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104 Apartments for rent in Weymouth Town, MA

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East Weymouth
Weymouth Landing
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Last updated May 14 at 09:36am
1 Unit Available
Blue Hills Reservation
139 west St
139 West Street, Quincy, MA
2 Bedrooms
Available 05/15/20 2 bedroom - Property Id: 275629 2 Bedroom Eat in kitchen Living room Hardwood floors Coin op in building Near Train station Heat @hot water included Parking Apply at TurboTenant: http://rental.turbotenant.
Last updated May 14 at 09:36am
1 Unit Available
60 Bromfield Street 2
60 Bromfield Street, Quincy, MA
3 Bedrooms
Unit 2 Available 09/01/20 Beautiful 3 Bed / 2 Bath, Available 9/1 - Property Id: 275840 3 Bedroom / 2 Bath 2nd Floor of a two family Newly redone.
Last updated July 5 at 02:15am
1 Unit Available
500 North Quincy Street, Abington, MA
2 Bedrooms
1000 sqft
Last updated April 4 at 11:15am
1 Unit Available
South Quincy
119 Quincy St
119 Quincy Street, Quincy, MA
2 Bedrooms
Available 05/01/20 Available Now-Thru June! Beautiful 2 bed 2 full bath unit for rent in South Quincy. 830 sq feet. Available April 1 .Unit is beautifully maintained and comes with in unit laundry, central air, and 2 parking spaces on private lot.
Last updated April 4 at 11:14am
1 Unit Available
South Quincy
295 Willard Street #1
295 Willard St, Quincy, MA
2 Bedrooms
Spacious 2 Bed/1 Bath, available now.. - Property Id: 230936 Available now...This 2 bedroom,1 bathroom unit is a showstopper.
Last updated April 4 at 06:18am
1 Unit Available
243 Newport Ave
243 Newport Avenue, Quincy, MA
1 Bedroom
500 sqft
Walk to the Wollaston T! Charming 1 bedroom apartment is only 2 blocks from the Wollaston T and a short walk to the many shops and restaurants of Wollaston. Beautiful hardwood floors, kitchen with new cabinets, new stove, new tile floor.
Last updated March 31 at 07:52am
1 Unit Available
770 Hancock Street
770 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA
2 Bedrooms
1300 sqft
770 Hancock Street Apt #2, Quincy, MA 02170 - 2 BR 1 BA Apartment. Listing uploaded and marketed by Michael Kelly, Broad Street Boutique Realty Llc, (617) 360-1539. Available from: 03/19/2020. No pets allowed.
Last updated July 5 at 02:15am
1 Unit Available
West Abington
720 Brockton Ave Unit R
720 Brockton Avenue, Abington, MA
1800 sqft
Retail or office Space. Utilities included except phone and cable. Store Front Commercial Space
Last updated July 4 at 02:36pm
1 Unit Available
Quincy Center
43 Merrymount Rd.
43 Merrymount Road, Quincy, MA
3 Bedrooms
1241 sqft
Beautiful 3 bed/1.5 bath townhouse in Quincy Center overlooking Butler Pond.
Last updated July 4 at 04:34pm
1 Unit Available
South Quincy
23 Branch St
23 Branch Street, Quincy, MA
1 Bedroom
Good Size 1 Bedroom w/Heat, HW & Laundry on site - Property Id: 162945 Branch Street Please be sure you meet the move in requirements Available 8/1 Move in costs= First, Security & ½ Month Broker Fee.
City GuideWeymouth Town
Weymouth was the birthplace ofAbigail Smith Adams. The same Abigail Smith Adams who married President John Adams and gave birth to President John Quincy Adams.

Formally known as the Town of Weymouth, Weymouth City houses a cosmopolitan population characterized by immense cultural alteration. With a population density of 3,174 people per square mile, Weymouth is home to 53,788 people, 22,435 households (2005 census), and a 10 to 9 female to male ratio. It has a considerable young population with 30% of the population being under the age of 24 years old and 48% under the age of 44 years old.

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Housing Statistics

Weymouth city has 22,573 housing units and 22,435 households. The number of household units being greater than the number of households means that there is always space for one more household, and that may be yours. The low vacancy rate as a result of 75% of the household units in Weymouth City being owner-occupied and only 25% being renter-occupied is a matter of no concern to individuals looking for houses for rent. This is because the number of houses are plenty enough to cover the amount of renters looking for a place to reside. So, don't worry, you won't have to fight tooth and nail for a home here. You also won't have to spend your life savings to rent a place. Rental prices are pretty average here for the state, yet the neighborhoods are really nice.


If you have a hard time making decisions, you are in trouble when it comes to renting a home in Weymouth. This is because there are lots of different neighborhoods in this city, and they are all pretty great. But, we think choices are great to have, even if choosing between them isn't so easy. We can't make your decision for you -- sorry! No, we're not really sorry -- we have enough pressure making our own decisions. Make your own for crying out loud.

City Center:This is one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Weymouth. The median home sales price here is relatively high and more expensive than other neighborhoods in Massachusetts, and you know those landlords are going to pass off those high mortgage payments on their tenants. If you can afford this area, you will get to enjoy a super safe neighborhood. With an astounding low crime rate, the chances of being a victim of violent crime in this neighborhood are next to none. Dont you feel safe already? Does this sound like the place of your dreams? Well, lucky you! A significant amount of homes here are rentals, so finding a place to rent should be a breeze. $$$$

Old Spain:The coastal neighborhood of Old Spainis considered an urban neighborhood based on its population density.The dcor of buildings in this neighborhood reveal its true character. This neighborhood has easy access to the shore of the Hingham Bay, which lays on its outskirts. Spend your evenings at that harbor dining at the fine restaurants, while enjoying the pleasant breeze. Is this starting to sound like an episode of "Lives of the Rich and Famous?" Well, don't worry, you don't have to be either to live here. In fact, it's just the opposite. Even though home sales prices in the area are a little high, the rental prices range from average for the state to the lower than the state average. It doesn't make sense, we know. But, we aren't complaining. What makes even less sense is that the vacancy rates are high. Nice neighborhood, affordable rent and high vacancy rates -- nope doesn't add up. Hurry, rent a place here before people figure out what a deal they have been missing out on!$$$

Weymouth Landing:The community of urban sophisticates that live in Weymouth Landingcan be overwhelming to persons of dissimilar nature. If you are thinking of moving into this neighborhood, it would be wise to consider getting in touch with your artistic side. In a neighborhood where the neighbors are distinguished by their tastes in literature, music, live theater and the arts, theatrical and artsy activities are the order of the day -- each and every day. But hey, there's no rule saying you have to like these things. Go ahead, be a rebel, live here and declare art and theater are pointless. You probably won't make many friends, but you are sure to be talked about. Besides, there are other things to do here. Weymouth Landing is a coastal area after all. Spend your days cruising the Massachusetts Bay and mingle with other sea lovers.

You can rent anything from a studio apartment to a massive house here. No matter what you rent, your pocket book will feel it. This area is expensive, expensive, expensive. We say expensive three times, so you are sure to understand that we're not messing around. To rent here, you may have to tap into your checking account, savings account, retirement, pension and anything else you got. $$$$$

Idelwell Street:If the idea of convenience gets you all excited, this neighborhood may be your perfect match. The urban nautical neighborhood has plenty of waterfront shopping and waterfront recreational activities. No need to drive far when you live here. Convenience comes at a price, however. Paying for an apartment rental here is nothing to take lightly. $$$

Columbian Street Does the thought of high rent make you want to vomit? Well, then head on over to Columbian Street. Think of it as your anti-nausea medicine. The rental prices are low here and the neighborhood is nice and family friendly. Unfortunately, the vacancy rates are super low, probably because there are a lot of people that don't want to pay massive rental prices. $$

Lovell Corners:This is another neighborhood with super affordable rents. You will also have to battle super low vacancy rates. But, this area is a great one, if you love to eat out. There are plenty of restaurants serving Italian, Chinese and American fare here. $

Notable Places to Visit

Weymouth is a beautiful city. Really everywhere you go is worth visiting. However, below we have mentioned a couple of extra special places for you to check out:

Town Hall Weymouth

The replica of the Old State House in Boston, the Town Hall Weymouth, is truly an iconic architectural monument. The view of the decade old building under the clear blue morning skies is an astonishing sight to see.

Hingham Bay

If you are thinking of catching the most spectacular coastal sunrise, head over to the shore of the Hingham Bayfor a mind blowing experience. Hingham Bayis the easternmost of the three small bays of the outer Boston Harbor, which is part of Massachusetts Bay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is rent in Weymouth Town?
Apartment rentals in Weymouth Town start at $1,450/month.
What are the most popular neighborhoods in Weymouth Town?
Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Weymouth Town include South Weymouth, East Weymouth, and Weymouth Landing.
What colleges and universities are located in or around Weymouth Town?
Some of the colleges located in the Weymouth Town area include Rhode Island College, Providence College, Hult International Business School, Berklee College of Music, and Boston College. If you are looking for off-campus housing near your school, follow the links above to see apartment listings in the area.
What cities do people live in to commute to Weymouth Town?
Some of the nearby cities that people commute to Weymouth Town from include Boston, Cambridge, Quincy, Lowell, and Providence.

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