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City Guide
Don't mess with Texas, particularly Killeen.

Killeen is located about an hour north of Austin. There are a number of restaurants sprinkled throughout the city. Shopping is also quite convenient in Killeen--with a number of large malls and chain supermarkets primarily located in the east and west portions of the city.

Neighborhood Boot Camp

West Side

The west side of Killeen is where it's happening. The west side has a larger number and a greater variety of rentals. One bedrooms, studios, entire houses -- you can find it all on the west side. The west side is also relatively affordable, with average rents for two bedrooms ranging from $550 to 700.

East Side

The town of Harker Heights, which borders Killeen to the east. Harker Heights is separated from Killeen proper by a high concentration of shopping centers. The east side of Killeen benefits from the access to these amenities, making rentals slightly cheaper. Rents in this area range from $450 to 600 for a two bedroom.

North Side

Rancier Street, one of Killeen's main thoroughfares, forms the primary boundary of north Killeen. Many of the rentals on the north side tend to be located on Rancier. Rents cost between $400 to 500 for a two bedroom.

Do the Duplex

The real question of the Killeen housing market is this: are you going to live in a duplex or a private rental? Duplexes, particularly those located around Clear Creek on the west side of town, are newer constructions with more amenities than the single-family homes and apartments in the area. Private rentals, however, tend to be slightly more affordable than duplexes, and also tend to be less heavily regulated.

What to Expect When Renting

Apartments and privately owned homes are easily located from a variety of sources--including online listing services and classifieds in the Killeen Daily Herald. Duplexes are frequently rented through management companies. Most management companies require more money up front than private owners. Background and credit checks through management companies can cost up to $100.

So, welcome to Killeen! A variety of housing options await you here. Best of luck with your move!