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Avondale, AZ 117 Cheap Apartments for Rent

Prices shown are base rent prices and may not include non-optional fees and utilities.
Finding cheap apartments in Avondale takes some ingenuity and effort, as well as quick action. Before you head out on your search, bring along pay stubs, bank statements, letter... Read Guide >
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the typical rent for a studio apartment in Avondale?

The average rent for a studio apartment in Avondale is $1,162.

How expensive are one-bedroom apartments in Avondale?

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment rental in Avondale is $1,518.

How much is rent for two-bedroom apartments in Avondale?

The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Avondale is $1,798.
City Guide for Avondale, AZ

Originally established as a ranching, farming, and agricultural community, this Sun Valley city has been trying to find its identity for decades. Avondale is located about 15 miles west of Phoenix and is part of a fairly indistinguishable bundle of developing cities, including Buckeye, Surprise, Litchfield Park, Goodyear and Tolleson.

In fact, the superlative you'll see most when you begin your apartment search in Avondale is "developing." Almost everything in the city is under construction, and in fact, the main image on the city's website is of home construction. This can be both good and bad in terms of your apartment hunt. Newer homes means a larger variety of amenities, and generally, less maintenance in terms of comfort and convenience. But, because most of Avondale's neighborhoods have been newly developed, the city has a distinctly suburban feel.

Avondale was also subject to a lot of foreclosures during the subprime mortgage debacle of 2007. Because of this, the city is currently offering a lot of incentives for buying up these abandoned homes. Because there are several empty homes throughout most parts of Avondale, you’ll have to walk around the surrounding blocks to really get a feel for your new neighborhood.

Most of Avondale’s shopping, nightlife and activities are centered around that suburban lifestyle that dominates a lot of Sun Valley cities. Large strip malls and chain restaurants at the edges of town are where residents usually go for a good time. Additionally, Avondale is home to the Phoenix International Raceway, where several NASCAR and other automotive races are held every year. See more

What to keep in mind when looking for cheap apartments in Avondale, AZ

Finding cheap apartments in Avondale takes some ingenuity and effort, as well as quick action. Before you head out on your search, bring along pay stubs, bank statements, letters of recommendations from landlords or employers, and identification. The more proactive you are about your search, the easier it will be to score a deal.

Look for cheap apartments in Avondale by regularly scouring listings and looking during slower renting seasons, like winter. You can still find a deal if you move during the summer months when apartment hunting is more competitive.

You may be able to find cheap apartments in Avondale in neighborhoods that are located away from attractions, restaurants, and entertainment. You may need to look farther out than you would prefer, but access to highways or public transportation can get you into the heart of Avondale.

The building you choose can also make a difference in finding a cheap apartment in Avondale. Older buildings that need some updating are more likely to have better deals. Walk-up apartments without elevators, on-street parking and few amenities like on-site fitness centers can also signal affordable rents in Avondale.