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150 Apartments for rent in Homestead, FL

Last updated December 7 at 10:09pm
1 Unit Available
930 NE 33rd. Terrace # 201. Homestead
930 Northeast 33rd Terrace, Homestead, FL
3 Bedrooms
1176 sqft
Move in: First, Last & Security. Total $4,200. Ready to move in.
Last updated December 7 at 11:26pm
1 Unit Available
809 Hamilton Dr
809 Hamilton Drive, Homestead, FL
2 Bedrooms
Last updated December 7 at 11:26pm
1 Unit Available
940 42 AVE
940 NE 42nd Ave, Homestead, FL
3 Bedrooms
BEAUTIFUL 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathroom TOWNHOUSE IN GREAT COMMUNITY OF WATERSTONE. Property features tiled through out the first floor and wood on the stairs and second floor. Great neighborhood, close to schools and shopping center.
Last updated December 7 at 11:26pm
1 Unit Available
980 Constitution Dr
980 Constitution Drive, Homestead, FL
2 Bedrooms
960 sqft
FULLY FURNISHED DOWNSTAIRS LAKEFRONT 2/2 CONDO AVAILABLE ONLY MAY 1-10/31/2019 Freshly painted, new ac system, new water heater. Rent portion is $1350 and water, sewer, trash, electric is $250. Tenant responsible for own cable/internet.
Last updated December 7 at 11:26pm
1 Unit Available
1944 SE 23rd Rd
1944 Southeast 23rd Road, Homestead, FL
2 Bedrooms
Enjoy this beautiful two-story townhome, two bedroom, two and one/half baths, covered entry, foyer, living room, covered terrace, courtyard and one-car garage. Move in condition, beautiful garden park view entrance.

Average Rent in Homestead

Last updated Nov. 2019
The average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in Homestead is $1,185, while the average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $1,502.
1 Bed
2 Beds
3+ Beds
City GuideHomestead
I've been waiting for the taste /You said you'd bring to me /Biscayne Bay -- From "Dr. Wu" by Steely Dan

You can have a taste of the salty air, sunshine, sea breeze, and sandy beaches of Biscayne Bay if you move to Homestead, Florida. Homestead is just eight miles from the enormous Biscayne Bay, on the state's Atlantic coast. The second-oldest city in Miami-Dade County has been through a few rough patches, surviving some historic weather disasters. But now, Homestaed is back in business, though without some of the historic buildings that Mother Nature insisted on keeping for herself over 20 years ago.

Dont get the wrong idea, though, and dont feel sad. It still has an historic downtown area and a several old neighborhoods to please the history buffs. There are apartment buildings and houses going up, the weather is great, and it is close to the most beautiful natural settings south Florida has to offer. If you like the thought of having the military nearby, just in case the end of the world arrives sooner than expected, Homestead Air Reserve Force Base is located here. With a population of approximately 63,000, this is a nice, small city with shopping and restaurants, and it is also only a reasonable drive to Miami. What else could you ask for?

Moving to Homestead

The new construction in Homestead has attracted younger people. The median age of a big section of the city is under 30 years old, which is young by everyones standards, except teenagers who think they will be 18 years old forever. The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is quite reasonable for Florida and for being so close to all the joys Miami can deliverlike higher rents, higher house prices, traffic congestion, higher crime rates, and so many other delights.

Having said that, the average rent in Homestead cant really be called cheap. It is possible to find cheaper apartments in this community-like city, which is why it attracts people who want to live in South Miami but wouldnt consider living in the heart of the big tourist town. So if you decide you really want to live in Homestead, its time to get your act together already! The nicest and most affordable rental apartments go quickly. Duh. Homestead is easy to reach, so theres no need to make any unusual arrangements for getting your stuff to this fine city. You will need proof of income, a completed rental application, an application deposit, possibly a non-refundable fee, and a willingness to let total strangers access your credit report and find out you were late on a Macys payment in 2003.

It is possible to find really nice, brand new property rentals at affordable rental rates. Nice includes a separate dining area, kitchen loaded with appliances, two baths (yes.two!), walk-in closet, living room, and a patio or balcony. Some advertise themselves as being in tropical seclusion and most have tons of amenities like a swimming pool (no alligators allowed!) and a clubhouse. Since Homestead is small, you may decide to periodically escape to Miami to remind yourself why you chose to live outside the big city. If you rent an apartment that comes with a tropical view and soft breezes, it may not be necessary to get a periodic dose of car exhaust fumes and traffic lights.

The median rent in Homestead varies depending on whom you ask. Those figures include apartments and houses. There are plenty of luxury apartments that rent for well beyond $1,000. The higher the rent goes, the more tropical the view, and the more ocean breezes thrown in at no additional charge.

Renters will find there are different types of rentals that include single-family homes, rowhouses, and small and large apartment complexes. As mentioned, Homestead had to rebuild after the hurricane hit, so over half of the homes and apartments are new, meaning they were build after the year 2000.


Now that you know Homestead is a bit of old and a lot of new, where should you rent? That depends on your particular tastes in properties and how many ocean breezes you want included in your rent. It is difficult to understand, but there are people who really dont care about tropical views. Who are these people? They are more interested in a view consisting of a separate bedroom for the kids or a view of affordable rent checks. Homestead has an overall 10%-vacancy rate, and the majority of it is made up of two neighborhoods. Here are some neighborhoods to consider:

Southwest Neighborhood: Starting with the oldest, most historic area, the Southwest Neighborhood is a mixed bag of rentals. Once a thriving community, the 1980s saw it decline, but mostly because of age. Now it is making a comeback as a historic area but is certainly in need of redevelopment. If you are interested in renting in an area that is probably on the verge of being trendy once again, this is a good choice. However, it is a low-rent area right now waiting for some cosmetic surgery.$

Coopertown and Fortymile Bend: Homesteads largest area is the Coopertown and Fortymile Bend area. Rental rates are close to the median for the city. This is the city's most remote area, but that is said with tongue in cheek, because nothing is truly remote in South Florida anymore. It is remote though in terms of the fact that the area is not densely populated. This is a neighborhood that is predominantly occupied by families, so its a good place to rent a house or apartment that can accommodate you, a spouse, and a couple of kids. $$$$

Modello: Modello is the next largest neighborhood area, though considerably smaller than Coopertown, and another popular area. It is closest to the east coast of Florida and the Homestead Bayfront Park is thrown in for good measure. Most of this neighborhood is single-family homes, but there are nice places to rent in thisfamily-friendly area.$$$

Allapattah: Located on Floridas east coast, the neighborhood is an older one. Being close to the water, it is more densely populated than other Homestead neighborhoods. It is mostly single-family homes of all sizes, but there are some apartments for rent. If nautical themes appeal to you, then check out this area.$

Naranja: The urban neighborhood of Naranja is a mix of apartments and single-family homes. The western edge is defined by South Dixie Highway, which is a busy thoroughfare. It is one of the newer areas and was probably built to accommodate a return of the population after the hurricane. This is an excellent area to look for places to live in because the rents are in the medium range, and there is a good selection apartment buildings.$$

Nest of Neighborhoods: There are many other neighborhoods that are like a nest of areas because they are so close together. They are wedged between the large area of Coopertown and Fortymile Bend and Allapattah. These are popular neighborhoods that are close to shopping centers and restaurants. $$$

Life on the Homestead

Homestead is close to alligators--lots of them--but only because the city is a mere 10 miles from the Everglades National Park. Fortunately, alligators prefer swamps to grass lawns and a historic downtown, so you can expect to live in peaceful coexistence. Now that the recession is over (kind of), new construction of homes and apartment buildings has picked up, so you can find a shiny new place to call home if you just look. You might find yourself renting a 1-bedroom apartment next to a student though, since Miami-Dade College has a Homestead campus located downtown. Students or alligators? What a choice!

Actually, Homestead is on the upswing, which was inevitable since it is so close to Miami. The city website touts it as having a small-town atmosphere with lots of parks and community centers. The Homestead Bayfront Park has a marina and markets itself as being at the gateway to the Florida Keys and is right next to Biscayne National Park.

You cant keep a good city down, and so Homestead is becoming more popular all the time. If you dont want to be "found" then you will have to go somewhere else. Homestead made the mistake of getting in the way of a big hurricane, but it learned its lesson. Being close to Biscayne National Park and a gateway city to the Everglades has certainly been in the citys favor. It is an interesting mix of new, like the Homestead Miami Speedway, and old, like the Historic Downtown District listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The weather is beautiful and mild most of the year. By the way, if you ever do feel the urge to see alligators, you can always visit the Everglades Alligator Farm, which just happens to be located in Homestead. Gator nation, indeed!

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