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146 apartments for rent near Parker, CO

Last updated December 9 at 12:10PM
17125 Carlson Dr
Updated December 8 at 3:20PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
Briargate on Main
18931 E Briargate Ln
Updated December 9 at 7:19AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
Cherrywood Village
16950 Carlson Dr
Updated December 9 at 12:07AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
Watermark on Mainstreet
18588 E Main St
Updated December 9 at 12:10PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
10542 Holyoke Drive
Updated December 9 at 11:40AM
3 Bed
Ironstone Way
Updated December 9 at 12:06PM
2 Bed
10231 Travertine Pl.
Updated November 3 at 10:42AM
4 Bed
12931 S. Molly Ct.
Updated November 13 at 5:13AM
3 Bed
12814 Ironstone Way #301
Updated December 7 at 11:54AM
1 Bed
8566 Pawnee Rd
Updated December 2 at 5:14AM
4 Bed
11132 Callaway Court
Updated December 8 at 11:21AM
5 Bed
Foxton Dr
Updated November 27 at 11:27AM
4 Bed
17657 Ponderosa Avenue
Updated November 18 at 11:31AM
3 Bed
20005 Briarwood Court
Updated December 8 at 11:19AM
2 Bed
11594 Yellow Daisy Dr
Updated December 8 at 5:58PM
3 Bed
8546 Angela Lane
Updated November 23 at 11:24AM
4 Bed
Results within 1 miles of Parker, CO
Coyote Ranch
16363 E Fremont Ave
Updated December 8 at 11:51PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
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City Guide
Let's Get Diggin' for Real Estate Gold

Heartbreaks are for those people with their heads in the clouds. To make sure you don't get your heart broken with a less than pleasant renting experience in this part of Colorado, take these tips with you when you're hunting for a dig:

Location, Location, Location

You spend too much time around real estate agents and this mantra will get hammered into your head so much that you think you'll explode if you hear it one more time. However, if your day job requires you to be in Denver and sanity requires you to rent an apartment in Parker, hunting for digs in neighborhoods near the light rail or freeways makes life in this haven so much easier.

Sorry, No Red Carpet for Your Pets

Don't ever make the mistake of assuming that landlords will extend the same warm welcome to your furry companion, unless it's explicitly stated that they do. And even then, you are most likely required to submit your pet's history as one of the necessary documents. Apparently, animal misconducts are some of those things they don't take too kindly--nope, not even if you pinky swear that your pet has seen the errors of its ways and is on the road to recovery.

Winding through Parkers' Different Neighborhoods

To get to your gold, you need to know where to dig. Here's a quick overview of Parker's neighborhoods that will give you an idea of where you need to set up camp:

Town Center: This area is so busy with business that if you walk with no clear destination in mind, you'd probably end up in a restaurant, shopping center, or some random shop that makes an impulsive buyer out of you. If you like putting those feet to good use, renting one of the small furnished apartments that dominate this area would serve you well.

The Pinery: If golf and greeneries are on your must-have list, this neighborhood is your ideal playground. In the home of Colorado Golf Club and The Pinery Country Club, teeing up is quite the common recreation for a lazy afternoon. The downside? You've got to be extremely lucky or just plain fast as lightning (or probably both) to snag a rental apt in this area. Finding an apartment here is like going against all odds.

Franktown: If you like to live it up like the Joneses, you'll love this neighborhood. The streets of this neighborhood are like the runways for BMWs, Porsches, and Ferraris. If you have the serious dough to rent a house in this area, large 3- to 4- bedroom homes with yards big enough to house a spaceship are what's waiting for you in Franktown.

Lone Tree: If you like to live in a brand spanking new dig, this area may have what you're looking for. Most of Lone Tree's homes were constructed no later than the year 2000. So, no fixer-uppers or houses that looked like they traveled in on a time machine. In addition, you have your choice of getting cozy in an apartment complex or get territorial with a single detached house.

Stonegate: Large single detached Cul-de-sac homes are quite the charm in this neighborhood. This area is also bustling with businesses with fitness centers, shops, and groceries within the area, you hardly need your car to take care of basic errands. The Stone Willow Park may be no Disneyland but it does its job of taking care of those restless spirits' hyperactive tendencies.

Inverness: This area could be your gateway to the rest of the state or country, or even the world, with major freeways and the Centennial Airport nearby. If you don't mind the sound of planes landing and taking off every few minutes, one of those small or medium-sized apartments in Inverness could be your next haven. Residents have the Cottonwood Park East and West if they feel they need the space to let off steam.

Fitness Enthusiasts, Choose Your Poison...

There are many ways to sweat and get fit in Parker. So if you're determined to divorce yourself from that couch, junk food, and television, you can find the time to venture out and get busy in these destinations:

Cherry Creek Bike Trail

If you want to take it easy, explore the beauty of Parker on your way to Denver, the trail is perfect for runners, walkers, and bikers. Sure, it gets a bit crowded with all the people and pets around; but hey--being on the giving and receiving end of some glares are the worst thing that can happen here and it sure is a small price to live a healthier life.

Castlewood Canyon

If you'd rather have an encounter with wildlife than irate humans and their equally unforgiving pets, this is the place to be. Just get your camera ready to snap some shots of the gorgeous canyon, well-shaped boulders, occasional clusters of colorful wild flowers, and interesting characters you'll meet on the way (coyotes included).

Spectacular views of the majestic Colorado Mountains, easy access to Denver to catch the Broncos or Rockies in action, festivals, and nature trails are just some of what's waiting for you in Parker, Colorado. The first settlers came here in search for gold. Today, locals are staying here for gold of a different kind.

Who knows? The treasure you've been looking for could be waiting for you here.