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Last updated September 24 at 7:21PM
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 17 at 2:15AM
3 Bedrooms
Leesburg Country Club
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 24 at 2:26AM
1 Bedroom
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 10 at 3:25AM
2 Bedrooms
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 24 at 10:59AM
5 Bedrooms
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 24 at 2:26AM
4 Bedrooms
Leesburg, VA
Updated August 15 at 6:11AM
3 Bedrooms
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 23 at 3:17AM
4 Bedrooms
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 24 at 5:58PM
Lansdowne on The Potomac
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 23 at 6:54PM
5 Bedrooms
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 23 at 6:55PM
4 Bedrooms
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 24 at 10:57AM
3 Bedrooms
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 24 at 5:58PM
653 Constellation Square SE, Unit C
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 23 at 11:08AM
2 Bedrooms
Leesburg, VA
Updated September 24 at 5:47PM
5 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Leesburg

Renting in Leesburg is a pretty straightforward process that most people are used to by now. There are likely to be some slight differences between finding a house to rent and apartment complexes, but, overall, you should expect to fill out a rental application, undergo a basic credit check,and pay both first and last month's rent along with a security deposit. Depending on the home or complex, you may be asked for a pet deposit or pet rent as well. It's a relatively painless procedure that will have you in a new home fairly soon.

Neighborhoods in Leesburg

The city of Leesburg is just big enough to have some real neighborhoods, and this makes it nice for people who have a certain inclination. For example, people into gardening on a large scale thrive in neighborhoods with large yards and neighbors who are as plant obsessed as they are. And people with more of an inclination for history would probably really enjoy living in a converted house or brownstone. Whatever you are looking for, you will be sure to find an ideal setting in Leesburg.

Jackson Hole: Jackson Hole is a great neighborhood, but tough to get into. Most of the homes here have been owner-occupied for generations. Of course, the part of this neighborhood that meets up with water is especially cool. If you find a vacancy here, it won't last long, so don't sleep on it; a short nap will have to suffice.

Waterford: This is an area with mostly owner-occupied homes on large lots. If you are into gardening, this would be a great place for you to really let your green thumb loose. Of course, if you aren't into gardening, it would be a great area to throw killer lawn parties. Either way, if you see something here you like, you had better move fast before someone else grabs it.

Market: This is one of the best bets for finding apartment complexes in Leesburg, VA. This area has more newer construction than other areas, and there is a decent turnover rate. Just don't be too complacent; the great places always go fast, so don't take too long to make your decision.

Evergreen: If you are looking for something larger than two-bedroom apartments for rent, this might be the best place for you to look. The homes and apartments in this area tend to be larger than in other areas. Properties here are at a premium though; face it, everyone wants lots of closet space! Make your choice in a hurry, or someone else will be sticking their shoes in what should have been your dream closet.

Woodburn: This is primarily an owner-occupied residential area with few available rentals at any given time. Much of the neighborhood is taken up by parks and wooded areas, so if you are a big nature lover, this might be an ideal location for you. The rental properties here are large homes with yards, so be sure to consider the upkeep of a large yard when looking for a place.

Living in Leesburg

Now that you have settled into your new digs and are ready to look around, where should you start? Let's talk weather, a topic that everyone gets around to at some point in conversation. Leesburg has great weather most of the year. There is quite a bit of rain, a bit of snow in the winter, and it gets hot in the summer. Most of the year, though, the weather here is pleasantly comfortable, so you can head out most of the time without being too concerned about it.


A great place to start your culinary exploration is at the Lightfoot Restaurant over on King Street. The marinated Cornish game hens are a local favorite, and the chipotle espresso marinade for them is divine. If you want something a bit more casual, try the lobster and shrimp pasta. To be on the safe side, you might want to get a reservation here, because this place is pretty popular. If you are looking for the best bratwurst you will ever eat outside Germany, head over to the Doener Bistro on Harrison Street. This German bistro has a lot to offer, but the bratwurst and beer are local favorites.

If all you are in the mood for is a burger and some fries, Leesburg has that covered in spades. Try the gourmet burger restaurant on Market Street, Melt Gourmet Cheeseburgers, for the most incredible burgers you can imagine. If you can't find a burger here, then you seriously are beyond help! The restaurant also has a raspberry malt that is sweet perfection. There is beer too (!) that you can have with your burger and fries. You could have wine as well, but beer tastes so much better with a burger.

Various ethnic cuisines are also represented. Beyond the German bistro, there are French (The Eiffel Tower Cafe on Loudoun Street), Chinese (Jasmine Restaurant on South Street) and Italian (Palio Ristorante Italiano on Market Street) restaurants. You will naturally also find the typical fast-food places you are used to as well. One thing is certain -- you need never go hungry in Leesburg.

Bars and Pubs

Everyone needs a local watering hole. Even if you don't drink, you need a place to hang out with friends and chat while eating snacks. Leesburg understands this need, and there are plenty of local options. One of the best is The Downtown Saloon on King Street. This old-fashioned-on-the-outside-yet-modern-on-the-inside bar is a great place to gather with friends. If you are looking for something trendier, try The Greene Turtle Sports Bar and Grille. This pub is the perfect place to be on game day. The food here is outstanding as well, and you really have to try the secret recipe crab cakes and old-world fish and chips.

Local Attractions

Every season in Leesburg has a festival, making it one of the coolest cities in America. In winter, you have the Holidays in Leesburg and Christmas Parade. Spring brings the Flower and Garden Festival. In summer, you will not want to miss the free public concerts or the Fourth of July party. Fall has the Halloween Parade and the Leesburg Airshow, with aerobatic demonstrations and skydivers, oh my.

There are a lot of local attractions, and tourism is a big deal in this city. Join the crowds now and then to explore your new home. There is the Oatlands Historic House and Gardens -- a mansion that is a blast from the past -- as well as numerous museums and battlefields.

If shopping is your favorite sport, the Historic Downtown area is filled with great shops and galleries just waiting for you to pay them a visit. While out shopping, be sure to take a turn toward the farmers' market for some of the best in local fruits and vegetables.

Those more into outdoor adventures will appreciate the Red Rock Wilderness overlook, a great place to go hiking and camping. Dogs are welcome here, so bring your furry friend along for the day. The Ida Lee Park is another great place for outdoor and indoor fun, with plenty of space to picnic and hike, pools for swimming and courts for tennis and basketball. You can even sign up for swimming and tennis lessons.

No matter what you choose to do, Leesburg probably has it covered. From shopping to hiking to just laying around enjoying the sun, it's all available to you in Leesburg, VA. All you have to do is step outside your door and join in on all the fun.

Rent Report

September 2017 Leesburg Rent Report

Welcome to the September 2017 Leesburg Rent Report. Leesburg rents declined over the past month. In this report, we'll evaluate trends in the Leesburg rental market, including comparisons to cities throughout the metro and nation.

Leesburg rents declined over the past month

Leesburg rents have declined 1.0% over the past month, but have increased significantly by 5.1% in comparison to the same time last year. Currently, median rents in Leesburg stand at $1,700 for a one-bedroom apartment and $1,960 for a two-bedroom. Leesburg's year-over-year rent growth leads the state average of 1.6%, as well as the national average of 3.0%.

Rents rising across the DC Metro

Throughout the past year, rent increases have been occurring not just in the city of Leesburg, but across the entire metro. Of the largest 10 cities that we have data for in the DC metro, 7 of them have seen prices rise. Here's a look at how rents compare across some of the largest cities in the metro.

  • Over the past year, Waldorf has seen the biggest rent drop in the metro, with a decline of 3.9%. Median two-bedrooms there cost $1,930, while one-bedrooms go for $1,670.
  • Rockville has seen the fastest rent growth in the metro, with a year-over-year increase of 2.7%. The median two-bedroom there costs $2,000, while one-bedrooms go for $1,730.
  • Frederick has the least expensive rents in the DC metro, with a two-bedroom median of $1,490; rents fell 0.3% over the past month but rose 1.5% over the past year.
  • Bethesda has the most expensive rents of the largest cities in the DC metro, with a two-bedroom median of $2,400; rents went down 0.2% over the past month and 0.9% over the past year.

Many large cities nationwide show more affordable rents compared to Leesburg

As rents have increased in Leesburg, a few large cities nationwide have seen also rents grow more modestly. Compared to most large cities across the country, Leesburg is less affordable for renters.

  • Rents also increased in other cities across the state, with Virginia as a whole logging rent growth of 1.6% over the past year.
  • Leesburg's median two-bedroom rent of $1,960 is above the national average of $1,160. Nationwide, rents have grown by 3.0% over the past year compared to the 5.1% increase in Leesburg.
  • While Leesburg's rents rose over the past year, many cities nationwide also saw increases, many cities nationwide also saw increases, including Seattle (+5.4%), Los Angeles (+5.0%), and Chicago (+3.8%).
  • Renters will generally find more expensive prices in Leesburg than most large cities. For example, Norfolk has a median 2BR rent of $960, where Leesburg is more than twice that price.

For more information check out our national report. You can also access our full data for cities and counties across the U.S. at this link.
City Median 1BR price Median 2BR price M/M price change Y/Y price change
Washington, DC $1,340 $1,550 0.3% -0.5%
Arlington $1,780 $2,060 0.1% 0.0%
Alexandria $1,570 $1,820 -0.2% 0.7%
Germantown $1,670 $1,920 -0.0% 2.5%
Silver Spring $1,510 $1,740 0.7% 1.0%
Centreville $1,630 $1,880 -1.5% 2.5%
Waldorf $1,670 $1,930 -0.1% -3.9%
Frederick $1,290 $1,490 -0.3% 1.5%
Rockville $1,730 $2,000 -0.0% 2.7%
Bethesda $2,070 $2,400 -0.2% -0.9%
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Methodology - Recent Updates:

Data from private listing sites, including our own, tends to skew toward luxury apartments, which introduces sample bias when estimates are calculated directly from these listings. To address these limitations, we’ve recently made major updates to our methodology, which we believe have greatly improved the accuracy and reliability of our estimates.

Read more about our new methodology below, or see a more detailed post here.


Apartment List is committed to making our rent estimates the best and most accurate available. To do this, we start with reliable median rent statistics from the Census Bureau, then extrapolate them forward to the current month using a growth rate calculated from our listing data. In doing so, we use a same-unit analysis similar to Case-Shiller’s approach, comparing only units that are available across both time periods to provide an accurate picture of rent growth in cities across the country.

Our approach corrects for the sample bias inherent in other private sources, producing results that are much closer to statistics published by the Census Bureau and HUD. Our methodology also allows us to construct a picture of rent growth over an extended period of time, with estimates that are updated each month.

Read more about our methodology here.

About Rent Reports:

Apartment List publishes monthly reports on rental trends for hundreds of cities across the U.S. We intend these reports to be a source of reliable information that help renters and policymakers make sound decisions, and we invest significant time and effort in gathering and analyzing rent data. Our work is covered regularly by journalists across the country.

We are continuously working to improve our methodology and data, with the goal of providing renters with the information that they need to make the best decisions.