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City Guide
Lake Forest
Moving to Lake Forest

Given the low real estate vacancy rates in some neighborhoods, a realtor might come in handy if you want to move to Lake Forest. Some of them can foresee distressed landlords from a mile away. But the best place to start would be online listings because it is free and quite informative.

Real estate rental costs in Lake Forest are among the highest in the nation; although certain cities beat it to the top of the renting order. Expect to pay way more than than the national average for a small condo, studio apartment or for a land hogging, residence.

This neighborhood is season-proof. So dont expect to get landlords running to you during winter. The best advice would be to rent when the time comes for you to move. But it's always good to look ahead of time to ensure you have enough time to scout out as many places as possible before making the life-changing decision. Your relocation could be work related or even love related. Whatever the reason it is, it'll be a good excuse to move to Lake Forest.

It's always been said that nothing last like first impressions when it comes to meeting people for the first time. And it isn't different when it comes to meeting landlords -- they are people too! So if you want to rent a house, arm yourself with anything that will speak in your favor. For example, a good credit report will show a landlord that you're fiscally responsible. So will your latest paycheck, employer’s letter, etc. Also try to get as much details about the property you seek to rent from your landlord. For example, is there a pet policy that will force you to send Clifford or Garfield away? A referral letter from you current landlord will also help you in case you are competing for the same house with another annoying potential renter.

Lake Forest Neighborhoods

One’s options are numerous when it comes to renting a place in Lake Forest. You can find a townhouse, luxury condo, and even a retirement home if you want. Below are some of the main neighborhoods in this city.

Foothill Ranch: This suburban neighborhood is loved by executives, so expect to part with a good chunk of change each month. The housing style here is majorly medium-sized family homes. The real estate vacancy rate here stands at 6.9% at the moment, so there is hope as long as you have the cash. This place is also commuter-friendly with the average commute to work taking about 30 nonredeemable minutes.

El Toro Rd Area: The average home in this metropolitan neighborhood is ideal for families. Home vacancy rate stands at 6.3%, so don’t worry about finding a place. It’s the rent that should concern you. However, due to its popularity amongst university students, expect the vacancy rate to fluctuate along with the school calendar. The typical commuting time in this neighborhood for the working class is about half an hour on the higher side.

Jeronimo Rd Area: Average rental rates in Jeronimo Rd and nearby Lake Forest Drive presently tops the charts here. If you have to stay at par with the Jones', no matter what, then this is it. With this kind of rent expect palatial homes and a vacancy rate that is wait for it 0.0%. Commuting takes 30 minutes to work and most people do it alone in their cars.

Town Hall: This is another locale that is not soft on the pocket. But with a vacancy rate of 0.0%, perhaps youre better off checking back in two months' time--or not at all if the price isn't right. Commuting to work mostly done alone driving takes about half an hour. So arriving to work late requires a pretty good excuse.

El Toro R/Portola Pky: Average rental costs in this urban enclave are relatively pocket-friendly. The vacancy rate at a friendly 8.7% makes this neighborhood quite tempting to those on a tighter budget. Expect to bump into mostly small to medium sized apartment complexes. Commuters here often invest around 30 minutes driving to work.

Glenn Ranch Rd: This area is home to mostly medium-sized single family homes. With the affordable rents here, you will settle in just fine.

Life in Lake Forest

Although Lake Forest has the appeal of a small neighborhood community, it offers its residents the convenience of living in a city. The environment is somewhat Mediterranean, and with its well-planned communities, many residents are able to live quiet a comfortable life here.

Lake Forest has very good public educational facilities. But the luckiest residents are people that love nature. There are twenty-seven parks and outdoor rec areas, so if you feeling playing sports or exercising, you'll definitely be able to find the right place to do it -- whether you love cycling, golf, hiking, boating or even swimming. One unique attraction in Lake Forest is Whiting Ranch Park, which provides acres of outdoor activities. The yearly celebration at Heritage Hill Historical Park is certainly an added draw for lots of people in the region.

The poolside cabana, outdoor tennis courts, and sand volleyball courts are just a few reasons residents leave great reviews of Siena Terrace Apartments in Lake Forest. They also rave about the leasing office staff and super responsive maintenance crew!