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52 apartments for rent near Santa Ana, CA

Last updated December 6 at 4:50AM
The Marke
100 E MacArthur Blvd
Updated December 6 at 12:18AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
Nineteen 01
1901 E 1st St
Updated December 6 at 12:00AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
Chatham Village
16331 McFadden Ave
Updated October 25 at 11:54PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
1532 Bluff Place
Santa Ana
Updated November 8 at 12:05PM
5 Bed
2845 S Fairview Street
South Harbor
Updated November 23 at 9:08PM
2 Bed
2935 S Fairview Street
South Harbor
Updated December 6 at 4:50AM
1 Bed
1019 W 18th Street
Central City
Updated November 30 at 11:34AM
3 Bed
3109 S Rene Drive
Republic Homes
Updated November 23 at 12:27PM
4 Bed
3760 S Bear St Unit H-152
Santa Ana
Updated November 13 at 10:51AM
2 Bed
1413 Keegan Way
Santa Ana
Updated November 23 at 5:38PM
4 Bed
2142 Maple Street
Updated November 30 at 4:20AM
4 Bed
1906 W Meadowbrook
Santa Ana
Updated December 2 at 11:17AM
4 Bed
2855 S Fairview Street #D
South Harbor
Updated November 29 at 11:07AM
2 Bed
199 E City Place Drive
Central City
Updated December 5 at 12:05PM
2 Bed
306 N Broadway
Santa Ana
Updated November 18 at 11:29AM
1345 Cabrillo Park Drive
Santa Ana
Updated December 6 at 4:50AM
2 Bed
10715 Quadrille Place
Santa Ana
Updated December 4 at 7:27PM
5 Bed
214 Jeanette Lane
Central City
Updated November 30 at 10:58AM
3 Bed
3415 S Main Street
Santa Ana
Updated November 6 at 4:52AM
3 Bed
1006 Cabrillo Park Drive
Santa Ana
Updated December 6 at 4:49AM
2 Bed
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City Guide
Santa Ana
Some Santa Ana Neighborhoods:


If you’re the creative type, or you just have a taste for fiery food and people, travel straight to the heart of Santa Ana. Next to the city’s courthouse and town hall you’ll find a proud Spanish-speaking community and burgeoning art scene. Santa Ana’s version of Greenwich is called Artist Village and it’s full of galleries, concerts, art walks, and festivals. Lofts and smaller apartments here are affordable for the starving artist, but you won’t be hungry (or bored) long with food and fun just around the block.


North of downtown, you can stop and sniff up the beauty in Midtown’s Floral and West Floral Parks. Beautiful homes built in the fifties and sixties still bloom in vintage, classic style. Midtown is pricier and lacks the ever-present entertainment of the downtown district, but it’s beautiful and well suited for living a quiet lifestyle (although West Floral Park is known to get a little rowdy around the 4th of July).

The kids won’t get too bored, though: there’s family fun right around the corner. Only a few blocks away are the Bowers Museum (which features classes, exhibitions, and lectures on art from all over the world), Main Place Mall, Santa Ana Zoo, and the Discovery Science Center. Midtown is a bit pricier than Downtown, but if you’re looking to rear some kiddos, this is a better choice for you.

South Coast Metro:

Right up against the Costa Mesa border is the South Coast Metro district of the city. This is the poshest, fanciest, and newest part of Santa Ana.

South Coast Metro is the home to most of Orange County’s Fortune 500 and Forbes 1000 businesses. For the business elite, high quality, luxury apartments, condos, and tract homes have been erected just minutes from Santa Ana’s John Wayne airport.

This section of the city also has the South Coast Plaza, a massive mall full of designer boutiques. In fact, it’s fair to say this neighborhood was built around the plaza and Orange County’s upscale corporate offices.

But, like downtown, “SCM” has its own space for the creatively inclined – specifically the Segerstrom Center for the Arts and the South Coast Repertory theatre. The area is perhaps one of the most contemporary and artfully designed sections of Santa Ana, due mostly to the expansion and renovation of the Repertory building by renowned architect, Cesar Pelli. The city is currently planning to move the main Orange County Museum of Art from Newport Beach to this area of the city.

What does this all mean? SCM is very upscale. If you’re a patron of the arts this may be the place for you, but if you’re an artist yourself (and you have the bank account to prove it) we suggest you look elsewhere.

Travelin' around So-Cal:

One thing you should know about Southern California is that traffic is always a problem. Make sure you find a home close to work to avoid often-congested freeways and road-rage induced panic attacks.

Even then, Santa Ana is surely better than most other Southern California cities (we’re looking at you LA) when it comes to the public transportation. Santa Ana has Metrolink commuter railways that connect the city to the rest of Orange Country. If you want to venture further than the county lines, take Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner, which connects Santa Ana to San Diego, Los Angeles, and Paso Robles.

If your destination requires air travel, the nearby John Wayne Airport (SNA) has got your back. No need to worry about your domestic travel needs here, but if you’re looking to go international, Los Angeles’ LAX is your closest option. No matter where the wind decides to take you – you’ll get there easy enough in Santa Ana; just make sure you plan accordingly.

What Makes the OC So Special?

Orange County is more than the location of a surprisingly good, but horribly addictive primetime soap from the early 2000s. It has amazing proximity to a great variety of attractions: hiking in the Santa Ana Mountains, lounging on the beach, or screaming like a baby on Disneyland’s Space Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farms Coasters just a few miles up the highway. Whatever California dream you may have, Santa Ana is sure to accommodate.

Wrappin' it up (and general advice):

Santa Ana has a home for everyone but, like most So Cal locations, it can be a pricey place to live. Make sure you can afford to live here before breaking the bank and making the move (The average monthly rent for Santa Ana ranges from $900 to $2000 and up).

Though the city is diverse, the neighborhoods sometimes aren’t. Like living anywhere, make sure you find a neighborhood where you feel comfortable before you settle down and plant the roots. The closer you get towards downtown, the more heavily Spanish-speaking the populace becomes. Similarly, if you’re not raking in that much dough, you should steer clear of the South Coast Metro area. No matter what, we’re confident that you’ll find something to fit the bill.

Now go forth, you person, you. Listen to those winds and find your home. Drive in the sun - look out for number one - California, here you come.

Santa Ana Renter Confidence Survey
National study of renter confidence in the economy, homeownership, and cities
Here's how Santa Ana ranks on:
C Overall satisfaction
C+ Safety and crime rate
B- Jobs and career opportunities
B- Recreational activities
C+ Affordability
C+ Quality of schools
A Weather
A- Commute time
C State and local taxes
B Public transit
B- Pet-friendliness
Best Worst
Full data available when viewing on a non-mobile device.
Overview of Findings

Apartment List has released results for Santa Ana from the second annual Apartment List Renter Satisfaction Survey. The survey, which drew on responses from over 30,000 renters, provides insight into what states and cities must do to meet the needs of the 105 million American renters nationwide.

“According to our results, Santa Ana renters are somewhat dissatisfied with their city,” says Andrew Woo, Director of Data Science at Apartment List. “They rated many categories with below-average scores.”

Key findings in Santa Ana include the following:

  • Santa Ana renters give their city a C overall for satisfaction.
  • The highest-rated category for Santa Ana was the weather, which received an A score.
  • Local career opportunities and access to parks and community events both received near-average scores (B-).
  • Some areas of concern for Santa Ana renters included safety (C+), quality of local schools (C+), and affordability (C+).
  • Compared to other nearby cities like Long Beach (B+) and Irvine (A+), Santa Ana renters seem somewhat less satisfied.
  • The top rated cities nationwide for renter satisfaction included Arlington, VA; Lincoln, NE; Pasadena, CA; Boston, MA; and Madison, WI. The lowest rated cities included Newark, NJ; Bronx, NY; Bridgeport, CT; Baltimore, MD; and Salinas, CA.