Colton, CA: 92 apartments available for rent

Last updated May 28 at 11:39AM
1251 S. Meadow Lane
Colton, CA
Updated May 18 at 12:31PM
2 Bedrooms
1245 N Mt Vernon Ave
Colton, CA
Updated May 28 at 9:53AM
813 Santa Fe Lane
Colton, CA
Updated May 16 at 11:05AM
2 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of Colton, CA
11359 Campus Street
Loma Linda
Loma Linda, CA
Updated May 25 at 11:29AM
3 Bedrooms
1141 Clark Street
Riverside, CA
Updated May 25 at 11:34AM
2 Bedrooms
1881 Commercenter Dr E
Show Place
San Bernardino, CA
Updated May 28 at 10:01AM
11460 Hillcrest
Loma Linda
Loma Linda, CA
Updated May 26 at 10:47AM
4 Bedrooms
11256 San Lucas Dr Unit #A
Loma Linda
Loma Linda, CA
Updated May 26 at 10:43AM
3 Bedrooms
22975 Wren Street
Grand Terrace
Grand Terrace, CA
Updated May 26 at 10:08AM
3 Bedrooms
25041 Fern Avenue
Loma Linda
Loma Linda, CA
Updated May 27 at 3:28PM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Colton

Colton is a medium to large sized city in the County of San Bernadino. Residents have moved to the city from all over the world, which gives it a welcoming cosmopolitan edge. Unlike some big cities, you can see evidence of good community spirit in each of the neighborhoods here. Furthermore, the Colton community is working together as a whole to maintain and improve its stance as an area of industrial, residential and commercial excellence. If you're looking for a place in an up and coming area of California, then look no further; there are still lots of open areas ready and waiting for development and the city is set to prosper in the coming years. The highlights of each of the Colton neighborhoods are listed here:

West Colton:West Colton is by far the biggest neighborhood in Colton. It is an established suburban neighborhood comprised mainly of small to medium (2-4 bedroom) family homes. Average rentals here are considerably lower than the California average and you can find some very attractive properties that wont break the bank.The neighborhood is home to a culturally diverse community and there are more young families with children than any other age group. With this many kids around, there are plenty of schools to be found in West Colton; the area is served by both the Rialto unified school district as well as the Colton Joint unified school district.Colton may have its roots firmly set in the railroads but youll still want a car to get around, especially in West Colton; one of the down-sides of living in this area is the average commuting time, but at least having your own motor will soften the blow a little.$$$

S Hunts Ln / Cooley Ln:Houses in this urban neighborhood are extremely sought after; you can find some of the citys top schools here, making it perfect for the education-conscious family. Indeed, it is families that make up the majority of this community and there is a noticeable lack of apartment buildings; the vast majority of homes here are single-family detached houses.The area is served by the Colton Joint Unified School District and is also home to the Cooley Ranch Elementary School, which caters for around 700 children from kindergarten through sixth grade.Low crime rates also help confirm the S Hunts Ln / Cooley Ln area as a very family friendly place to live but if you find the perfect place, expect to shell out a fair bit of cash. And get in quick as properties tend to fly off the market.$$$$$

N Rancho Ave / W Laurel St:If youre looking for an older home with a bit of rustic charm, then this neighborhood could be just the place to start your search. Its an established area with a lot of older properties and even a few historic sites, though there are still a few modern developments thrown into the mix.The average income in this area is slightly below the national average, which keeps rental values to a manageable level. Youll also find residents of all ages here its still family friendly, but dont be put off if youre a young professional or older resident, there are some great apartments to be found.$$$$

W Valley Blvd / N Rancho Ave:This neighborhood is a popular place for renters; specifically those looking for smaller studio / 1-2 bed apartments. There are also a number of small-medium sized family homes up for rent in this well-established community, which is home to people of all ages.Whilst prices are good, commuters generally have to spend a little longer on the road than some other Colton neighborhoods so its worth investing in your transport. On the plus side, lots of people seem up for getting involved with carpooling here; meet your neighbors and save the planet win!$$

W Valley Blvd / N Pepper Ave:The hub of the city if often centred on its industry and this area is home to many of Coltons manufacturers and laborers. If youre looking for a mobile home, this is the perfect place to start as roughly 40% of the property around here is classified as mobile.$$$

N Rancho Ave / Mill St:There is a large military community in this area and there are lots of families around; a perfect base with a ready-made social community for any military families moving into the area.There is a good mix of owners and renters here and affordable prices mean that properties here are in quite high demand. Youll mostly find small to medium sized family condos and apartments but there are also a number of studios around, which are perfect for single occupancy.$

N Eucalyptus Ave / Westwind St:If youre looking for a tight-knit community then look no further than N Eucalyptus Ave / Westwind St. Some may describe it as crowded, but wed prefer to say full of character! The houses were also all built around about the same time, which helps give the feeling of continuity within this established neighborhood.Served by the Rialto Unified School District, there are plenty of families around; it wont take long to settle into this vibrant community.$$$

Rana:Youll have a little less competition for housing in this neighborhood than in some other areas of Colton. But this does mean you can take your time property hunting and you might find that you get a bit more house for your dollar. The range of property is also good here; there are a number of apartment developments alongside single family homes.Weve highlighted transportation as an area for thought when looking at moving to Colton, and Rana is no exception having a car is pretty much a necessity for families. Lots of people are into carpooling here though, which is a great way to cut bills a little.$$

Myrtlewood Ave / Banas Dr:This is the most expensive of all the Colton neighborhoods, though rentals are significantly cheaper than the S Hunts Ln / Cooley Ln area. Smaller detached houses make up the majority of properties on offer in this suburban community but there are a number of medium sized family homes around as well as a few larger properties.The hip and trendy vibe can also be held to account for the slightly higher real estate prices here.$$$$$

S Mount Vernon Ave / E Cooley Dr:Most residents of this area are renters and the accommodation is mainly comprised of small to medium sized apartments in high rise developments. Its less of an established community than other areas of Colton; lots of newcomers to the city set up home here giving it a cosmopolitan atmosphere.Convenient and affordable studio living is extremely popular here and its a perfect spot for young professionals looking for their own space.$$$

S La Cadena Dr / E M St:This is one of Coltons most established areas with most houses built around the mid-1900s. Town houses and small to medium sized family homes make up the vast majority of property here and vacancy levels are relatively high at the moment so now could be the time to cinch a good bargain on your new home.Active people will get on well in this neighborhood; cycling is the preferred mode of transportation around here. What better way to stay in shape and enjoy the California climate?$$

City Center:Last but not least we arrive in the city center. This area has a good range of single family homes as well as small and high-rise apartment blocks. Everything is within easy commute distance here and its very popular with the younger crowd. A big international influence has given the city a great injection of culture and theres a definite hip / trendy vibe as you stroll around the centre.$$$