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300 apartments for rent near Burbank, CA

Last updated December 4 at 7:14AM
AVA Burbank
401 N Pass Ave
Updated December 4 at 3:49AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Avalon Burbank
350 S San Fernando Blvd
Updated December 4 at 3:49AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
1200 Riverside
1200 W Riverside Dr
Updated December 4 at 7:14AM
1 Bed
Media Center Villas
1731 Rogers Pl
Updated December 3 at 2:07AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Kenwood Mews
230 N Kenwood St
Updated December 3 at 11:03PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Waterstone Media Center
311 N Buena Vista St
Updated November 24 at 12:13AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
324 S Parish Place
Rancho Adjacent
Updated November 29 at 5:11AM
2 Bed
1400 East Tujunga Ave Avenue
Updated October 24 at 1:20PM
5 Bed
528 S Glenwood Place
Rancho Adjacent
Updated November 17 at 6:29AM
3 Bed
540 East ANGELENO Avenue
Updated November 12 at 5:53AM
3 Bed
1331 N Myers Street
Northwest District
Updated July 19 at 12:25PM
3 Bed
556 East Palm Avenue
Updated November 16 at 8:15PM
3 Bed
1228 E Elmwood Avenue
Updated December 3 at 4:43AM
2 Bed
437 E Harvard
Updated November 18 at 4:56AM
3 Bed
345 West Alameda Avenue
Rancho Adjacent
Updated December 3 at 4:34AM
3 Bed
4319 W Olive Ave
Toluca Lake
Updated November 28 at 10:57AM
2 Bed
1206 W Chandler Boulevard
Chandler Park
Updated November 2 at 3:59AM
3 Bed
7732 Via Sorrento
Sun Valley
Updated November 22 at 6:30AM
3 Bed
226 W Tujunga Ave
Rancho Adjacent
Updated December 1 at 5:17PM
2 Bed
719 East Providencia Avenue
Updated December 3 at 4:34AM
3 Bed
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City Guide
Know Your Neighbors

Like most cities in Los Angeles County, Burbank's borders and overall feel generally changes based how close you get to the borders of its neighbors. You and Burbank, however, have some pretty great neighbors.

North Hollywood is located to the southwest of Burbank and is an up-and-coming area with some decent nightlife. Yes, okay. Additionally, the NoHo Arts District keeps things creative and fresh.

To the east, Burbank is bordered by Glendale, which is a friendly LA suburb.

What this means for Burbank is that it has a good reputation with a slightly cheaper rental market than Glendale and LA proper. Burbank is a suburb of epic proportions, meaning that most public life exists in manufactured outdoor shopping malls and entertainment centers.


Burbank isn't all shopping malls and movie studios, however. The city is bordered to the south by Griffith Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the country with over 4,000 acres of land. Additionally, the large expanse of Angeles National Forest lies just east of the city.

Neighborhoods in Burbank

Burbank proper is considered a Valley city, which means that its located between the foothills of the Verdugo Mountains and the flat area of the San Fernando Valley. Because of its proximity to Angeles National Forest and Griffith Park, housing and development is concentrated in the western and northern reaches of town.

Downtown Burbank is home to the Media Center shopping, dining and entertainment area. Located within this pocket of development are several condos, duplexes and apartment buildings with a variety of amenities. Rentals in this area generally go for between $1200-1400 for a one bedroom.

Northern and Western Burbank have a similar feel to the downtown, though slightly less bustling. Many of Burbank's outdoor malls and shopping centers are located in these portions of the city. The primary development in this area is the Burbank Empire Center. Apartments in this area are quite desirable. One bedrooms in northern and western Burbank generally go for between $1300-1500, though more expensive rentals exist throughout these neighborhoods.

Rental Tips

Most Burbank rentals are done through the on-site property managers of large developments and complexes. If you are interested in living in a development--and hopefully you are because these buildings dominate the rental market--check out a few before you settle. On paper, many of these buildings have similar amenities, including laundry facilities, swimming pools and community centers, but various rental options distinguish them.

Most large apartment complexes offer flexible lease options. Six and twelve month leases are fairly commonplace, though many management companies offer leases for shorter than six months with a short-term fee tacked on to your rent. Deposits and application fees for these rentals generally add up to be about $50-100 more than one month's rent.

A few private rental houses do exist in certain parts of the city and these are mostly offered through the owners. Private homes will not have the amenities or flexible lease options of larger developments, but they offer a sense of privacy that can sometimes be lacking in planned communities.

Getting Around

There are a surprising number of public transportation options for the Burbank commuter. Express and local buses operated by LA's Metro will get you into Glendale, Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles.

Another option for the car-less commuter is the Metrolink train. The Ventura County Line has a stop at the Bob Hope Airport, and the Antelope Valley Line stops in downtown Burbank. Though this can be quite costly, the Metrolink is the fastest public transportation into Los Angeles's Union Station.

So, welcome to the Valley new Burbank resident! You'll be sure to find a comfortable apartment in Burbank's many new developments!

Burbank Renter Confidence Survey
National study of renter confidence in the economy, homeownership, and cities
Here's how Burbank ranks on:
A+ Overall satisfaction
A+ Safety and crime rate
C+ Jobs and career opportunities
A+ Recreational activities
C- Affordability
A Quality of schools
A Weather
B Commute time
C State and local taxes
C+ Public transit
B+ Pet-friendliness
Best Worst
Full data available when viewing on a non-mobile device.
Overview of Findings

Apartment List has released results for Burbank from the second annual Apartment List Renter Satisfaction Survey. The survey, which drew on responses from over 30,000 renters, provides insight into what states and cities must do to meet the needs of the 105 million American renters nationwide.

“Burbank renters seem very satisfied with their city overall,” says Andrew Woo, Director of Data Science at Apartment List. “Most categories received above-average scores.”

Key findings in Burbank include the following:

  • Burbank renters give their city an A+ overall for satisfaction.
  • The highest-rated categories for Burbank were safety and access to parks and community events, which both received an A+ score.
  • Renters also gave high scores to weather (A), the quality of local schools (A), and pet friendliness (B+)
  • Some areas of concern for Burbank renters include local job and career opportunities (C+), access to public transit (C+), and affordability (C-).
  • Overall, Burbank renters are highly satisfied, as are renters in nearby cities like Pasadena (A+) and Glendale (A+) .
  • The top rated cities nationwide for renter satisfaction included Arlington, VA; Lincoln, NE; Pasadena, CA; Boston, MA; and Madison, WI. The lowest rated cities included Newark, NJ; Bronx, NY; Bridgeport, CT; Baltimore, MD; and Salinas, CA.