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City Guide
Braintree Town
Getting Ready to Move to Braintree

Okay, so you've decided to take the plunge and take advantage of all that Braintree has to offer. What now? For starters, begin your preparations for the move well ahead of time. Allow yourself at least 6 weeks before your arrival date to get ready for the big move. A great way to begin is to throw out or give away anything that you do not absolutely have to take with you to your new home. Those old jeans you haven't worn in three years: donate them to Goodwill. Those old DVDs of movies that weren't even worth watching once, much less a second time: give them to a neighbor with bad taste in films (maybe someone who liked Paul Blart: Mall Cop) or toss them in the trash.

Now it's time to access your finances. Braintree is one of the pricier areas in the region, so a solid income is necessary to maintain a good standard of living. Unless your income is above the national average, you might want to consider an area that takes less of a bite out of your budget. If you have the resources, however, Braintree has a variety of terrific housing options that includes condo rentals, furnished apartments and duplexes for rent.

One thing you definitely don't want to overlook is impressing your landlord. Make sure that you have everything you need to put your best foot forward when the time comes to look for an apartment. Landlords typically like to see such things as proof of income and an excellent credit rating. Check with the credit bureaus before you start applying for an apartment to rent in Braintree. If you find any mistakes in the report, have them fixed as soon as possible.


Before you can start your campaign to find an apartment in Braintree, you need to select a neighborhood that's right for you. The various sections of Braintree vary in character from leafy suburban charm to vibrant urban activity. Here are some of your more interesting choices.

Old Boat Point: One of the most popular neighborhoods in the city, Old Boat Point borders on an estuary and is more walkable than some other areas of town. The median rent is well above for Massachusetts, but not so bad for Braintree.

South Braintree: Bordered by Route 3 on the east side, this neighborhood has a somewhat commercial character, although you can still find nice apartments and condos in the area. The average rent in this part of Braintree is perhaps the most affordable in the city, although not exactly inexpensive.

Weymouth Landing: Also known simply as The Landing , this area lies in the southern part of town and borders the neighboring city of Weymouth. With a great social atmosphere and a great selection of dining choices, you have pretty much everything you need to go out and enjoy yourself in this one location.

East Braintree: A little edgier than your typical Braintree neighborhood, this area features one of the finest parks in the city and also offers residents the chance to experience a nice social life.

Living in Braintree

Living in Braintree not only gives you access to all the city has to offer, such as South Park Plaza, one of the largest malls in the region, as well as an 18 hole golf course and a beach, but also provides you with great rail transportation to nearby Boston. Some parts of the city are quite walkable, although for others, you are going to need a car.