116 Apartments for rent in Valinda, CA

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Last updated December 13 at 8:17pm UTC
Results within 1 miles of Valinda, CA
1513 Tahoe Lane
West Covina
West Covina, CA
Updated December 3 at 10:01am UTC
5 Bedrooms
912 Sandpiper Street
West Covina
West Covina, CA
Updated December 12 at 11:37am UTC
3 Bedrooms
2802 Majestic Street
West Covina
West Covina, CA
Updated December 13 at 6:02pm UTC
5 Bedrooms
824 S Susanna Avenue
West Covina
West Covina, CA
Updated December 8 at 10:14am UTC
3 Bedrooms
1014 E Herring Avenue
West Covina
West Covina, CA
Updated December 9 at 9:53am UTC
4 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Valinda, CA
1400 Las Lomas Drive
La Habra City
Brea, CA
Updated November 21 at 10:13am UTC
4 Bedrooms
2545 Whitehead Lane
Hacienda La Puente
Hacienda Heights, CA
Updated December 7 at 10:10am UTC
6 Bedrooms
S Bromley Ave
West Covina, CA
Updated December 10 at 8:25am UTC
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Valinda

Before you can cruise around Valinda with the windows and top down, you must get yourself a pad. Don't worry. You can turn the music back up after a while. Fortunately, Valinda does not present the problems that LA does. There is a fair share of property rentals, and the market is simply easier to navigate. However, there are some things you need to understand first before you come tumbling into town.

Hail to Houses!

The hi rise apartments you see in LA don't exist here at all. You'll have the most success searching for rental houses in Valinda. Roughly 96 percent of the homes are detached, one-unit houses. Only 2 percent of the housing units are apartments and condos. While finding an apartment to rent is still manageable, it will be a lot easier to locate a house that suits your needs. Valinda features a variety of houses, from one-bedroom pads to six-bedroom homes. It's highly recommended to follow the market and search for a house -- you will undoubtedly stumble upon something that suits your needs. The good news is that houses usually provide more space, and you won't hear your neighbors singing in the shower. Yes, that happens in many complexes.

Buying vs. Renting

Just over a fifth of the city's homes are being rented, which is lower than California's average and significantly lower than LA's average. Nearly 80 percent of the homes are owner-occupied. If you plan to stay a long time, buying in Valinda is the better option because the market is quite healthy. If nothing is set in stone or if you simply don't have a desire to own, then renting gives you the flexibility you need. While the market isn't built for renters here, you can still land a pad. If you plan to stroll along Valinda Avenue in 20 years, singing about wintertime in the San Gabriel Valley, then maybe you should consider buying. If you don't know where you'll be a year from now, then you should rent, without a doubt.

Renting Time Frame

If you want a house to rent in Valinda, the key is to allot yourself enough time and to look during the proper time. While most months have a decent amount of available rentals, early spring is when you should encounter the most choices. During that time, you will typically require only 10 to 15 days to find a place. During other times, give yourself around 15 to 20 days. If time is tight for you and you need a place within a week, think about hiring a Realtor to quicken the process, especially if you have never been to Valinda before.

Tips for Renters

The Valinda area was mostly built after World War II, so most houses (over 70 percent) were constructed before 1960. Make sure appliances have been updated and that plumbing runs smoothly. See whether windows close properly and whether the electrical wiring is safe. Don't hesitate to look for things like mold and lead. Also, inquire with the landlord about whether the house is earthquake-ready. Earthquakes happen occasionally in this region. If the home is older, getting disaster insurance can help protect you from financial loss if your rental is damaged.

Completing the Lease Contract

Before you can unpack your bags and stroll about your new neighborhood, put one month's rent and the deposit into the hand of your landlord. The owner won't refuse it, that's for sure. Additionally, landlords may want to see your rental history and how you plan to pay for rent. Expect the owner to run a credit check as well.

Valinda Neighborhoods

Valinda might only encompass just over two-square miles of space, but it can be split into three distinct sections. While most of the city is purely residential, each neighborhood has some unique aspects. Also, if you choose to live in the north part of town, you will be close to West Covina; if you live in the south part, you will be close to La Puente. Your choice of neighborhood could also make the difference between looking out the window at a park or at a row of cars. What scenery do you prefer?

Rimgrove: Rimgrove Drive Park, Babe Zaharias Golf Course and Woodside Village Shopping Center highlight this south side neighborhood. There are lots of houses too.

Valinda Avenue/East Amar Road: Watch cars roll down Valinda Avenue, catch a bus on East Amar Road and kick back at the humble abodes in this neighborhood. This is a great area if you plan to travel to the surrounding areas often.

City Center: In the north side of town, City Center is situated around Maplegrove Street. The area features South Hills Shopping Center, numerous fast food restaurants and bus lines.

Living in Valinda

Valinda is all about rolling down the boulevard with the windows down, singing along to that magical tune, laughing with friends and living worry-free. Okay, maybe it's not always so carefree, but that's the vibe the city strives to give. Cruising in a car is just part of that. Judging by the amount of vehicles in town, it's easy to see that locals prefer driving. Yet a well-structured bus system makes getting around easy. Biking and going on foot are also common. With LA just a cannonball's launch away, folks like to get out and explore the greater area. On any day, you'll hear residents talking about making a trip to Hollywood, Venice Beach or the Staples Center. Yet, a lot of times, locals like to just chill around Valinda and hit up spots like 399 Pizza Company, Woodgrove Park and La Puente Bakery. When you truly want to live it up Valinda-style, though, wax that car so it's all shiny, take it out, turn up the radio and just cruise.