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Last updated August 20 at 4:48AM
Lakes at Largo
11444 137th St
Largo, FL
Updated August 16 at 3:44AM
1 Bedroom
East Bay
Largo, FL
Updated August 15 at 4:05AM
2 Bedrooms
323 3rd Ave SW
Old Northwest
Largo, FL
Updated August 17 at 11:15AM
2 Bedrooms
Largo, FL
Updated August 15 at 3:56AM
3 Bedrooms
2622 Oakbrook Dr
Largo, FL
Updated August 20 at 1:38AM
2 Bedrooms
12139 117th St N
Largo, FL
Updated August 14 at 5:40PM
2 Bedrooms
Largo, FL
Updated August 17 at 11:43AM
10536 116TH TERRACE
Orange Lake Village
Largo, FL
Updated August 15 at 3:49AM
2 Bedrooms
Largo, FL
Updated August 17 at 11:47AM
2 Bedrooms
2200 Gladys St
Largo, FL
Updated August 20 at 1:45AM
1 Bedroom
3928 15th Avenue SE
Largo, FL
Updated August 17 at 11:00AM
3 Bedrooms
Largo, FL
Updated August 20 at 4:48AM
3 Bedrooms
1632 Jefferson Ave
Largo, FL
Updated August 17 at 11:11AM
1 Bedroom
11201 122ND AVENUE N
Largo, FL
Updated August 18 at 2:00PM
2 Bedrooms
East Bay
Largo, FL
Updated August 15 at 3:58AM
3 Bedrooms
Largo, FL
Updated August 15 at 3:55AM
2 Bedrooms
Ulmerton Rd
Largo, FL
Updated August 19 at 7:28AM
1 Bedroom
102nd Ave
Largo, FL
Updated August 17 at 10:40AM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Livin’ large in Largo, Florida

Welcome to Largo – your typical, obnoxiously sunny, suburban Florida community. This pleasant seaside town of 75,000 in the greater Tampa area isn't big on flashy pizzazz and hopping nightlife, mostly because people here are so much cooler than that. Largo is all about relaxing, playing golf, fishing, sailing or throwing back some fine Irish brews after a long day at work (and by ‘work’, we mean going to the beach). Setting up shop here will require more than a swimsuit and a dream, though, so sit back, top off your beer, and enjoy this guide to tracking down the perfect beach house, shack or mansion in Largo, Florida.

Luck o’ the Irish?

Downtown sits on Largo's northern border like a crown atop the city. It‘s full of an astounding number of Irish pubs – how much Guinness can one community consume, I ask you – sports bars, country clubs, and laid back lounges. Eagle Lake Park is located here and features a hiking trail winding around freshwater lakes and ponds, a dog park, a playground, and plenty of trees, birds, and other friends of nature concerned mostly with frolicking. The west end of downtown is mostly mobile homes and tiny houses, and the east end of downtown has more upscale apartment complexes and nicer rental homes.

Dance your face off in Ulmerton

The expansive area southeast of downtown is known as Ulmerton. This neighborhood is full of meandering creeks, spring fed lakes and ponds, as well as plenty of other things to distract you from work. There are movie theaters, ethnic eats, bakeries, pizza places, bowling alleys, an eclectic array of cafes, a gratuitous number of sports bars, and yet more Irish pubs. The Watering Trough, one of Largo’s few nightclubs, is located here for all your glow stick dance party needs, as well as numerous dance studios for everything from the fitness to ballroom varieties.

Oddly lacking a Baskin Robbins…

The Baskin neighborhood is directly southwest of downtown, sharing its northern border and all of its attractions with the downtown neighborhood. Business of the quaint and quirky kind is run here, with popular places like Lanore's Nifty 50's Cafe serving a population of mobile home dwellers who enjoy riding their beach cruisers around the neighborhood. Golfers can rejoice in the many golf clubs in the area (it is Florida, after all).

Not your average mobile home park

Farther southwest, the neighborhood of Ridgecrest has a high number of smaller rental houses and apartments, as well as mobile home parks. Before you get all judgmental, however, it must be said that Largo has a number of extremely nice, suburban-feeling mobile home parks. These are great, affordable options for people who don't want to share walls in apartments, and don't want to pay thousands of dollars a month for a house. And, did I mention that these mobile home parks are extremely nice? Maybe not so great during hurricane season, though. Ridgecrest Park is also located here, which features a beautiful lake and lots of outdoor flora and fauna, so you’ll have that going for you, at least.

Bird Watcher’s Delight!

South of Ridgecrest, Walsingham meanders in and out of the city limits along Walsingham Road. It’s a vast area that stretches from Lake Seminole all the way to the beach, so freshwater and saltwater lovers will be equally overjoyed! There’s also plenty of nightlife with a cluster of bars, pizzerias, diners, and lounges along Ulmerton Road towards the waterfront. On the west end of Walsingham, you’ll find mostly older and retired professionals living in nice rental houses, some of which come with waterfront and beach views. The east end of Walsingham gets to enjoy the fresh waters of the Walsingham Reservoir and Lake Seminole, along with their enormous parks and some ridiculously amazing fishing and bird watching, which you might be into if you’re over 65 or maybe have an affinity for Double Crested Cormorants. Housing on the east end is more affordable, with plenty of apartments and rental homes, as well as a couple of those sexy mobile home parks. Anona is another great neighborhood nearby with approximately the same amenities.

Shrimp Cocktail Hour

Located right by the water, this neighborhood of row homes, mobile homes, and waterfront mansions creates a very unique mix of people. From laborers to corporate executives, everyone here enjoys the peaceful, and walkable area on the west end of town. There are a few great eateries, especially for seafood lovers, and you can walk to the beach from just about anywhere in the neighborhood.

Love your Earth. Or else.

Frustratingly, public transportation is highly inconvenient in Largo as it is served primarily by regional buses with routes that are few and far-between. If riding the bus is a necessity, research homes that are located along convenient routes of HART (Hillsborough Area Regional Transit) or Manatee County Transit. Aside from driving your own vehicle, two other highly popular options are carpooling and bicycling, which hate the Earth less than driving. Don’t be an Earth-hater.

Humidity makes my hair frizz.

Beach weather is hot and humid most of the year, with a few cold and humid months. This humidity makes the hot days hotter and the cold days colder, and keeping your home the right temperature is going to be a huge drain on the electricity. Expect to pay around $200 a month for small and medium-sized homes, and upwards of $300 a month for larger homes. Also consider just living with your frizzy hair.

Early Bird dinners abound.

Due to the wonderful beaches, numerous golf courses, and easy going nature of Largo, many retirees choose to live here, mainly along the west end of town where homes are just a short walk away from the beach. So, if you are looking to retire here, be sure to check out the stunning nautical houses along the waterfront, as well as the peaceful retirement communities of mobile homes, condos, and villas just a minute from the beach.

When Not to Move to Largo

All in all, Largo is a great spot for numerous purposes. It is not a great spot for making a name for yourself and your garage rock band, it’s bad for aspiring performance artists, and it’s downright abysmal for those with water phobias. Otherwise, though, Largo’s got you covered on nightlife, scenery, relaxation and plenty of humble abodes. So get out there and find your new beach paradise! Good luck, and happy sailing!

-By Katy Comal

Rent Report

August 2017 Largo Rent Report

Welcome to the August 2017 Largo Rent Report. Largo rents increased over the past month. In this report, we'll evaluate trends in the Largo rental market, including comparisons to cities throughout the state and nation.

Largo rents increased slightly over the past month

Largo rents have increased 0.2% over the past month, and are up significantly by 4.6% in comparison to the same time last year. Currently, median rents in Largo stand at $890 for a one-bedroom apartment and $1,100 for a two-bedroom. Largo's year-over-year rent growth leads the state average of 3.3%, as well as the national average of 2.9%.

Rents rising across cities in Florida

Throughout the past year, rent increases have been occurring not just in the city of Largo, but across the entire state. Of the largest 10 cities that we have data for in Florida, 9 of them have seen prices rise. Florida as a whole has logged a 3.3% year-over-year growth. Here's a look at how rents compare across some of the largest cities in the state.

  • Looking throughout the rest of the state, Pembroke Pines is the most expensive of all Florida's major cities outside the Tampa metro, with a median two-bedroom rent of $2,390; of the 10 largest cities in the state that we have data for, Miami, where a two-bedroom goes for $1,350, is the only major city to see rents fall year-over-year (-0.8%).
  • Orlando, Gainesville, and Jacksonville have all experienced year-over-year growth above the state average (5.6%, 5.4%, and 4.3%, respectively).

Largo rents more affordable than many large cities nationwide

As rents have increased in Largo, a few large cities nationwide have seen rents grow more modestly, or in some cases, even decline. Largo is still more affordable than most large cities across the country.

  • Largo's median two-bedroom rent of $1,100 is below the national average of $1,160. Nationwide, rents have grown by 2.9% over the past year.
  • While Largo's rents rose over the past year, the city of Houston saw a decrease of 2.6%.
  • Renters will find more reasonable prices in Largo than most large cities. Comparably, Los Angeles has a median 2BR rent of $1,730, which is more than one-and-a-half times the price in Largo.

For more information check out our national report. You can also access our full data for cities and counties across the U.S. at this link.
City Median 1BR price Median 2BR price M/M price change Y/Y price change
Tampa $970 $1,210 0.8% 4.5%
St. Petersburg $920 $1,140 0.5% 4.0%
Clearwater $920 $1,140 0.3% 3.1%
Brandon $1,000 $1,240 0.6% 3.7%
Largo $890 $1,100 0.2% 4.6%
Riverview $1,030 $1,280 0.1% 1.5%
Palm Harbor $1,050 $1,310 -0.9% 3.1%
New Port Richey $800 $1,000 0.9% 7.8%

Methodology - Recent Updates:

Data from private listing sites, including our own, tends to skew toward luxury apartments, which introduces sample bias when estimates are calculated directly from these listings. To address these limitations, we’ve recently made major updates to our methodology, which we believe have greatly improved the accuracy and reliability of our estimates.

Read more about our new methodology below, or see a more detailed post here.


Apartment List is committed to making our rent estimates the best and most accurate available. To do this, we start with reliable median rent statistics from the Census Bureau, then extrapolate them forward to the current month using a growth rate calculated from our listing data. In doing so, we use a same-unit analysis similar to Case-Shiller’s approach, comparing only units that are available across both time periods to provide an accurate picture of rent growth in cities across the country.

Our approach corrects for the sample bias inherent in other private sources, producing results that are much closer to statistics published by the Census Bureau and HUD. Our methodology also allows us to construct a picture of rent growth over an extended period of time, with estimates that are updated each month.

Read more about our methodology here.

About Rent Reports:

Apartment List publishes monthly reports on rental trends for hundreds of cities across the U.S. We intend these reports to be a source of reliable information that help renters and policymakers make sound decisions, and we invest significant time and effort in gathering and analyzing rent data. Our work is covered regularly by journalists across the country.

We are continuously working to improve our methodology and data, with the goal of providing renters with the information that they need to make the best decisions.