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Fort Collins, CO: 126 apartments available for rent

Last updated May 28 at 7:15PM
3806 Dahlia Ct
Troutman Park
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 28 at 5:35PM
4 Bedrooms
2628 Redwing Dr. 5
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 25 at 12:26PM
2 Bedrooms
428 N Loomis Ave
Martinez Park
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 20 at 11:20AM
3 Bedrooms
5220 Boardwalk Dr A33
The Landings
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 24 at 2:37AM
2 Bedrooms
1056 Hessen Dr
Fort Collins
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 28 at 5:34PM
4 Bedrooms
3431 Stover E536
Windmill Condos
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 25 at 12:27PM
2 Bedrooms
209 Annabel Ln
Thunderbird Heights
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 28 at 10:03AM
2 Bedrooms
6709 Antigua Drive #37
Stanton Creek
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 28 at 10:00AM
2 Bedrooms
712 Mansfield Dr
Village East
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 28 at 10:19AM
3 Bedrooms
5535 Fossil Ridge Dr E
Fossil Creek Meadows
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 12 at 10:02AM
3 Bedrooms
2425 Cochetopa Ct
Lake Sherwood Corporation
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 18 at 6:03PM
3 Bedrooms
2933 Kansas Dr G
Lake Sherwood Corporation
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 25 at 12:30PM
3 Bedrooms
Mummy Range Dr
Fort Collins
Fort Collins, CO
Updated May 24 at 9:51AM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Fort Collins

By the way, Old Town means downtown. For some reason Fort Collins was far too charming and bucolic to use the term “downtown,” so Old Town will have to do. Unfortunately, it’s a bit more expensive than usual for a one-bedroom–typically no less than $800– but it’s generally in a nicely renovated historic property. Two bedrooms are more commonly found in small apartment complexes or some single-family homes and will start around $1000, with three-bedrooms starting around $1400. Any way you slice it, you’ll be living in the one of the only truly walkable areas of Fort Collins, close to shops, bars, and all things related to your social life.

Instead of large districts, the town is primarily divided up into small housing subdivisions, nearly all with bike trails and parks due to a fantastic city ordinance. A not-so-highly-favored city ordinance has mandated smaller lot sizes for single-family homes closer to the center of town to revive a bit more of an urban feel in this distinctly suburban town, so if room to stretch is what you’re after, look to the south side of town. Fossil Creek and Fort Collins Country club areas are decidedly more luxurious, with three-bedroom homes going for around $2000 and five-bedrooms for around $2500. Mid-range options are found throughout the rest of the small subdivisions, ranging from two-bedroom townhomes for around $900 to $1400 for four-bedroom homes.

I harbor a lifelong dream of being a prospector. One of the primary perks to Fort Collins is its proximity to the natural wonder that is Colorado topography. We’re not sure how Colorado won the lottery on beautiful scenery, but it did. Fort Collins puts secluded mountain living at your disposal, often only a short ten-minute drive into town. Country homes are listed in abundance, and before you get sticker-shock, realize that rents are higher due to the inclusion of acreage. A four-bedroom on two acres runs around $2000, or a five-bedroom luxury home on three acres between $2500 and $3500. If you want to truly live off the land, cottages and fisherman’s cabins can be had for as little as $700 without acreage.

Rent Report
Fort Collins
May 2017 Fort Collins Rent Report

Fort Collins rents grew over the past month

Rents in Fort Collins increased by 2.6% over the past month, and prices are 0.1% higher than last year. 1-bedrooms in Fort Collins have a median rent of $930, while 2-bedrooms cost $1,290.

Fort Collins has the 9th highest rents

  • Denver: Denver has the highest rent prices in the state. 2-bedrooms in Denver have a median rent of $1,840, while 1-beds go for $1,410. Denver rents grew by 0.7% over the past month, and prices are 2.3% higher than last year.
  • Lakewood: Lakewood has the 5th highest rents in Colorado. Median rents in Lakewood are at $1,480 for 2-bedrooms and $1,300 for 1-bedrooms. Rents in Lakewood have grown by 4.0% in the past year.
  • Aurora: In Aurora, a 2-bedroom rents for $1,400, and 1-bedrooms cost $1,050. Rent prices in Aurora increased by 1.2% over the past month, and rents have grown by 2.9% in the past year.

Centennial shows the fastest-growing rents

  • Centennial: With prices 7.3% higher than last year, Centennial shows the fastest-growing rents in Colorado. A 2-bedroom there runs a median rent of $1,590, and 1-bedrooms go for $1,460.
  • Thornton: Thornton shows the 2nd highest year-over-year rent growth, at a 6.8% increase over last year. 1- and 2-bedrooms in Thornton cost $1,210 and $1,560, respectively.
  • Colorado Springs: Having experienced a 6.0% increase in rents over the past year, Colorado Springs shows the 3rd fastest-growing rents in the state. 2-bedrooms in Colorado Springs cost $1,010, while 1-beds run $820.

For more information check out our national report. You can also access our full data for cities and counties across the U.S. at this link.

City Median 1 BR price Median 2 BR price M/M price change Y/Y price change
Denver $1410 $1840 0.7% 2.3%
Boulder $1550 $1810 -0.4% -0.4%
Centennial $1460 $1590 0.7% 7.3%
Thornton $1210 $1560 1.5% 6.8%
Lakewood $1300 $1480 0.1% 4.0%
Westminster $1260 $1480 1.3% 2.4%
Aurora $1050 $1400 1.2% 2.9%
Arvada $1410 $1390 2.0% 2.3%
Fort Collins $930 $1290 2.6% 0.1%
Colorado Springs $820 $1010 1.1% 6.0%


Apartment List Rent Report data is drawn monthly from the millions of listings on our site. 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom rents are calculated as the median for units available in the specified size and time period. Price changes are calculated using a “same unit” methodology similar to the Case-Shiller “repeat sales” home prices methodology, taking the average price change for units available across both time periods.

About Rent Reports:

Apartment List’s Rent Reports cover rental pricing data in major cities, their suburbs, and their neighborhoods. We provide valuable leading indicators of rental price trends, highlight data on top cities, and identify the key facts renters should know. As always, our goal is to provide price transparency to America’s 105 million renters to help them make the best possible decisions in choosing a place to call home.