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Last updated September 21 at 5:46AM
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297 Bent Stream Lane
Brownsburg, IN
Updated September 10 at 9:53AM
3 Bedrooms
112 N Grant St
Brownsburg, IN
Updated September 21 at 1:37AM
3 Bedrooms
33 W. Vermont St
Brownsburg, IN
Updated August 24 at 12:15PM
3 Bedrooms
115 Greenacre Drive
Brownsburg, IN
Updated September 16 at 10:42AM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Welcome to the ‘Burbs

Brownsburg is a suburb through and through. Yes, it has a small town center with a charming red-bricked facade, but the town really exists to house the folks who work in Indianapolis but don’t want to live there. Most people choose to live here because they want to raise kids in a quiet and safe place.

What it costs to live in Brownsburg

Prices here range from dirt cheap to expensive, depending on your needs. One bedroom apartments in Brownsburg can be nabbed for a week’s salary if you look hard. If you have a few whippersnappers in tow, you probably want something bigger or an entire house if you can afford it.

Is it easy to move in?

According to the latest census figures, newcomers haven’t exactly arrived in droves – a few thousand over the last 10 years. This means that it is easy to score a good deal. In fact, some property rentals in Brownsburg are practically begging people to move in by offering perks like first month discounts and the like.

When to look for an apartment

Basically anytime is fine. Large complexes of rental apartments in Brownsburg always seem to have somebody moving out. Look around at a few places and take your pick.

Brownsburg Neighborhoods

This town isn’t very big – it is pretty much sliced in half by the main drag: Main Street. Just north of Main are the railroad tracks – and lucky for you, there isn’t really a “wrong side of the tracks” in this town.

The south side of the tracks: The majority of town exists on the south side. This is where most of the schools are, and the small downtown area is clustered within a few blocks of Main Street. Since it is kind of a pain to cross the train tracks, the sprawl of the town has mostly extended south and east. This direction also creeps closer to the big city. $$

The north side of the tracks: This part of town is pretty much sandwiched in between the train tracks and the cemetery. Although that doesn't sound so bright and cheery, it is in fact a fine place to live, although it does get a bit industrial the further east you go. $

Living in Brownsburg

Don’t expect a whole lot of excitement and nightlife here – things get pretty quiet as the sun goes down. Having said that, there are enough restaurants to keep pretty much anybody satisfied and full, and many of them are locally owned mom-and-pop kind of places that keep the townsfolk, and their tummies, happy.

Activities and Entertainment As you may have guessed, the Lucas Oil Raceway is the main attraction nearby, which roars to life whenever a race is scheduled. There are also plenty of parks around in case you tire of sitting back and watching cars zoom around. You can get around by bike here pretty easily – no mountains anywhere in sight!

Getting Around
This is the home of car racing, so get yourself a car. Most people who live here commute to the big city, but if you manage to nab a job right in town, you could help out the green initiative and walk or bike to work if you’re so inclined.