128 Apartments for rent in Bellflower, CA

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Last updated November 25 at 8:53am UTC
Results within 1 miles of Bellflower, CA
11222 166th St
Cerritos, CA
Updated November 22 at 12:10pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
5819 Hardwick St.
Lakewood Park
Lakewood, CA
Updated November 5 at 9:43am UTC
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Bellflower, CA
3888 Brayton Ave
Bixby Knolls
Long Beach, CA
Updated November 23 at 12:25pm UTC
2 Bedrooms
16813 Coral Reef Circle
Cerritos, CA
Updated November 22 at 9:43am UTC
3 Bedrooms
5533 Oliva
Lakewood Mutual
Lakewood, CA
Updated November 16 at 12:23pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
Downey, CA
Updated November 24 at 11:27am UTC
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Bellflower

If you’re moving from anywhere within Los Angeles County, then the cost of renting a moving truck or hiring some help is going to be negligible. Budget a couple hundred dollars for packing supplies, gas, and moving assistants. You’re looking at a pretty painless move over the course of a weekend, even if you hit the wrong side of traffic.

It gets a little trickier when your move takes you from one of California’s neighboring states (or farther!). Relocating from Utah, Nevada, or Arizona will cost you over a grand to rent most mid-sized moving vans, and that’s before you consider the cost of towing your car and filling up the rental tank. Check out one of the modular or pod moving companies, and remember to shop around. You can generally get away with a hassle-free storage container for under $300. If you have small dogs or cats, moving a few states over shouldn't jar them too much. Just remember to make frequent pit stops and pack enough snacks for both of you!

After you’ve squirreled away enough cash to cover moving expenses, it’s time to ensure that there’s enough left over to make rent. When you search for apartments in Bellflower, remember that the total move-in cost will equal more than the monthly rent. Your would-be landlord will also run a background and/or credit check before they hand the keys over. A bad score on your credit check isn't a death sentence; it just means you'll likely pay a bit more on your deposit.

Most apartments will ask for a deposit and first month's rent upfront. Don't expect to live in most complexes on a month-to-month basis; you will most likely sign a lease ranging from 12 to 16 months. If you happen to own pets, you’ll need to consider the pet deposit and the possibility of pet rent. Check out local parks and trails as well if you have a dog; just because your apartment is pet-friendly doesn’t mean the surrounding area is too.

Rental homes are an option in Bellflower if you have a family or don't mind sharing your space with roommates. Utilities tend to skyrocket in a single-family home, and if you don't need the extra space, a studio apartment may be kinder on your wallet.

Have a car? Perfect! No car? Head to a local dealer or start paying attention to those "for sale" signs on used cars in your current area. You'll need to own a car before moving to Bellflower, especially with Los Angeles right over the horizon. If you plan on working in L.A. and living in Bellflower, take your commute to heart. That 18-minute jaunt can quickly turn into an hour when one of the four surrounding freeways decides to get congested. Commuting from the city is not possible without a personal vehicle, and the bus system within Bellflower itself is decent but not perfect. In addition to its own fixed bus route, Bellflower is also served by the Los Angeles County Metro lines. If you happen to have a job in Bellflower's city limits, then the city is easily navigated on public transportation. Give yourself an hour to arrive at your destination via public transit, and take care to memorize the routes to and from your place of business.

Neighborhoods in Bellflower

Caruthers Park: This area has some of the nicest digs in town. There are quite a few single-family homes and horse-friendly properties, so you’ll feel that ranchero vibe.

West Bellflower: The word on the street is that this area isn't exactly Pleasantville. The rent tends to be lower and the parking ample.

South Bellflower: The south side is the happy middle between Caruthers Park and West Bellflower. It’s a great area to find a mid-range apartment or rental condos.

Living in Bellflower

The majority of citizens live in Bellflower but work elsewhere. It’s situated far enough from corporate parks to feel quaint, but near enough that you’ll hear most residents discussing their commute at Starbucks in the morning. Those who don’t commute generally work in one of the many industrial sites located in the city. Bellflower is a small town, and you’ll find an array of local traditions and holiday events.

In the summertime, Bellflower hosts a farmers market every Monday and a Food Cart movie marathon in the Town Center Plaza. When fall rolls around, Bellflower has several October carnivals and offers trick-or-treating for the little ones on Halloween night. In December, you can stop by the annual tree lightning ceremony to meet Santa and belt out a few carols. It's a wonderful community for old and young, and young at heart!