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Boynton Beach, FL: 280 apartments available for rent

Last updated May 27 at 7:31AM
728 Buttonwood Ln
Boynton Beach
Boynton Beach, FL
Updated May 26 at 10:24AM
2 Bedrooms
8891 Equus Circle
Boynton Beach
Boynton Beach, FL
Updated May 18 at 3:32PM
4 Bedrooms
3020 Murano Bay Drive
Boynton Beach
Boynton Beach, FL
Updated May 21 at 11:25PM
3 Bedrooms
3 Renaissance Way
Renaissance Commons
Boynton Beach, FL
Updated May 27 at 6:49AM
2 Bedrooms
1660 Renaissance Commons Boulevard N
Renaissance Commons
Boynton Beach, FL
Updated May 12 at 2:40PM
2 Bedrooms
8312 Waterline Drive
Boynton Beach, FL
Updated April 10 at 2:47PM
3 Bedrooms
1316 Renaissance Way
Renaissance Commons
Boynton Beach, FL
Updated May 5 at 6:26AM
1 Bedroom
6818 Fiji Circle
Valencia Isles
Boynton Beach, FL
Updated May 13 at 5:29AM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Boynton Beach
Finding an Apartment in Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach will not force you to dig deep into your piggy bank. You may even have a few pennies left when all is said and done, but with the vacancy rate around 7 percent, finding an apartment can be a challenge. However, with careful planning and research, you will find a great place to live faster than Dorothy made it back home from Oz!

How Much Will It Cost?

Boynton Beach will not suck the life out of your bank account. It is not truly inexpensive; you get what you pay for, right? However, compared to many nearby communities, such as West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, it falls in as average or comparable in cost. The rental market is very flexible, with lots of apartment complexes as well as privately owned options.

The Best Time to Rent

There is not really a best time to rent during the year. You'll always find a lot going on in the city, and that includes diversity. There are lots of singletons, retirees, and college students, so picking a specific time would be pretty darn difficult. With that said, you should always be on the lookout for specials and rent incentives. Since Boynton Beach is such a desirable area for so many groups of people, new apartment homes and complexes just seem to spring up on a regular basis. New means great specials and discounts.

What You Will Need

Organization is the key to success when you are looking for a new home. Spend a few bucks on a folder or a trapper keeper (for those of us who prefer to kick it old school) to keep your personal paperwork organized and at the ready. Most potential renters will need proof of income, such as recent paystubs, as well as previous rental history information and a photo ID. Keeping a photocopy of your driver’s license is a good idea as well. If Fluffy or Sparky is your best pal, you may have to make a case for him or her. Some landlords, especially in a new building, may have to be convinced that your pet will not destroy their property. Just because you love Fluffy doesnt mean they will! Keeping up-to-date vet records may help you convince them that Fluffy will not misbehave as a co-renter. Competition is fierce for great apartments, but this preparation can provide an extra edge.

The Best Neighborhoods in Boynton Beach

A lot of up-and-coming professionals commute to work. Commuters want to live in a place where comfort is key and they dont have to leave their neighborhoods to enjoy the good life. Regardless of your specific needs and preferences, Boynton Beach is full of great neighborhoods:

Route 441: One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Boynton Beach, Route 441 is on the west side of the city. It is considered one of the best neighborhoods for families in the state of Florida. If you can afford to live in a neighborhood thatfalls into the top 2 percent for wealthy residents in America, this would be it.

West Boynton Beach Boulevard and Hagen Ranch Road:This neighborhood is full of charm, with its abundance of row houses and attached homes. You dont necessarily have to break the piggy bank to live in this neighborhood, but it's not what anyone would call bargain-basement living.

El Clair Ranch Road and 28thStreet:This is a great neighborhood for those who want to walk to work, and it's also popular with young professionals who work from home. There are lots of high-rise apartments and things to do in this city center neighborhood. Its also great for those who want to live in a community with a lively nightlife.

Life in Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach is known as a small, thriving city surrounded by larger, crowded cities. Public transportation is readily available, but most people outside the city center choose to use personal automobiles. It is close to the train line if you are looking to travel up the coast without flying. However, the nearby beaches are the best thing about living in the city. All you have to do is drive a few miles to find a beach. If you are not convinced that you are ready to move to Boynton Beach yet, here are some more great reasons to pack up and drive over:

The city is in the center of everything. This makes it possible to travel and see exciting things without driving more than an hour in either direction. For those of you who are sun worshipers, the beach is just a few miles away.

There is a great nightlife in the city. There is no lack of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and things to do. Whether you are looking for places to go with your family or places to celebrate with your friends, Boynton Beach offers plenty of diversity.

There is no reason not to make the move to Boynton Beach. It is full of sunshine and great places to have good times. It also boasts a low cost of living and has a lively atmosphere perfect for family digs or a singleton's paradise.