to your living quarters, you’ll find no shortage of well established rentals in Westminster, especially in the city’s southernmost neighborhoods.

Any special advice for future tenants?

Perhaps the most common mistake renters make is rushing into an apartment without exploring their other options to make sure they aren’t settling for second-best. Rental properties are always available in Westminster and waiting lists hardly exist, so leasers have the luxury of shopping the market at their leisure without having to worry about certain dream dwellings getting gobbled up.

When it’s time to move in, you’ll receive a checklist that allows you to take note of anything in your new place that isn’t postcard-perfect. Be sure to nitpick and mark down even the most minor imperfections – like you’ve been doing, right? – or risk losing your deposit over a preexisting blemish.

Which neighborhood is best for yours truly?

Well, that all depends on both your tastes. Generally, the further north you go, the more likely you are to find newer subdivisions and apartment complexes, while the older abodes are mostly situated on the south side closer to the Berkeley and Zuni areas.

And now it’s time to start the search for your perfect apartment, so happy hunting and welcome to Westminster!