96 Apartments for rent in Spokane Valley, WA

Last updated December 12 at 3:55pm UTC
7819 E Columbia Drive
Spokane, WA
Updated December 9 at 10:57am UTC
4 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of Spokane Valley, WA
1306 S Robinhood
Spokane, WA
Updated November 4 at 1:23pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
1024 S. Rebecca St
East Central
Spokane, WA
Updated December 12 at 11:42am UTC
4 Bedrooms
Rosewood Club Apartments
401 E Magnesium Rd
Spokane, WA
Updated December 12 at 3:55pm UTC
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Spokane Valley, WA
3015 E Augusta
Chief Garry Park
Spokane, WA
Updated December 7 at 11:51am UTC
2 Bedrooms
639 N. Riverpoint #H204
East Central
Spokane, WA
Updated November 17 at 10:58am UTC
2 Bedrooms
1925 N Harmony
Spokane Valley, WA
Updated November 14 at 11:06am UTC
4 Bedrooms
1502 N. Felts Road
Spokane, WA
Updated December 1 at 12:00pm UTC
5 Bedrooms
4232 E 11th
East Central
Spokane, WA
Updated December 1 at 12:04pm UTC
4 Bedrooms
8th Ave. 4028 E
East Central
Spokane, WA
Updated November 23 at 12:24pm UTC
1 Bedroom
1427 E. Sanson
Spokane, WA
Updated December 6 at 11:08am UTC
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Spokane Valley
Ah, scenic Spokane Valley.

This recently incorporated Washington-Idaho border town is located about equidistant to both the city of Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. Besides being close to larger cities without compromising a small town feel, it is also close to beautiful national parks. Whether you're relocating to Spokane Valley for work or play, this area has diverse attractions and an interesting surrounding area. Now let's find you an apartment!

About Spokane Valley

Okay, so even though they share a name, Spokane and Spokane Valley are very different places. In fact, the original Valley settlement predates the larger and more well-known Spokane by several years. Valley people have always maintained an independence from the larger city, even during the suburban flight of the 1950s that transformed the area into a city by its own rights. Despite this, Spokane Valley remained unincorporated until 2003.

So yes, Spokane Valley, with its large amounts of new development and tract houses, does feel considerably more suburban than its larger neighbors, Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. However, recent development has created a push for a more urban, or community-oriented, city. For instance, the recently developed Mirabeau Park is a great green space with an adjacent community center.

The suburban feel of Spokane Valley does, however, manifest itself in area shopping. Most of the shopping is centered around the Spokane Valley Mall, which is located in the eastern portion of town. This highly-concentrated commercial area is where people from town and the city of Spokane proper come to do their shopping or enjoy a night out at one of the restaurants or the mall's movie theater.

Spokane Valley Industry

Once populated by apple orchards and farms, Spokane Valley is now an industrial center that employs thousands of residents at its paper and cement mills. If you think an industrial town makes for one rotten apple in the bunch, you're wrong.

Newer development, completed mostly in the 1970s, has provided the city with a lot of highly desirable residential space and cute neighborhoods. Additional new developments of apartment and condo complexes completed in the last couple of decades have been made to accommodate the large influx flocking to the Spokane Valley.


Much like its larger neighbor Spokane, the Valley area is fairly mixed throughout most of its neighborhoods. Types of rentals and rental prices don't vary too greatly in the town proper. Instead, rental rates are based predominately on the quality and type of the rental. For instance, a newer luxury rental in a complex with onsite amenities will cost more than a basic apartment located in the same area.

The majority of Spokane Valley is laid out along Interstate 90 which runs east-west through town and connects the city to both Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. Sprague Avenue is the main thoroughfare, and also runs east-west through the city of Spokane into Spokane Valley. Off this main thoroughfare lie many developments and apartment complexes.

South The neighborhoods south of the downtown, especially south of East 16th Avenue have newer homes. You will enjoy this convenient neighborhood.

North The northern reaches of Spokane Valley have their perks as well. The closer you get to Broadway, the less the neighborhoods seem like lots composed of cookie cutter tract homes. Additionally, several new buildings around the Spokane Valley Mall offer great rentals, as there are more amenities, and you'll be located closer to entertainment.

Regardless of where you settle, you should be able to find an affordable and attractive two bedroom in Spokane Valley for between $600-800.

Rental Tips

When in the suburbs, do as the suburbanites do! Unlike nearby Spokane, the sprawl of the Valley means that you'll have a lot more options--and space!--when it comes to rental homes. In general, Spokane Valley single-family rental homes tend to be newer in construction, better maintained, larger and have bigger yards.

If space isn't a concern and you like the amenities of large apartment buildings, be sure to visit several complexes before committing. Because of all the recent development, most apartment complexes and condos will offer special deals, including first month and credit check waivers, or move-in bonuses. Not all of these complexes will be right for you, however, so don't fall for a quick and cheap apartment, when you may be able to find a better deal long-term.

Apartment rentals in town can generally be found easily without the aid of a real estate agent. Check on online apartment search engines, or use the classifieds of the local newspaper, The Spokesman. Expect to pay between $25-50 as an application fee and about one month's rent as the deposit. One-year leases are generally the most commonly found for all Spokane Valley rental properties.


Because Spokane Valley is located right on Interstate 90, commuting into and out of the city at any time shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Yes, traffic may be heavier during the prime of rush hour commute, but it won't be bumper-to-bumper anywhere along your journey into either Spokane or Coeur d'Alene.

The Spokane Valley is also serviced by the Spokane Transit Authority, which operates several fixed route bus lines around town and into the city of Spokane. The Village Transit Center, located downtown on the corner of East 4th Avenue and University Road is where all the bus lines connect, making it easier to get to different parts of town.

Your life (and awesome) apartment in scenic Spokane await. Happy hunting!