Perris, CA: 77 apartments available for rent

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Last updated June 28 at 6:46PM
1763 Dennison Drive
North Perris
Perris, CA
Updated June 28 at 10:22AM
3 Bedrooms
2222 Jornada Dr
Central Perris
Perris, CA
Updated June 24 at 3:52AM
4 Bedrooms
342 Wilkerson Ave
Downtown Perris
Perris, CA
Updated June 28 at 1:38AM
2 Bedrooms
617 W Markham Street
North Industrial Perris
Perris, CA
Updated June 14 at 10:44AM
3 Bedrooms
28772 Galaxy
Sun City
Menifee, CA
Updated June 4 at 5:01PM
4 Bedrooms
25189 Slate Creek
Moreno Valley
Moreno Valley, CA
Updated June 21 at 9:55AM
3 Bedrooms
Mission Grove Park
7450 Northrop Dr
Riverside, CA
Updated June 28 at 6:46PM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of Perris, CA
Results within 5 miles of Perris, CA
3680 Peak Trail
South Perris
Perris, CA
Updated June 26 at 10:14PM
4 Bedrooms
1804 English Oak Way
Central Perris
Perris, CA
Updated June 24 at 7:55AM
4 Bedrooms
3667 Freesia Street
North Perris
Perris, CA
Updated June 19 at 10:42AM
5 Bedrooms
26654 Farrell St.
Sun City
Menifee, CA
Updated June 24 at 8:02AM
2 Bedrooms
488 Dale Street
Central Perris
Perris, CA
Updated June 28 at 10:45AM
3 Bedrooms
Escalante Rd
Menifee, CA
Updated June 21 at 7:37AM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Staying in Perris

About 61% of the homes here are owner occupied, leaving about 31% of homes to be rented out. The city seems to have no problem filling these homes, since the vacancy rate of just under 9% is fairly low for a city that's not exactly near a beach. That means it will probably take a month or two to find anything from a studio apartment to a rental house. Of course, this depends on just how picky you are and how low your budget is.

What Will it Cost?

This city's cost of living is on par with the national average, and the housing costs are actually slightly lower. Maybe now it's apparent why more people have been moving to this part of California! Either that or they're mistaking Perris for its French and decidedly more romantic counterpart Paris.

Where to Start?

You should be prepared to authorize potential landlords to get a copy of your credit score. Bringing along proof you have a job preferably through the last month's pay stubs can also help quell the typical landlord's fear that you won't be able to afford rent after a month. Of course, being all-around pleasant, and then slapping down a good-sized deposit, can also increase your chances of finding the rental property you want in Perris.

Perris Neighborhoods

Most of the neighborhoods in Perris are well established without being too old, since much of this city was built up around the 1980s and 90s. Some homes have been here for decades, though, while others have been constructed in the last 15 years or so. Here is a sampling of some of the areas you will encounter as you look for properties in Perris.

Gavilan Rd and Lake Mathews Dr: This is on the western side of the city, and it's among the most expensive neighborhoods. It is considered fairly rural, with mostly larger houses and some mobile homes. The nearest attractions include Lake Mathews to the north, Lake Elsinore to the south, and Dos Lagos Golf Course to the west. Plus, there are parks sprinkled around here, reminding you that you are surrounded by nature, which you won't find in every city.

Good Hope: A little farther east is Good Hope, which is a suburban area with lots of mobile homes, some townhouses, and fairly small house rentals. Harford Springs County Park is the main attraction here, which probably means this area is more quiet and relaxed than entertaining.

Mockingbird Canyon Rd and El Sobrante Rd: This is the area surrounding Lake Mathews, to the north of most of the other neighborhoods in Perris, so if you want waterfront views without driving west for an hour, check out the house rentals here. This area is about equally close to the 91, 215, and the 15, which are all important freeways in this city.

Mead Valley: If you want to live near the 215 in more affordable housing, this is a good spot to check out. There are lots of mobile homes, townhomes, apartments, and rental houses in this suburban area.

City Center: This is where most of the action takes place in Perris: well, what little there is. Here you will find lots of stores and popular parks. If you're looking for a high-rise apartment or even a studio in a small complex, this is the urban area you want.

Nuevo: This is a suburban area with lots of medium and large rental houses. It is on the eastern side of the city, just south of the Perris Reservoir. If you ever think you'll get the urge to hop on the 10 Freeway and travel east to Palm Springs, this is where you want to put down some roots. And yes, some people do take impromptu trips like this to satisfy their need for a spa day in Palm Springs. Hey, if celebrities can do it, why can’t you?

Living in Perris

It is typical for it to take about 43 minutes each way to work from Perris, so get your commuting hat on before you move here! Or, you know, just make sure your car will make it that far every day. The good news is that this city is within a reasonable distance of not only Riverside, but also Temecula and other larger cities. It takes about an hour to get to Los Angeles and San Diego, and the major freeways that most people use here are State Route 74 and Interstate 15.

If you plan to take advantage of the outdoor recreational activities in Perris, make sure you do so when it's not summer, unless you like nearly 100 degree weather! Of course, lots of the most popular attractions here involve the cool water you'll find at the lakes. For example, Lake Perris offers great opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing, and just chilling out like you might at the beach.

And if you find out you prefer beaches to lakes, you can simply drive an hour west to get to one of the many beaches in Orange County, such as Laguna Beach or Newport Beach. This might be why so many people have been moving to Perris, since it's possible to enjoy some of the amenities of Southern California without worrying about high cost of living or rentals that simply aren't affordable. If you're willing to drive a bit when you get the urge to surf, and like the idea of living only an hour from Disneyland, Perris may be the city for you.