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Dunwoody, GA
210 Apartments for Rent with Hardwood Floors

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Scoring an apartment with hardwood floors can be a big win for Dunwoody renters. They`re typically a beautiful addition to your space. They’re also easier to clean and sweep, pa... Read Guide >
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is rent for an apartment with hardwood floors in Dunwoody?

Rental prices for apartments with hardwood floors in Dunwoody range from $1,150 to $4,500 per month.

How many apartments with hardwood floors are available for rent in Dunwoody?

Currently, there are 12 apartments with hardwood floors available for rent in Dunwoody.

How can I find a cheap apartment in Dunwoody?

You can find the lowest-priced apartments in Dunwoody by using the cheap apartments filter.
City Guide for Dunwoody, GA

"Oh, Atlanta, I hear you calling. Im going back to you one fine day. No need to worry. There aint no hurry [...]" ("Oh, Atlanta" by Alison Krauss_) _If you live in Dunwoody, Georgia, you can easily go back to Atlanta one fine day because it is only 17 miles from the major metropolitan area.

Dunwoody is an upscale community with an upscale Perimeter Mall and an upscale Perimeter Center business district. It is filled with Fortune 500 companies, executives, attorneys, shoppers and cappuccino sippers. Everyone knows that executives don’t like anyone bossing them around because they are the bosses, so the residents voted to form a city in 2008. How neat is that? Now they can boss themselves around. With a well-groomed population of slightly more than 42,000, Dunwoody hums with the sound of expensive cars, bouncing tennis balls and swiped gold cards. It does make a nod to the great outdoors with the Dunwoody Nature Center, and there is an active arts and cultural community, including the North DeKalb Cultural Center. It hosts the Stage Door Players and offers various arts classes to the talented or the bored.

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What to keep in mind when looking for apartments with hardwood floors in Dunwoody, GA

Scoring an apartment with hardwood floors can be a big win for Dunwoody renters. They`re typically a beautiful addition to your space. They’re also easier to clean and sweep, particularly if you have pets.

However, there are some downsides. Hardwood floors carry sounds. They can also make your apartment noisy for your roommates and downstairs neighbors.

Ask the landlord or property manager about the hardwood floors before signing a lease. Are they actually hardwood or a popular composite alternative? The latter is probably easier to clean and care for than the real thing.

It’s also important to ask about who’s responsible for any damage to the floors and what that entails. Your security deposit could take a hit from scratches, dents, and other damage.

Consider the type of climate you live in. Hardwood floors typically don’t fare well in damp climates full of moisture. Stains and buckling are common in hardwood floors after rain flooding or excessive moisture.

However, hardwood floors can be ideal for dry climates or sunny areas for renters who love the way they look.