79 Apartments for rent in Highland, CA

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Last updated September 23 at 7:28AM
29109 River Run Lane
East Highlands
Highland, CA
Updated September 6 at 3:13AM
3 Bedrooms
29130 Amberwood Lane
East Highlands
Highland, CA
Updated August 28 at 2:45AM
4 Bedrooms
7325 Greenbrier Pl
East Highlands
Highland, CA
Updated September 22 at 7:07PM
4 Bedrooms
29119 Willowwood Lane
East Highlands
Highland, CA
Updated September 22 at 6:21PM
4 Bedrooms
3438 Rainbow Lane
San Andreas
Highland, CA
Updated September 20 at 3:18AM
2 Bedrooms
26427 Western Ave
San Gorgonio
Highland, CA
Updated September 20 at 9:50AM
3 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of Highland, CA
25143 18th Street
San Bernardino, CA
Updated September 14 at 3:25AM
3 Bedrooms
2506 Taylor Road
San Bernardino, CA
Updated September 12 at 2:41AM
2 Bedrooms
24757 Court St
East Valley
San Bernardino, CA
Updated September 21 at 10:40AM
4 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Highland, CA
7849 Wisteria Court
East Highlands
Highland, CA
Updated August 28 at 2:50AM
4 Bedrooms
1241 Canyon Rd
Perris Hills
San Bernardino, CA
Updated September 7 at 10:15AM
3 Bedrooms
25666 6th St
San Bernardino, CA
Updated September 20 at 6:23PM
1 Bedroom
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City Guide
Renting Tips for Highland

About 30 percent of all homes here are rented, and about 6 percent are unoccupied at any given time. For those who want a good deal -- and honestly, who doesn't -- this could work to your advantage. However, most landlords here expect at least a month's worth of security deposit as well as a good credit score. They will want to see proof of steady income, too, so come to the rental office prepared.

Neighborhoods in Highland

When searching for rentals in Highland, you will find some high-rise apartments and condos for rent, but this area is mostly single-family homes.. This may look like Highland favors families over singles, but if you are persistent, you can find something smaller and more affordable than a single-family home. As you look for a place to rent in Highland, consider the various neighborhoods. Each area has a few shops, but most of the region is more residential than commercial.

City Creek: This area of Highland is right on the border of the mountain ranges and parks. Much of the area is uninhabited, and the few homes are large houses on big lots. Mostly single-family homes, it is possible to find a home to rent here, but you will not likely find many other rental options. This area is just off Route 330 and spreads to Base Line Road. $$$$

White Oak: In the neighborhood of White Oak, which is also near Canyon Oak Drive, you will find a mixture of single-family homes, apartments for rent, and some smaller commercial areas. This area is home to the Immanuel Baptist Church and is near Arroyo Verde Elementary School. The main shopping area is The Village at East Highlands. White Oaks is a suburban area with high-income residents and high home values. $$$

Vine Street: The Vine Street neighborhood is a moderately-sized area located just off East 9th and Del Rosa Drive. The Curtis Middle School and Indian Springs High School are located in this area. Most of the households here are smaller homes, with a few duplexes for rent and apartment complexes. It is a popular family-friendly area. $$$

City Center: With Congressman George E. Brown Jr. Memorial Highway running through the City Center area, this part of the city is home to a number of businesses and government offices. Single-family homes and duplexes for rent can be found here. The Highland Town Center is an area with small shops, banks, and grocers, while Highland Village Plaza has more shopping options. This area is more affordable than other nearby neighborhoods. $$

East Highlands: A large area of parks, including Aurantia Park, and uninhabited areas, this area has some homes for rent but is mostly privately owned. You are unlikely to find apartments for rent in East Highlands. This is a very suburban area where you can walk the kids to school; just watch out for the animals around those park areas. $$$$$

5th Street and Palm Avenue: This neighborhood is another combination of residential and natural areas. A large part of the region is undeveloped, and Highland Community Park is located here. With Route 210 running through it, though, this is the ideal place to live if you want a larger home, plenty of green around you, and easy access into the surrounding San Bernardino area. You can look for apartments, but more commonly you will find a few homes for rent here. $$$$$

Victoria: With East 9th Street as the main thoroughfare, this area is a popular suburban residential region with tree-lined streets. Victoria is near the Highland Community Park and home to the Cypress Preschool. With mostly single-family homes and some high-rise apartments and duplexes here, there is enough flexibility to meet anyone's needs. $$

14th Street: The 14th Street neighborhood is a more densely populated area on the west side. It is home to San Gorgonio High School, Highland Little League Fields, and the Speicher Memorial Park. The San Bernardino Community Gardens is located just to the north. The larger lots and nice neighborhood streets make this area a good place to find a larger-than-average family home for rent. $$$

Lankershim Avenue: With Lankershim Elementary School at its center and Warm Springs Elementary School also located here, this is a family-friendly residential area. Along East 9th, you will find a few shops, gas stations, and grocers. Most of the region between Base Line and 3rd Avenue, though, is residential streets with single-family homes. However, a few smaller apartment complexes are available. $$$

Living in Highland

For people looking for an apartment for rent in Highland, the first step is to get to know this area a bit better. With a median household income of over $60,600, you probably should have a good job before trying to make Highland your home. About 56 percent of the households are married couples, and of all of households, 53 percent are homes with children. Most people who do commute to work, which is less than half of workers living here, only need to go about 20 minutes.

You will find some fun things here, such as the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino area, perfect for a night on the town when you want to gamble, and the Splash Water Kingdom, which the kids will love all year long. It has some nice public parks, including Perris Hill Park and Aurantia Park, both of which feature playgrounds and walking trails. This is the type of city to raise a family when you don't want to be surrounding by too much commercialization.

Overall, Highland is a beautiful area just under the mountains with ample space to spread out. If you want to live in an area where you can easily spend time in the wilderness (or let it wander into your backyard), then this could be the ideal place to call home.