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175 Apartments for rent in Farmington Hills, MI

Last updated July 4 at 10:29pm
1 Unit Available
13938 INKSTER Road
13938 Inkster Road, Wayne County, MI
8300 sqft
Gross lease !!! Office space available for rent. Can be partially furnished. Available immediately. Previous use - counseling office.
Last updated July 4 at 10:29pm
1 Unit Available
27300 Fullerton, Wayne County, MI
5960 sqft
3 phase shop with electrical bus bar. Building is 5,960 sq ft with 708 sq ft of office space. For lease $2,917. Many options/uses with this building. Can be divided or just lease the front half of the building.
Last updated July 5 at 02:15am
1 Unit Available
25701 W. Twelve Mile Rd.
25701 West 12 Mile Road, Southfield, MI
528 sqft
Studio apartment with a large walk in dressing closet.
Last updated July 5 at 02:16am
1 Unit Available
West Riverdale
16885 Lahser
16885 Lahser Road, Detroit, MI
1 Bedroom
650 sqft
Spacious renovated 1 bedroom unit with all appliances. Next to police station and Majiers, bi annual tenant appreciation BBQ's. Newly renovated apartments with onsite custodian. Veteran building.
Last updated July 4 at 10:29pm
1 Unit Available
Walled Lake
1685 TREYBORNE Circle
1685 Treyborne Circle, Commerce, MI
2 Bedrooms
2088 sqft
Last updated July 4 at 10:29pm
1 Unit Available
37350 VARGO Street
37350 Vargo Street, Livonia, MI
3 Bedrooms
1594 sqft
This wonderfully updated and maintained ranch style home is awaiting it's new tenants! The home boasts a spacious gourmet kitchen with stainless built-in appliances, hardwood flooring and granite counters.
City GuideFarmington Hills
Looking for a place to settle in? Farmington Hills is a prosperous city in Oakland County.

Farmington Hills is distinctly a white-collar city, with 88.96% of the workforce employed in the white-collar job market. This is well above the nationwide average. But this doesn't mean blue-collar jobs are scarce or frowned upon. They exist in abundance too. In spite of its small city status, this city has a reasonably high percentage of young, single, and upwardly-mobile experts. This makes it an excellent place for people looking to mingle or seek life partners.

Finding an Apartment in Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills is one of the poshest neighborhoods in the state of Michigan, and it has luxury real estate to match. So if you want to be pampered by both living and non-living things, then book a date with this town. There are properties to meet every wish, and all that one has to do is look through local housing listings to find your perfect place.

How much will it cost?

The average rent in this city, if you are lucky enough to get a place, is not inexpensive by any standards, but the houses are great. Just be prepared to sulk when paying for the deposit and rent.

What you will need

You will need documents that talk well on your behalf when you meet potential landlords. It has been noted that written words speak more truth than other forms of communication, simply because if one reneges on any agreements, there is evidence. That's why in politics, it is often said never put anything in writing if you can get away with it. Well, in this case you will need a clean bill of health note from the Credit Reference Bureau, as well as one from your employer and from your current landlord. All these documents ought to portray you in the best of light when it comes to renting houses in this city.

Farmington Hills Grove neighborhoods

Farmington Hills has some of the priciest houses in Michigan, even though they are not the most expensive real estate properties in the U.S. Although living here can get pricey, looking in the right neighborhood can save you and your wallet.

Haggerty Rd/Grand River Ave: Here you will find mostly single-family houses, some complexes and a few small apartment structures with reasonable rents. This area is primarily loved by young singles and upwardly mobile individuals, but there are also a few folks in their 60s and even older that live here. Sadly, the vacancy rate is 0%, so get a hungry agent to search hard if you must live here.

W 13 Mile Rd/Farmington Rd: This is an urban area composed of single-family homes and a door-closing vacancy rate of 0%. If you are lucky enough to get a house, expect to meet many urban sophisticates who believe being hip and trendy is the only pursuit in life. It's a walkable neighborhood, if you've gone green or have no car.

Haggerty Rd/Lancaster Dr: Mainly made up of small studio apartments to two bedroom houses, this neighborhood has many medium-sized apartment complexes, high-rise apartments and single-family houses. The vacancy rate stands at 8.4 %, so you have a good chance of finding somewhere. The rents aren't low, but they're not really any worse than the average rates in this city.

Tanglewood Dr/W 14 Mile Rd: This is an urban neighborhood mainly made up of-medium sized to big single-family homes and townhomes. The bad news is that many of the real estate properties are owner occupied and so the current vacancy rate, at the time of this writing, is 0%. It's also a distressingly expensive area.

Stableview Dr/Surrey Ln: This is a suburban area mostly comprised of medium-sized and huge single-family houses and townhomes. The good news is that the rents aren't too ridiculous. But there is also some bad news, as well: most of the residential properties here are also owner-occupied, which is why the existing vacancy rate is only 0.8 %.

Halsted Rd/W 13 Mile Rd: This is yet another suburban neighborhood filled with medium-sized to large single-family houses and townhomes. Most of the residential real estate is, however, occupied by owners, easily explaining the vacancy rate of 1.9% to the sharpest of minds. Typical rental prices are fairly affordable though, so it might be worth looking here, just in case something turns up. You never know, Lady Luck might be on your side during your apartment search.

Edgeton Ct: Houses here are primarily made up of small to medium-sized apartment complexes and small apartment blocks. With a vacancy rate of 9.0 %, this neighborhood should be easy pickings for people seeking a place to call home.

Life In Farmington Hills Grove.

Farmington Hills is an excellent location due to its ethnic diversity, among other factors. Packed with an enviable combination of amenities, residents will be able to work better knowing that everyone is okay wherever they are.

So is Farmington Hills the best place to be? Definitely not, if you love vibrant nights! But you will not always find yourself alone at night in this spot, as the presence of young sophisticates will help fill up the few nightlife venues. Give it time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is rent in Farmington Hills?
Apartment rentals in Farmington Hills start at $550/month.
What colleges and universities are located in or around Farmington Hills?
Some of the colleges located in the Farmington Hills area include Mott Community College, Concordia University-Ann Arbor, College for Creative Studies, Lawrence Technological University, and University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. If you are looking for off-campus housing near your school, follow the links above to see apartment listings in the area.
What cities do people live in to commute to Farmington Hills?
Some of the nearby cities that people commute to Farmington Hills from include Detroit, Toledo, Ann Arbor, Southfield, and Warren.

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