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640 Northwest 114th Ave
Sweetwater Groves
1 Bed
260 NW 109th Ave
2 Bed
260 Northwest 109th Ave
3 Bed
996 SW 149th Ct
4 Bed
5900 Southwest 123rd Ave
4 Bed
1341 SW 124th Ct Apt 4D
International Gardens
3 Bed
676 Northwest 114th Ave
Sweetwater Groves
2 Bed
3831 SW 143rd Ave
3 Bed
13351 SW 46th St
San Sebastian
4 Bed
1121 Southwest 122nd Ave
International Gardens
2 Bed
3211 SW 143rd Ct
4 Bed
14355 SW 57th Ln
Kendale Lakes North
3 Bed
13280 Southwest 39th Ter
4 Bed
12058 Northwest 6th St
Sweetwater Estates
4 Bed
1811 Southwest 107th Ave
University Park
2 Bed
12253 SW 32nd Terrace
Southern Estates
3 Bed
13980 Southwest 43rd St
Bent Tree
3 Bed
12322 Northwest 11th Ln
Lake Pointe
2 Bed
11950 SW 49th St
Bird Road Farmsites
6 Bed
911 Southwest 148th Pl
3 Bed
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City Guide
Moving to Tamiami

If you are looking for a culturally rich community and one that offers the best of the Florida outdoors, you might want to consider Tamiami. The city has lots of housing options, from houses to apartments to townhomes to condos. Youll want to be prepared when looking for a rental home in Tamiami that way you can make sure that you have all the proper documents necessary to lock in the house once you find the one you want. If youre getting ready to look for apartments in Tamiami, youll want to gather the following things: proof of employment, tax returns, bank statements, letters of reference from former landlords, copies of your identification, and any other information that your real estate agent suggests you bring. You might also want to be sure that you have a lot of money around; renting an apartment usually requires about two months rent, as well as any brokers fees and moving expenses you might have. Finally, when youre moving to Tamiami, you might also want to speak Spanish it is a culture dominated by the Spanish language, and youll want to be sure youre understanding all the information you need to and communicating effectively with all the people involved in your rental.


So, youve decided that Tamiami might be the place for you to rent. You want somewhere quiet, sunny, hot, and near the beach and swamp. Great! But where in Tamiami exactly do you look? The town itself is pretty small it really is just a suburban area of Miami where people sleep at night. But if you want to live in Tamiami, there is a little bit of variation in the city, depending upon where you end up geographically. Read below to find out a little more about each of the citys suburbs:

North Trail Park:The northernmost area in Tamiami, this area is very residential, quiet, and safe. Its dominated by the North Trail Park, which has greenery, sports fields, lakes and more. $$$

Fountainebleau:Fountainebleau is actually the suburb directly to the west of Tamiami, but theyre so close theyre essentially just areas of the same region. If you live in the easternmost part of Miami youll be bordering Fountainebleau, which is headquarters to several major national corporations and also a nice golf course. $$$$$

Kendal Lakes:This southern suburb, and the bordering areas, share many of the same characteristics. Kendal Lakes was traditionally a very mom-and-pop, safe suburban area, and it still maintains some of the same characteristics. Its an area past its prime, though, so its nowhere to settle if youre looking for something new and invigorating. $$

Bird Basin Park:Bird Basin Park is the centerpiece of the area just west of Tamiami and its a beautiful natural setting with lakes and greenery. This part of Tamiami borders the Everglades, so its quieter and more swamp-town than beach-town. $$

Living in Tamiami

Chances are if youre living in Tamiami, you meant to be living in Miami. Therefore, getting back and forth for residents is crucial, with most restaurants, businesses, shops, attractions and overall excitement in the nearby town. Most people who live there say you should just get a car. Thats the fastest and best way to get into the center of Miami proper, and you can go at your own convenience. If you want to get far away from Tamiami, the area has its own airport, and it has easy access to the big international airport in Miami. If boatings more your thing, you can take a cruise and go far away from Miami; huge international cruise lines leave from the ports there.

But what is there to do in Tamiami? The most famous thing to do there is to explore the Tamiami trail a trail through the Everglades offering unparalleled access to the outdoors, adventure, wildlife, and more. On the Tamiami trail, you can visit the Everglades Safari Park, which is a family-run place with lots of alligator demonstrations and shows. It also has wildlife museums, jungle trails, restaurants, gift shops and more. Its like its own theme park focused on the Everglades. Tamiami also offers easy access to Gator Park a place where you can get up close and personal with alligators. Pet one or learn about their habitat and diet. Another local favorite for history buffs or cultural enthusiasts is the Miccosukee Indian Village and Gift Shop. This little attraction teaches visitors about the lives of the Miccosukee Tribe the indigenous people of Florida. You can take an airboat ride around the Everglades and learn about where the natives lived and how they hunted and ate. You can take a guided tour of the village museum and buy native artifacts, many of which are handcrafted art.

You can go into Miami if you live in Tamiami to eat and experience the nightlife, but you also dont have to leave your neighborhood if you dont want to. Tamiami has lots of the favorite international chain and fast food restaurants along its main route the Tamiami Trail. It also has its fair share of fish restaurants, being surrounded by ocean and at the tip of Florida. The Fish House is a local favorite, and it offers extremely fresh fish dishes at really reasonable prices. Tutos Place is a Cuban restaurant in town, and people love to eat the authentic and delicious food offered up there. Flor De La Canela is a traditional Peruvian restaurant that has been around for decades. It also offers an International Food Festival celebrating the cuisines of places around the world.

You can also shop in Tamiami in addition to all the eating you might be doing. The area has several shopping centers offering the countrys biggest chain stores. It also is home to shopping centers and malls that have a good mix of high-end boutiques and more affordable shopping options.

Rent Report
November 2016 Miami Rent Report

Miami rent rent growth was flat over the past month

In Miami, rent prices decreased by 0.4% over the past year, compared to 2.0% growth nationwide in that same period. Miami rent growth was flat this past month. 1-bedrooms in Miami have a median rent of $1,900, while 2-bedrooms cost $2,350.

Miami is the 2nd most expensive city for renters

  • Miami Beach: Miami Beach remains the most expensive city for renters in the Miami metro. A 2-bedroom in Miami Beach has a median rent of $2,450, while 1-bedrooms cost $1,850. Rent prices there grew by 1.2% this past month.
  • Boca Raton: Boca Raton has the 3rd highest rents in the metro. 2-bedrooms there rent for $1,800, and 1-beds run $1,440. Boca Raton rents are up 0.5% over last year.
  • Pembroke Pines: Pembroke Pines places 5th for highest rents in the Miami metro. Median rent prices there are $1,330 for a 1-bedroom and $1,650 for a 2-bedroom.

Fort Lauderdale shows the most rent growth

  • Fort Lauderdale: Fort Lauderdale has the fastest-growing rents in the Miami metro. Rent prices there are up 2.4% over the past year. 1- and 2-bedrooms in Fort Lauderdale cost $1,300 and $1,780, respectively.
  • West Palm Beach: West Palm Beach showed 1.5% year-over-year growth, the 2nd most in the Miami metro. 2-bedrooms there run $1,540, and 1-beds rent for $1,200.
  • Pompano Beach: Pompano Beach takes 3rd place for fastest-growing rents, with prices up 0.8% over the past year. A 2-bedroom in Pompano Beach has a median rent of $1,450, and 1-bedrooms cost $1,200.

For more information check out our national report. You can also access our full data for cities and counties across the U.S. at this link.

City Median 1 BR price Median 2 BR price M/M price change Y/Y price change
Miami Beach $1850 $2450 1.2% 0.3%
Miami $1900 $2350 0.0% -0.4%
Boca Raton $1440 $1800 -0.4% 0.5%
Fort Lauderdale $1300 $1780 -0.1% 2.4%
Pembroke Pines $1330 $1650 -2.0% 0.1%
Miramar $1370 $1650 -1.0% -1.7%
Hollywood $1250 $1590 0.0% -0.3%
Plantation $1320 $1570 -0.3% -1.5%
West Palm Beach $1200 $1540 0.1% 1.5%
Pompano Beach $1200 $1450 0.0% 0.8%


Apartment List Rent Report data is drawn monthly from the millions of listings on our site. 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom rents are calculated as the median for units available in the specified size and time period. Price changes are calculated using a “same unit” methodology similar to the Case-Shiller “repeat sales” home prices methodology, taking the average price change for units available across both time periods.

About Rent Reports:

Apartment List’s Rent Reports cover rental pricing data in major cities, their suburbs, and their neighborhoods. We provide valuable leading indicators of rental price trends, highlight data on top cities, and identify the key facts renters should know. As always, our goal is to provide price transparency to America’s 105 million renters to help them make the best possible decisions in choosing a place to call home.

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