3 bedroom apartments
Last updated March 4 2024 at 12:22 PM

Fredericksburg, VA
101 3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent

Looking for 3 bedroom apartments in Fredericksburg provides more space for multiple roommates sharing costs, or a family looking to settle in. Look for apartments that fit... Read Guide >
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City Guide for Fredericksburg, VA

Hey, there, ladies and gents of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Rumor going around the interwebs these days is you’re in the market for a fancy new Fredericksburg apartment for rent. Sound about right? Great! Luckily, you’ve come to the right place, because you’ll find the crème de la crème of Fredericksburg rentals in this handy little apartment finder we’ve pieced together for you. First, though, a few tidbits of advice to get you started on the right foot in your quest for the perfect Fredericksbur...

Apartments, townhomes, and rental houses in Fredericksburg run the gamut from cheap to steep, giving big ballers and bargain hunters alike a variety of options. Luckily, even some of the most modestly priced rentals in Fredericksburg come equipped with dynamo amenities (it’s a technical term), including patios/balconies, swimming pools, free Wi-Fi, and covered parking. If you have a couple grand to spare, you can live it up in a luxury apartment loaded with all sorts of cool bells and whistles (fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, in-unit washers/dryers, gyms, clubhouses etc). Sound like a good fit for you? Just arm yourself with the renting basics (proof of income, banking info, a list of previous residences, and a cosigner if your credit history suggests you consider bills optional), and you’ll be living it up in the Fredericksburg rental of your dreams in no time!

Looking for a pet-friendly rental in Fredericksburg? Sadly, they aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, so don’t hesitate to seal the deal when you’re lucky enough to come across one. On the bright side, short-term leasing deals and furnished apartments are amply available, and most apartment complexes – including a few within walking distance of the University of Mary Washington campus – have vacancies year-round. Also, keep in mind that move in specials pop up all the time in Fredericksburg and besides, rent prices aren’t exactly etched in stone anyway (so remember to bring your bargaining skills to the table when you’re ready to negotiate the terms of a lease).

A unique historic town, Fredericksburg is home to some of Old Dominion’s most attractive and affordable apartments for rent. So what are you waiting for? Start clicking away for your dream dwellings in Fredericksburg and happy hunting! See more

What to keep in mind when looking for 3 bedroom apartments in Fredericksburg, VA

Looking for 3 bedroom apartments in Fredericksburg provides more space for multiple roommates sharing costs, or a family looking to settle in. Look for apartments that fit your lifestyle with proximity to green space, restaurants, entertainment, or quality schools.

Take your time when considering the layout during a tour of 3 bedroom apartments. Some bedrooms may be smaller than the others. This could work out well for roommates who want to adjust their share of the cost depending on who gets the largest and smallest bedroom. If you’re renting the entire space for yourself, make sure the rooms work well for the configuration you’re looking for, including a main bedroom, guest room, and office.

Consider the outdoor space when renting 3 bedroom apartments in Fredericksburg. A larger apartment may come with both a balcony off the living room and Juliet doors in the main bedroom. A small yard out back, rooftop terrace, and other outdoor amenities may also be available.