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Lauderhill, FL: 405 apartments available for rent

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City Guide
Finding an Apartment

To get an apartment easilyplease note the word "easily"you simply need to do an online search. This is the simplest way to tell where vacant houses are; in a matter of minutes, you can have information about every neighborhood, anywhere. Considering that gas is expensive, think of how much you'll save by not driving to every neighborhood.

How much will it cost?

Rental units range from moderately priced smaller units like studio apartments to large and expensive places that can fit a small basketball team. A very expensive house might mean living far away from the happening areas of Lauderhill, and that would result in a duller life.

When to rent

This city is filled with college kids, so the number of rental listings should increase at the end of the school year, while the rental market heats up again when the students return. Expect to scramble for houses and part with higher rents when the schools back in.

What you will need

In certain neighborhoods, most of the residential houses are taken up by students, so expect landlords to ask you what your area of study is. For regular folks with jobs, a good credit report will stand in well for university admission forms. Your employers and current landlords referral notes might also come in handy to closing the deal with your future landlord, especially if you want to beat out those students.

Lauderhill Neighborhoods

There are many fantastic places to live in Lauderhill. The only hiccup is getting a place when you need it. Certain areas are a favorite among the college crowd, so here is a breakdown to ease your home search.

W Oakland Park Blvd:Average rental costs in this large community are on the high side, even though vacancies abound at a chart-topping 33.4 percent. If you intend to move here, expect to mingle with university students a lot and fight for housing during the beginning of semesters. But most of the time, expect empty houses as neighbors and a lot of Jamaican and Haitian eateries close by. $$$

Inverrary Blvd: If you fancy living in an estate of row houses or attached houses, you will most likely love this neighborhood. However, a vacancy rate of 2.9 percent and moderate rents means you will not be alone in your search. Commuting to work from here takes about half an hour. $$$

Inverrary Blvd Area:Average rental rates here are at a premium, but still, the vacancy rate is quite low at 6.5 percent. So what's pulling in the crowds? Well, this area happens to be college-student friendly. Housing here consists mainly of medium-to-small family homes and high-rise apartments. Landlords can get high rents by cramming lots of students into these small spaces--talk about economical. $$$$$

Broward Estates:This metropolitan neighborhoods rental prices are low to medium, but the housing is medium-to-large family houses and apartment buildings. Many returning World War II GIs took advantage of the GI Bill to start families here. Commuting time averages 30 minutes; enough for one to forget the weekend. $$

NW 12th St:This is an urban neighborhood with average rental costs at the lower end of the scale. This 'hood has a greater percentage of apartment complexes than almost every other community in the country. Uninhabited apartments account for 27.4 percent of total housing. Of daily commuters, 22.6 percent ride the bus and 66.2 percent drive their cars alone with the windows rolled up. But everyone reaches work in under 30 minutes. $

NW 19th St: This is a metropolitan neighborhood that has an average rental cost hovering between moderate and high. This area mostly consists of medium-to-small single-family homes and apartment complexes. The vacancy rate is only 9.8 percent; and for some strange reason, there are more single-mother families here than in 97.4 percent of the rest of the country. Expect your work commute to be about 30 minutes and driving alone seems to be the transportation method of choice--whatever happened to carpooling?$$$

NW 26th St: This is largely an urban neighborhood with moderate rents and a landlord-stressing vacancy rate of 16.6 percent. This area is made up of apartment complexes and high-rise apartments -- mostly one and two bedrooms. Commuting is still between 15 minutes and half an hour, and most people drive to work. It's a mystery why the vacancy rate is so high...$$

NW 44th St: This neighborhood has high rents, a high vacancy rate (26.4 percent), and the highest concentration of divorcees in the United States. This 'hood is mostly made up of small- and average-sized apartment complexes, with a few town homes to break the monotony. Be prepared to part with 15 to 30 minutes of your life every weekday traveling to work in the mornings and a similar amount of time getting back home. $$$$

NW 50th St:One of the more expensive areas of Lauderhill, this neighborhood has a vacancy rate of only 9.2 percent. Most houses are either medium-sized single-family homes or apartments in complexes. This locale is ideal for college students because its very walkable and safe. Expect less excitement when the students aren't around and an average 25-minute commute to work. $$$$

NW 55th Ave: This locale is mostly dominated by studio apartment buildings and single-family homes. Rentals are in the moderately high price range, and the vacancy rate is 21.8 percent. Average commute time for residents of this area is 15 minutes to half an hour, way better than the US average, so you can sleep in and not worry about being late for work. $$$

Life in Lauderhill

The bus service in Lauderhill is decent, and a big portion of the population uses it for their day-to-day commute. Parents with school-aged children have great choices for their education; Lauderhill has 18 public schools. There are many universities and colleges in the area, so expect to see some of the typical college shenanigans in public places and, sometimes, private ones.