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Englewood, CO: 54 apartments available for rent

Last updated May 29 at 6:40AM
Camden Caley
6360 S Havana St
Englewood, CO
Updated May 29 at 5:13AM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
Avery Park
9959 E Peakview Ave
Englewood, CO
Updated May 29 at 6:40AM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
3048 S Cherokee St
Englewood, CO
Updated May 28 at 10:01AM
3 Bedrooms
6393 South Jamaica Court
Englewood, CO
Updated May 6 at 9:47AM
4 Bedrooms
3229 S Corona St
Englewood, CO
Updated May 24 at 2:35AM
4 Bedrooms
S Lincoln St
Englewood, CO
Updated May 27 at 9:28AM
3 Bedrooms
Inverness Blvd
Englewood, CO
Updated May 25 at 11:46AM
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
About Englewood

Englewood is a desirable suburb just south of Denver. It has beautiful outdoor activity areas and parks, all with the back drop of gorgeous mountain views. A lot of people in Colorado, especially in the metro area, enjoy being physically active and spending time in the outdoors -- because that is what you do in Colorado. Englewood has the spaces and facilities available that you can soak in all of the great nature views and fresh mountain air.

Moving to Englewood

The Basics

Englewood takes pride in being a clean and desireable place to live. So as you might expect, they want to attract gainfully employed, responsible residents who are more likely to help keep the place nice.

When you’re looking for a rental house, apartment or townhome in Englewood, you should be prepared by making sure you have a good employment history and a monthly income 2-3 times above your monthly rent, depending on the landlord. It’s always a good idea to take a look at your credit report and fix whatever mistakes or blemishes might be on there. Good credit definitely makes it easier to get a good apartment and is usually even more essential for a rental home. Although, a nice big deposit can sometimes make a landlord suddenly blind to your credit report.

Get a Helping Hand

A good apartment locator can save you a lot of time when you’re looking for an apartment in Englewood. An apartment locator is familiar with the many local options and can determine your most important criteria to point you toward the Englewood apartments that are most likely to be the best fit. Let the apartment locator fix you up like a matchmaker on a love affair between you and your apartment!

Finding Housing

Houses here are often newer and in very good condition. If you need to rent an apartment here, you can be sure that there are well-maintained one-bedroom and two-bedroom places available. Three-bedroom apartments are available too, but because families with children need this option and often prefer to stay put in the same place for a few years, it might be a little harder to find one available. If you need an apartment with more than two bedrooms, allow yourself some extra lead time in case there’s a waiting list. If you can’t find exactly the right apartment in Englewood – though that’s hard to imagine – you can always expand your search to Littleton, which is practically just next door.

Look for Sweet Deals

Because there are so many housing options in the area, apartment complexes sometimes throw in little bonuses to sweeten the deal and encourage you to choose their community. These may include move-in specials, low security deposits or gifts at lease signing. Shop around and you might find not only a great place to live, but a community that goes out of their way to make it easy to choose them!

Where to Look

Englewood has a lot to offer. Unlike many cities that are just suburbs with few jobs that require long commutes to get to work, Englewood is large enough to have plenty of jobs located within its city limits.

Hampden Hills is the part of town where most of the apartment complexes are located. It’s also a very new part of town, so everything is clean and in good repair. Lots of shopping options exist in this part of town, so your lifestyle can be very convenient with everything located near your home. The rental prices aren't super low, but they aren't super expensive either, so you will still have a little extra leftover to buy a new outfit or two each paycheck.

Living in Englewood

The headquarters for the sporting goods company, The Sports Authority, is located in Englewood, which makes sense since people in Colorado tend to be pretty active. Don't worry if you pull a muscle from too much mountain climbing because Englewood is known for having two very good hospital systems, which are the largest employers in the town. The hospitals are nationally ranked for their high quality and attract patients from other areas to see their specialists. 

At this point in time, you’ll still find it easier if you have a car in Englewood. The Denver metropolitan area has some very good public transportation options, including buses and the phenomenal light rail system, and the RTD light rail system does have service to Englewood, thanks to the completion of the southeast light rail corridor. 

People like Englewood because of its high quality of life, amenities and beautiful mountain views. It might just be the right place for you to call home, too!