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101 Apartments for rent in Dale City, VA

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Last updated July 22 at 12:18PM
Results within 1 miles of Dale City, VA
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 12 at 11:12AM
6 Bedrooms
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 19 at 5:37AM
3 Bedrooms
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 22 at 12:09PM
3 Bedrooms
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 22 at 12:18PM
3 Bedrooms
Lake Montclair
Dumfries, VA
Updated July 22 at 3:45AM
5 Bedrooms
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 21 at 4:14AM
2 Bedrooms
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 10 at 11:15AM
2 Bedrooms
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 21 at 12:32PM
3 Bedrooms
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 21 at 12:31PM
3 Bedrooms
2420 Five Fathom Cir
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 20 at 5:55PM
3 Bedrooms
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 21 at 11:54AM
3 Bedrooms
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 21 at 4:13AM
3 Bedrooms
Woodbridge, VA
Updated July 19 at 5:40AM
4 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Dale City
Tips for Renting in Dale City

Nothing can make you feel safer than seeing military people out and about the city. And that’s exactly the typical scene you’ll encounter when you move to Dale City, VA, where many service men and women make a home. Predominantly a white-collar town, this area is one of the best places in the country to raise a family. It also helps that residents of this city are some of the most educated in the nation. Got your attention now? Let’s help you find the most suitable home this side of Virginia.

How Much Is The Rental Cost? If there’s one thing you need to know right off the bat, it’s that the rental cost in Dale City, although not on the same level as major cities, is leaning towards the expensive range compared to the rest of Virginia. That said, rental properties here have pretty variable rates, depending on the size of the apartment and the neighborhood.

What Types of Homes Are Available? The majority of the real estate properties here are row houses and high-rise apartments. Though there are single-family detached homes, they’re few and far between. The upside is that most real estate properties in this city are relatively new, so you can forget about the common challenges you’ll face with old homes. Still, you can certainly find more established homes within the city if that suits your fancy.

How Soon Is Too Soon To Start Looking? The time it would take to find an apartment in Dale City hugely depends on the neighborhood. There are some areas of the city with high vacancy rates, while some communities would require you to drive around a couple of (dozen) times before the perfect home present itself in your path. If you’re not particular about where you’ll stay as long as it’s within the city, you should give it a month or so to look for a place.

What Documents Do You Need? As in most other places, you’d need to present your proof of income, credit history, references, and pet’s records (if allowed) to start the rental application process. Be warned, some really stately and gated rental properties require you to be in a certain Gatsby-caliber income bracket before you can call the place home.

Dale City Neighborhoods

The neighborhood you choose can make all the difference when you’re looking for your own piece of paradise in Dale City. Whether you love affluence or you just want to live amongst ordinary folks, there’s definitely a neighborhood to suit your preference. To help you in your search, here’s a relative overview of the different communities of this city:

Cloverdale/Cordell Ave: To find apartments for rent in this area, you’ll need lady luck on your side. The demand in this neighborhood far outweighs the supply, so it may take you months on end to view one rental property in this area. If you manage to find one, however, you can rest assured that you’re in a safe neighborhood with a mid-range rental rate. $$

Dale Blvd./Mapledale: If you want to be in the company of wealthy neighbors, better find a place in this neighborhood. BMWs, Lexuses (Lexi?), and Mercedes are the cars that would typically grace the streets of this community, and it follows that housing options are at that luxurious level as well. But of course, prepare to pay the price for such opulence. $$$$$

Lindendale Rd./Mapledale Ave: Consisting mostly of single-family homes and townhouses, this neighborhood stands out since most residences were built between the 1970s and 1990s. So if architecture of that time period particularly interests you, you’ll be at home here. Unless your workplace is nearby, be prepared to contend with a long commute, though. $$$

Silverdale Dr./Saratoga Ln: If keeping up with the Jones’ is not a problem for you, you should find an apartment in this neighborhood. Being a college-friendly community, it also offers many amenities that are geared towards college students and undergrads. $$$$

Kerrydale Rd./Hamilton Dr: With the neighborhood’s 3.9% vacancy rate, it can take considerably more time than usual for you to find a suitable home in this area. But let not the numbers discourage you from looking for home rentals here. With the many charming attached and row houses in this community, your efforts could pay off big time--especially with all the money you'll save on rent. $

Dale Blvd./Birchdale Ave: If you want a safe, clean, and charming neighborhood without the flashiness of wealthy communities, this area is for you. With its abundance of attached homes and row houses, there must be furnished apartments that are right within your budget. $$

City Center: This neighborhood has a good mix of historic, established, and new houses. So if you're seeking a variety of housing options, head over to this neighborhood. With a slightly high vacancy rate of 11.3%, getting a good deal won’t be much of a problem. $$

The Dale City Lifestyle

This city is a typical suburban community with an ethnically-diverse population. That means you get a bit of everything in terms of restaurants, languages, and social culture. While real estate in this city is some of the most expensive in the country, it’s nothing like San Francisco or New York. And for sure, people here don’t get too wild compared to the big cities where nightlife can get a bit, er, colorful. If quiet living bores you to death, you shouldn’t be here. That said, this is not a city you should quickly overlook either. The steady influx of wealthy people, continued construction of houses, educated residents, thriving economy, and robust public transportation system makes Dale City a very progressive town.