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Glendale, CO 409 Apartments for Rent with Parking

Prices shown are base rent prices and may not include non-optional fees and utilities.
Parking can be at a premium in some cities where spaces are challenging to find. Some Glendale apartments offer parking options, either outside in a common area or within a priv... Read Guide >
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is rent for an apartment with parking in Glendale?

Rental prices for apartments with parking in Glendale range from $1,150 to $3,350 per month.

How many apartments with parking are available for rent in Glendale?

Currently, there are 14 apartments with parking available for rent in Glendale.
City Guide for Glendale, CO

With a population of 4,184, Glendale, Colorado is truly a cosmopolitan city in miniature. Surrounded by Denver on all sides, it boasts a huge corporate presence and is also home to Infinity Park, the unofficial home stadium for the U.S. national rugby team.

At the entrance to Glendale, Colorado, there's a sign that says "Welcome to the Village of Glendale." Once you're in town, however, you'll find that Glendale is anything but a village; in fact, it's not even a small town. Instead, you'll be greeted by what seems to be a city in miniature, with an urban skyline filled with moderate-sized skyscrapers and streets paved with retailers, service providers and everything you've come to expect from cosmopolitan city life. With a population of only 4,184 (2010 Census), Glendale is an example of how to create an ultra-modern urban city on a smaller scale, so that instead of being overwhelmed by its cosmopolitan vibe, you end up being rather charmed by it. For example, there's the state-of-the-art Infinity Park, a mega-center for a variety of sports and entertainment events. Glendale also boasts a huge corporate presence that includes headquarters for IHOP, The Disney Store, Nestle's USA, DreamWorks Animation Studio, Cigna Healthcare of California and a number of other nationally known businesses. With all this going on, Glendale manages to boast some of the best that Colorado has to offer -- and that's saying a lot -- in terms of lovely homes, attractive rental units, beautiful city parks and urban biking trails. It's also surrounded on all sides by Denver, so the joys of big-city life are literally minutes away. See more

What to keep in mind when looking for apartments with parking in Glendale, CO

Parking can be at a premium in some cities where spaces are challenging to find. Some Glendale apartments offer parking options, either outside in a common area or within a private garage.

Ask about the stipulations around the parking. Those may include how many guests are allowed and where tenants park.

Some apartments may only allow parking in front of your own unit. Guest parking may be in a common area for up to one person.

If parking is scarce, look around the area before you sign a lease. Ample street parking in a neighborhood championed for its safety is probably fine. However, it’s probably not worth signing a lease if it means battling for daily parking for you and your guests.

Research whether you need a city permit to park in the neighborhood. Look into the associated costs and what to do about visitors who need parking.

Some tenants prefer garage parking near their units. However, an open-air lot may prove cheaper.

Keep in mind that the cost of wear and tear from parking outside can add up. It may be less expensive, in the long run, to look for an apartment with garage parking.