81 Apartments for rent in Grand Terrace, CA

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Last updated December 13 at 2:39pm UTC
Results within 1 miles of Grand Terrace, CA
800 E Washington St
Cooley Ranch
Colton, CA
Updated October 3 at 10:29am UTC
1 Bedroom
1333 Reche Canyon
Reche Canyon
Colton, CA
Updated December 13 at 2:39pm UTC
2 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Grand Terrace, CA
22361 Tanager Street
Grand Terrace
Grand Terrace, CA
Updated November 9 at 2:12am UTC
4 Bedrooms
12420 Mount Vernon Avenue
Grand Terrace
Grand Terrace, CA
Updated November 15 at 10:18am UTC
3 Bedrooms
1120 Mountain View Lane
Colton, CA
Updated December 9 at 2:07am UTC
3 Bedrooms
Pacific Ave
Riverside, CA
Updated December 13 at 8:35am UTC
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Grand Terrace
Moving to Grand Terrace

Moving to such a wonderful place can be tricky because many people want to live in a wonderful place. As every wonderful community should, Grand Terrace features a school district among the best in the county and a consistently low crime rate. Anyway, with a little work and flexibility, you should find a few good places to live in Grand Terrace. While the scenery pampers you here, the housing market doesn't, so you need your A game.

It's Crowded!

Regardless of whether you seek studio apartments for rent or five bedroom houses, you are going to get a challenge. The city is almost filled with housing, and more folks want to move here. There simply isn't enough to go around some of the time. Available rentals aren't in huge numbers here, but a renter-occupancy percentage of 36 percent is about equal to the county's average and does make certain leases available throughout the year. Four things are key for you to get a home you like: preparation, timing, patience and flexibility.


Chances are during any month you will have competition. One month's rent is assumed, and so is a security deposit, so be ready at a moment's notice to pay those. Bring proof you can afford the rental, too. As you search for apartment or house rentals, have a credit score, landlord references and a background check on hand. Landlords and management companies in Grand Terrace have the freedom to be selective. Let them know you are a good tenant by showing up with all these things. That way your dream home near Richard Rollins Community Park won't be snagged by another tenant.


Weather doesn't have a huge impact on when people move, but the school system does. Knowing this, you should realize many leases expire when the spring session ends or the fall session begins. Hence, April through August offers the chance to sweep up a pad in Grand Terrace just as the previous tenant moves out. The next best period to look is before January, as some folks like to start and end their lease on January 1st.


Unless you are James Bond and every moment is precious, patience is a special tactic to employ as you hunt down a rental. Generally, four to seven weeks is needed for Grand Terrace, depending upon when you search. Just be patient and stay active. For example, if you discover two 3 bedroom apartments that you like, choose one quickly, or else both could be in the hands of others by tomorrow. Properties don't chill on the market in Grand Terrace for that long. Also, note that the process at complexes like Crest Apartments and Highlands Apartment Homes may take longer than with a landlord as more paperwork is required. Again, be patient, and just be happy you've landed a home in such a grand town.


It's highly recommended to tailor your searches by the amount of bedrooms you want and not by the style of housing you want. Didn't you read that it's crowded? Yet it's not like waiting for the bathroom at a football game. People aren't lining up for homes. If you are flexible with your housing type, you'll discover that getting a suitable place in Grand Terrace is much simpler.

Grand Terrace Neighborhoods

Nearly every pocket has been developed and new housing won't be popping up all over the place. What you see is what you have, and that's fine because it's all sweet in Grand Terrace. While you can view awesome sunsets anywhere in town, the 3.5 square miles the town encompasses offer something unique in each neighborhood. Do you want to be close to eateries that delight the senses but create health concerns? Or do you want something more residential?

City Center: Near I-215, this southeast neighborhood is filled with housing, from apartment complexes to detached units. There are a few bus lines, but a vehicle may be necessary if you want to explore San Bernardino County. Grand Terrace Market and a few cafes ensure you can walk to eat and buy groceries.

Terrace View: In the north, Terrace View is about as walkable as City Center. This area has a good deal of houses as well as some apartment rentals. You can walk to a cafe, a few restaurants, and some stores.

Terrace Village: To the west and northwest of I-215, this area is mostly mobile homes and houses. A bit less walkable than City Center or Terrace View, a car is required unless you are going to Demetris's Burgers or Keromina Market Place.

Terrace Hills: In the southwest, Terrace Hills is mostly residential and hence the part of town where four wheels are most needed.

Living in Grand Terrace

While proximity to I-215, I-10, and other major roads makes necessary driving a breeze, the city is somewhat walkable and certainly easy for cycling within its limits, although most locals still prefer driving. Bus transit is another option for regional travel, but only recommended if time is on your side.

Grand Terrace not only showcases grand views, it has a grand community and grand food. Don't you get that it's a grand place? That combination of lush scenery, a welcoming atmosphere, and sizzling cuisine has lifted Grand Terrace to realizing the prominence of its name. Walk along Blue Mountain Trail and take in the sunrise. Enjoy fresh air and meet other residents at Pico Park. On Palm Avenue, eateries like Miguel's JR Inc., Taco Village, and Thai Kitchen never leave you wanting more flavor. You see! Grand Terrace has it all. If you ever are itching to explore, the entertainment capital of Los Angeles is only a little over an hour away.