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114 apartments for rent near Laguna Hills, CA

Last updated December 4 at 12:56AM
Reata Oakbrook Village
24391 Avenida de la Carlota
Updated December 3 at 11:12AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Villa Solana
26033 Moulton Pkwy
Updated December 3 at 11:03PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
10 Briar Creek Lane
Laguna Hills
Updated December 2 at 11:19AM
3 Bed
25311 Mustang Drive
Laguna Hills
Updated November 23 at 12:24PM
5 Bed
25482 Oak Leaf Road
Laguna Hills
Updated December 2 at 11:56AM
3 Bed
25081 Anvil Circle
Laguna Hills
Updated December 3 at 4:46AM
6 Bed
26551 Saddlehorn Lane
Laguna Hills
Updated December 2 at 11:55AM
7 Bed
25281 De Salle Street
Laguna Hills
Updated December 4 at 12:56AM
3 Bed
22135 Caminito Vino
Laguna Hills
Updated December 2 at 11:57AM
2 Bed
23 Via Nova
Laguna Hills
Updated December 1 at 12:52PM
3 Bed
Results within 1 miles of Laguna Hills, CA
Apex Laguna Niguel
27960 Cabot Rd
Updated December 3 at 3:15PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Avalon Baker Ranch
23647 El Toro Rd
Updated October 18 at 9:38PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
Camden Crown Valley
26891 La Alameda
Updated December 3 at 10:39PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
eaves Lake Forest
22700 Lake Forest Dr
Updated December 3 at 10:38PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
668 Via Mendoza
Laguna Woods
Updated November 17 at 1:04PM
2 Bed
28621 Silverton Drive
Rolling Hills
Updated December 4 at 12:55AM
4 Bed
24245 Tahoe Court
Laguna Niguel
Updated November 2 at 4:00AM
3 Bed
26036 Camino Adelanto
Mission Viejo
Updated November 23 at 12:27PM
3 Bed
26701 El Mar Drive
Mission Viejo
Updated December 3 at 12:47PM
3 Bed
Laguna Woods
Updated November 1 at 5:07AM
1 Bed
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City Guide
Laguna Hills
Finding a Home in the Hills

There are heaps of rental properties in Laguna Hills, from single-family homes to studios, and pretty much every one is luxurious, with walk-in closets and generous-sized outdoor spaces. Haven't you always wanted a one-bedroom apartment with a fireplace? Tha’ts all part of the thrill of living in this hard-to-resist area: even renters expect the best. The studios cost less than the two-bedroom townhomes here, but from one end of the city’s borders to the other, prices don’t vary drastically. You’ll find the best deals in two- or three-bedroom options since roommates share the cost.

Laguna Hills 'Hoods

There are metric tons of rentals, from full-on properties with backyards and vistas to studio apartments with sizable balconies and gated entrances. Then there's also a plentiful selection of single-family homes for sale. The world is your oyster! Another bonus: deposits for apartments are very reasonable, so you can put that extra cash aside to buy yourself some real oysters. There arent really specific neighborhoods in Laguna Hills; this is a small town, after all. But there are distinct areas, each geared towards the personalities that may prefer it, from outdoorsy and beach-hungry types to family-oriented shoppers. Here's a rundown, with relative rental cost ratings:

South Laguna Hills: Close to both the 5 and the 73, this is where the movers and shakers reside. It’s close to plenty of shopping and theater action and takes only 10 minutes to get to the beach. So, it has everything.

North Laguna Hills:It has more shopping and apartment buildings. Close to a hospital, mall, and the chain-restaurant wonderland that is El Toro Road, this location is hipper with younger folks and students who commute to Saddleback College.

Moulton Parkway: Featuring lots of green spaces, hiking trails, and homes, this is a great place for the adventurous set hoping for sunny days spent on dirt paths. Those aren’t actually located within Laguna Hills, but they’re near enough. Laguna Hills High School and the 73 are notable landmarks in this area.

Cabot Road: Opposite Moulton Parkway and butted up against the 5, this area of Laguna Hills has the closest proximity to Mission Viejo High School and what little industrial center LH has. There aren't too many complexes here, but planned communities offer plenty of rental houses that may offer a break on rent due to the dual eyesores of the freeway and warehouses.

Quiet But Not Boring

Life is peaceful and enviable in Laguna Hills, and people love to take advantage of the town's many offerings. Going out to dinner is a nightly habit. Why cook when there are so many great local eateries? Movies are commonplace too, with both independent cinemas and blockbusters on the menu. Endearing historical sites and a few artsy monuments suggest residents desire an interesting and beautiful city that cherishes more than superficial pursuits. And a city that demands luxury for every inhabitant, from the studio dweller to the McMansion owner, certainly has at least a few priorities in the right place.

Many beach cities suffer from high traffic, loud visitors, and exhausting lifestyles, but Laguna Hills is a quiet little niche town that enjoys a more sheltered experience. There’s still plenty to do, but fewer people are getting wasted in bars on a Wednesday night and fighting their bros on the beach at two in the morning. With an array of options like movies, museums, and yoga studios, LH is definitely primed for the nuclear unit. Fortunately for the teens and young adults, those raucous areas are close by, so surfers, students, and neer do wells still have plenty of indulgent options.

Life in Laguna, whichever city you favor, means lots of driving. Fortunately, most areas are close to either the 5-Freeway or the 73 Toll Road. Those hoping to cut costs should shy away from the tolls. It’s an amazing solution in traffic, but at four or more dollars per use, the costs of that advantage add up quickly. Keep in mind, gas prices here are higher than most other places in the nation and higher than many places in the state. Though residing here is expensive (the cost of living hovers around 75 percent higher than the country average), you do get an awful lot for your money, from the upscale amenities in every apartment complex to the bodacious babes wandering the neighborhoods (beautiful people love beautiful places). There are always trade-offs, but you know a place with these views and climate isn't going to be inexpensive.

Renters tout the community environment in their reviews of Villa Solana Apartments — the complex is close to Costco, multiple schools, and shopping, with walking and biking paths behind the building.