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Framingham, MA: 110 apartments available for rent

Last updated May 28 at 11:26AM
Framingham, MA
Updated May 24 at 2:55PM
3 Bedrooms
West Framingham
Framingham, MA
Updated May 23 at 6:32AM
2 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of Framingham, MA
185 Union St
, MA
Updated May 23 at 6:31AM
2 Bedrooms
7 Brookdale Rd
, MA
Updated May 25 at 12:32PM
3 Bedrooms
25 Lynne Rd
, MA
Updated April 26 at 5:46AM
3 Bedrooms
Design Pak Lofts
175 Maple St
Marlborough, MA
Updated May 27 at 2:49AM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Framingham, MA
Halstead Westborough
1 Homestead Blvd
Westborough, MA
Updated May 28 at 11:26AM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
114 Waverly St
Framingham, MA
Updated May 17 at 2:28PM
2 Bedrooms
108 Myrtle St.
, MA
Updated May 17 at 6:10AM
3 Bedrooms
Deerskin Ln
Marlborough, MA
Updated May 21 at 9:17AM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Framingham

The city of Framingham is a desirable area surrounded by similar neighborhoods. It is halfway between Worcester and Boston and lies on the historic Old Connecticut Path. It has a strong sense of community and a younger population. As for anyone who lives here, the city has a high proportion of DINKYs (double income, no kids yet) and successful single professionals. It's also not a huge city, so it's a bit dinky, too. Double the dinkiness! Around 70 percent of households here do not have children, so your kids might not feel as pleased with this choice. Home sale prices are generally above the national average but not as high as the smartest parts of Boston. You can find some lovely homes for sale in Framingham and end up with more space than in downtown Boston.

Industries in the city include biotechnology, medical sector supply and service businesses, retail and education. There are also several major corporate business leaders in town, and for most people, a commute to work takes an hour or less. If you're tortured by long periods in the car, or prone to wild fits of road rage, choose a community close to your job.

If you want to join in on the Framingham fun, show up at apartment complexes with proof of income and references to hand. Have good credit or a co-signer, too. You'll need more than just good looks or funny jokes to get a place here.

Know Thy Neighborhoods

Framingham is divided into 18 sectors. These form several larger zones, which each has a distinctive character and real estate prices. Here are several to consider:

Downtown and South Framingham: This neighborhood is in the area intersected by Concord Street and Union Avenue. It is the commercial end of town and quite a lively area, with many historical buildings. Properties are at the lower end of the market here compared to the rest of Framingham. In this area, you will have a wide range of restaurants to choose from. The rent is affordable, so you'll have more money to spend on stuffing your face.

The Golden Triangle: At one time, the Golden Triangle was a three-mile district that included East Framingham. It now extends north of Route 30. This area has lots of shops and malls and is ideal for the shopaholic (break out the gold card). The area also includes several prominent charity and industry headquarters, so it's convenient for those who want to walk to work. If traffic raises your blood pressure, this is the place for you. House prices hover around the city average.

West Framingham: If you like big industrial centers, West Framingham could be for you. This area has two large commercial parks and offers an easy commute to work. There are some good shopping areas, too, with lots of restaurants. In spite of this, there are several larger homes in this neighborhood, so prices are higher but remain average for smaller apartments. Fit all your junk into a smaller space or be prepared to shell out the big bucks.

Route 9: The delightful historical center of Framingham is perfect for those who like older buildings. It is also dominated by Framingham State University and attracts a younger crowd with a student lifestyle. The area is right by Worcester Road and Main Street and has lots of inexpensive cafes, clubs, and car dealerships. Oh, and students, too. Thanks to the student population, there are lots of rental properties and affordable housing here. That's a really good thing since it costs money to throw a proper kegger.

Nobscott: The nearby village of Nobscott is known for its gas stations and adult -themed venues, but look beyond this and there are lovely woodlands and community projects. The Garden in the Woods is just one example. As for real estate prices, these are about average .for Framingham, with some of the largest homes costing more.

Saxonville: Located around the old Saxonville Mill, this part of Framingham is an artistic community with lots of 19th-century houses with Mansard roofs. It has lots of shops and restaurants and is a thriving commercial center, so it's very convenient for most facilities.

Framingham: Picture Yourself Living Here

Apart from being observed and monitored as a population for lifestyle behaviors, the city is a pleasant and very convenient place to live. There are good municipal facilities here, including garbage collection (a selling point!) and other community services. Health care at the MetroWest Medical Center is excellent. For complex medical problems, many of the world’s finest hospitals are a few miles away in Boston. Hopefully, you'll never need them.

Framingham has lots of shops and malls all over the city and also has a twice-weekly farmer's market, which is the perfect place to find regional produce for healthy eating. There are some great restaurants, too, ranging from local specialties to more traditional cuisine.

The educational facilities in Framingham are of a very high standard. Framingham State University is also at home here-- go Rams! --and the major Ivy League Colleges are just a short drive away.

In Framingham, there are lots of community events, such as Concerts on the Green during the summer, and other festivals throughout the year. The arts and culture scene is lively, and the town has the feel of something going on most of the time. With beautiful parks and rowing on the Sudbury River, this is a beautiful town to call home.