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220 apartments for rent near Westminster, CA

Last updated May 3 at 10:33AM
15662 Butterfield Street
Updated April 24 at 6:50PM
4 Bed
Cobblestone Ln
Updated May 2 at 5:33PM
4 Bed
Wynant Dr
Updated May 2 at 11:47AM
5 Bed
Results within 1 miles of Westminster, CA
Avalon Huntington Beach
7400 Center Ave
Updated May 3 at 3:23AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
The Residences at Bella Terra
7521 Edinger Ave
Updated May 2 at 11:18PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Crystal Springs
10244 Warner Ave
Updated May 2 at 4:58PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Corte Bella
9580 El Rey Ave
Updated May 2 at 4:54PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Pacific Shores
7701 Warner Ave
Updated May 2 at 11:18PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
7562 Volga Drive
Huntington Beach
Updated April 20 at 3:25AM
2 Bed
17101 Ash Lane
Oak View
Updated April 27 at 12:22PM
3 Bed
16285 Sycamore St.
Fountain Valley
Updated May 1 at 11:04AM
4 Bed
7652 ANITA Lane
Huntington Beach
Updated April 29 at 3:45AM
3 Bed
16931 Gothard Street
Updated April 29 at 7:55PM
2 Bed
17431 Marken Lane
Updated April 10 at 3:23AM
4 Bed
13289 Earle Drive
Garden Grove
Updated April 8 at 11:21AM
4 Bed
4432 Dogwood Avenue
Seal Beach
Updated April 11 at 12:22PM
3 Bed
Updated May 3 at 10:33AM
4 Bed
6598 Reefton Avenue
Updated April 24 at 6:51PM
4 Bed
15811 Carrie Ln
Huntington Beach
Updated May 3 at 9:49AM
3 Bed
7622 Amazon Dr
Huntington Beach
Updated May 2 at 5:53PM
2 Bed
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City Guide
Before You Move

Before you move, you need a plan in place! The way to make a move easiest on yourself, your family, and your friends is to be as prepared and as flexible as you can. That is not to say that you will have to give up your needs, wants, and desires, but rather, make a list of exactly that. Your needs first, next come the wants, followed by the desires for what sort of place you are looking for. Do you want to rent a home? Do you want a rent-to-own home? Is a condominium more your style, with no yard to keep up with and a close-knit community? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself -- and your other personalities -- or discuss with your partner or roommate. Give yourself a few weeks to look, but first enlist the help of a local agent or realtor. This saves you time and headaches in the long run. When you are going to begin "actively" looking, bring your credentials and security deposits with you to speed up the process and possibly hold a unit if you find just the right one! Following a few simple guidelines like this will make the entire process more pleasant and more precise for everyone involved. Good luck hunting!

Westminster's Neighborhoods

Bolsa Ave / Beach Blvd: This urban neighborhood sits just east of the San Diego Fwy and is surrounded by parks for locals to enjoy. This is a very walkable neighborhood as is evidenced by all of the neighbors you see out and about from morning until night! It is a more expensive area of Westminster with an incredibly diverse population. Expect to see all ages and ethnicities represented in this well-educated neighborhood populated with predominantly professional executives, managers, and upwardly mobile individuals. $$$$

Bolsa Ave / Brookhurst St: Brookhurst Street bisects this area with Newcastle Park on the west and Bowling Green Park on the east side of the neighborhood. It is on the same level as the Bolsa Avenue / Beach Blvd district, in that it is not inexpensive to live here. That is not to say it will break the bank, but cheap isn't the correct word to throw around in this vicinity. Not out loud, at least. The vacancy rate is at a low 1.3%, and the schools are wonderful, making this neighborhood a keeper if you can find a place to call your own. $$$

Monte Dr / Cabo Dr: Predominantly made up of medium- to large-sized homes (think two to five bedrooms), this is a very desirable area of Westminster to live in. It is centrally located, the vacancy rates are low and there are a good mix of owners and renters in the area. The commutes are short, no longer than 30 minutes, and the rent is very affordable when compared to other comparable areas of the city. One of the most attractive things about this neighborhood is the nearby Fountain Valley Recreation Centre and Sports Park for all of you ourdoorsy, sporty types! $$$

Westminster Blvd / Chico Rd: Triangled between Bolsa Chica Rd, the San Diego Fwy, and Westminster Village Park, this very affluent, very urban neighborhood is a stunner. This prosperous section of Westminster is mainly populated by single family homes, some row houses and attached homes and very few high rises. The cost of rent in this neighborhood is steep -- think in the price bracket of Yikes! So if you aren't earning a very handsome professional wage, you might want to continue your search in another area of this Southern California city. This is a highly educated, mostly sophisticated, hip and trendy area of town that the locals enjoy strolling through.$$$$$

Springdale St / Edinger Ave: Another posh area of Westminster is the Springdale / Edinger Ave neighborhood. This section of town is on the western side of the city, a few short miles to Sunset Beach or the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge. With steep rents and a vacancy rate of zero, it isn't likely that you will find something in this area of Westminster without the help of a savvy realtor or agent who knows what is available the moment it is put on the market! The fact that is is so close to the wildlife refuge makes it a peaceful haven for those seeking to escape the hectic pace of life in Southern California. It's where the wild things are!$$$$

Magnolia St / Heil Ave: In southern Westminster, straddling the San Diego Fwy sits the Magnolia / Heil Ave neighborhood. This is a densely urban neighborhood with mostly small homes (think one to three bedrooms), lots of apartment complexes, and high-rises, and relatively high rent. The area is very walkable, and if you choose to use your car, the commute is really no big deal -- usually 15 minutes at most. That's like a jog compared to the rest of SoCal driving. Many of the locals work in the technology sector, manufacturing or sales, or are managerial executives. This popular neighborhood is easily walkable and enjoyed by a very diverse group of locals who call it home! $$$

City Center: Tucked between Garden Grove Fwy and Westminster Blvd, this area is populated mostly by renters as opposed to having a balanced mix of owners and renters. The vacancy rate is relatively low at 4.2% and the average rent is slightly on the high side of moderate. The benefits of living in the center of the city is easy access to work, shopping, nightlife, art galleries, and amazing restaurants. All of this is within walking distance and is absolutely worth forking over a little more in rent each month for the ease of living this area affords. $$$

Edinger Ave / Parliament Ave: This neighborhood is a true melting pot of locals. Ethnically diverse, with a population that ranges in age from newborns to the elderly, this area is an honest display of how people from varied backgrounds and belief systems can live, thrive, and grow together as a community. Kumbaya is probably sung here nightly.$$$$

Smeltzer: Contemporary, stylish, popular, and, yes, even swanky is a great way to describe this urban neighborhood in the southern end of Westminster. The rent is geared toward the affluent, the wealthy, the fiscally blessed, shall we say? Okay, it's expensive -- you can't deny that. The location is fantastic, it's easily walkable and if you drive, the commute is negligible at best. What more could you ask? $$$$

Midway City: Located about midway through the city as the name of the neighborhood suggests, this area boasts Westminster Memorial Park as well as an excellent elementary school, Hayden Elementary, if you have school-age children. The average rent is pleasantly priced and the vacancy rate is low at 3.2%, which indicated that those who move here choose to stay. When and if they move, their place is scooped up by the next person or family of four waiting in line! $$$

Living in Westminster

If you are looking for interesting things to do in your hometown, should you decide to move to Westminster. Little Saigon is a cultural gem, brimming with shops and restaurants guaranteed to have you making a regular trip to this area. If the beaches are more your style, this city is surrounded by them. dozens of beaches, are all within a short car trip or accessible by bus, bike, or motorcycle. No matter what sort of fun you are after, the city of Westminster has something for everyone. From toddlers to retirees, this Southern California city is a popular location because of the city's amenities as well as the incredible climate. So what are you waiting for? Get. Here. Now.