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8 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Denver, CO 2022

April 27, 2022

If you're thinking about moving to Colorado, the bustling city of Denver is probably the first city that comes to mind. The capital of Colorado has a ton to offer and it's one of the best cities for remote workers. However, the area is vast, and choosing a part of Denver to live in is easier said than done.

Most Denver neighborhoods have their own distinct look, feel, population, and attractions. To help you determine your future home, here are some of the best neighborhoods in Denver and what you can expect to find.

LoDo street

1. Downtown / Lower Downtown (LoDo)

  • Walk Score: 93
  • Transit Score: 89
  • Bike Score: 94

Downtown Denver lies in the heart of Mile High City. You'll find plenty of young professionals living in its vibrant urban core. With so many jobs located in the Downtown Denver area, many enjoy a shortened commute with plenty to do after hours.

This central area is split with Lower Downtown, which is also Denver’s historic district and oldest neighborhood. The 16th Street Mall is also the core of the downtown area. This 1.25-mile shopping center is lined with tons of locally-owned stores and some of the best restaurants Colorado has to offer.

Entertainment options are also endless, and the best neighborhoods in Denver are close to all of the action. Whether live music is your scene, or professional sports are more your jam, you'll have access to all of it in Downtown Denver. The Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies, and Avalanche games are also within arms-reach.

Downtown Denver is never boring with options for evening and weekend fun. However, if you aren't a big fan of living in the midst of crowds and throngs of tourists, Downtown and LoDo probably aren't your best bet. Downtown Denver’s demographic is mostly composed of professionals, and although kids are welcome, you won’t find many families roaming around. Other Denver neighborhoods or nearby suburbs might provide a better location to raise a family.

View of the Colorado State Capitol including the gold dome from a stairway below.

2. Capitol Hill

  • Walk Score: 93
  • Transit Score: 66
  • Bike Score: 96

Capitol Hill is one of the best neighborhoods in Denver with a trendy, hip area that many young professionals and college grads call home. The area is close to downtown, but still far enough away to boast its own vibe with some of the best nightlife in Colorado. It’s also one of the more affordable neighborhoods in the city.

It’s true the parking situation in Capitol Hill leaves a lot to be desired, but the walkability makes it well worth it. If you live in this area, it's probably best to leave your car at home whenever possible. Fortunately, tons of restaurants, cafes, and bars are all within walking or bike-riding distance. Rideshares, public bus, and bike rentals are also available throughout Denver.

The food scene is in Capitol Hill, Denver is pretty diverse too, with American, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, and French dining options scattered across the neighborhood. If you're a foodie in your early 20's looking for a lively area with tons to do, Capitol Hill is an ideal spot.

North Capitol Hill, also known as Uptown, is another fantastic district to live in. Uptown Denver is home to City Park, one of Denver's largest green spaces. The Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science are also located inside City Park, making it a wonderful place to spend a day and soak up Denver’s plentiful sunshine.

Confluence Park, downtown Denver where people can walk or bicycle on trails or play in the grass with The Highlands in the background

3. Highlands

  • Walk Score: 85
  • Transit Score: 60
  • Bike Score: 88

Highland is a family-friendly neighborhood nestled just outside of Downtown Denver. The neighborhood is filled with Victorian homes, local eateries, coffee shops, and a large variety of boutique shops. If you're looking for a real community and neighborhood feel, you'll find it in Highland. Get a layout of the neighborhood and its three distinct districts with their own personalities: Highlands Square, Tennyson Street, and Lower Highland.

Highlands Square lies at the center of the Highland neighborhood. Stroll the sidewalks to discover the best shopping and stores with unique, locally-made goods.

Tennyson Street is an epicenter for Denver’s historic buildings and showcases the city’s local art scene. Art lovers will find scores of interesting art galleries in the area.

Lower Highland, or LoHi, is one of the best neighborhoods in Denver. Always the trendsetter, LoHi offers tons of great restaurants and bars. The neighborhood is also easily accessible to downtown via the pedestrian Highland Bridge.

Aerial view of Cherry Creek Reservoir in Denver, Colorado.

4. Cherry Creek

  • Walk Score: 80
  • Transit Score: 49
  • Bike Score: 79

Located West of Downtown, Cherry Creek is a posh residential neighborhood with tons to offer. Newcomers are attracted to the upscale shopping and array of big box retailers and boutiques in Cherry Creek, Denver. The neighborhood trends towards upscale, and like most Denver locals, the people are friendly. The Cherry Creek Shopping Center serves as the neighborhood’s crown jewel with luxury department stores, as well as more traditional stores.

Art is also widely celebrated in Cherry Creek. On the first weekend of July, Coloradans across the state gather with Cherry Creek locals to celebrate the arts at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. The festival is the premier art event in Denver, and brings in an amazing variety of visual, performing, and culinary arts.  

If you're working in Downtown Denver and crave a more upscale lifestyle, Cherry Creek is an ideal neighborhood to call home. It’s a shopper paradise that is also very accessible to all of the amenities downtown has to offer.

River North Arts District, Denver, Colorado

5. River North Art District (RiNo)

  • Walk Score: 70
  • Transit Score: 63
  • Bike Score: 92

If you're looking for a neighborhood that puts art at center stage, look no further than RiNo. The neighborhood has seen a lot of redevelopment recently. What were once old warehouses are now music venues, art galleries, and local restaurants.

Speaking of art galleries, you'll find literally hundreds of them lining the streets in RiNo. The abundance of street art and wall murals bring the area to life and play a part in making it so bright and vibrant.

Beyond the art scene, the food scene in RiNo is equally unique. An influx of recently-opened experimental restaurants and food trucks make RiNo one of the best neighborhoods in Denver and a foodie’s paradise. Pair the unique cuisine with one of the many tried-and-true local breweries and you have the recipe for an amazing place to call home.

6. Five Points

  • Walk Score: 70
  • Transit Score: 63
  • Bike Score: 92

One of the best neighborhoods in Denver was actually one of its first suburbs. Five Points, Denver attracts millenials and college grads looking for the best breweries, art galleries, tattoo shops, and independent shops against a vibrant urban backdrop.

Situated near RiNo, Five Points is also seeing a resurgence in development with abandoned warehouses turned live performance venues. If you want to live in the middle of the action, rent an apartment in Five Points, Denver close to Larimer Street to find new complexes and historic buildings side by side. You'll never be at a loss of things to do on a Saturday night, including live jazz and the annual May's Five Points Jazz Festival.

Fall trees on a sunny day in Washington Park - Denver Colorado

7. Washington Park

  • Walk Score: 59
  • Transit Score: 43
  • Bike Score: 79

One of the best neighborhoods in Denver, Washington Park offers 165-acres of green space. Affectionately referred to as Wash Park, the neighborhood is known for its enormous 100-year-old trees shading the streets and the historic Mayan Theatre.

Newcomers should know that the area of Washington Park is divided into two different distinct areas and demographics. Although everyone is welcome in both areas, West Wash Park is the place for coffee shops, brewpub hops, and live music venues. Over in East Wash Park, quiet city dwellers and families love living close to the action, but not too close.

Residential Area in Stapleton Neighborhood

8. Stapleton

  • Walk Score: 47
  • Transit Score: 44
  • Bike Score: 66

The trendy neighborhood of Stapleton was once the home to the former 4,700-acre Denver airport. With so much empty space left behind after it relocated, the city voted on turning the area into a residential area that now holds 30,000 people. Today, Stapleton is widely considered one of the best neighborhoods in Denver.

Unlike many of Denver's neighborhoods, Stapleton is more commercialized with newer complexes and developments. You'll find the Improv Comedy Club in Stapelton, as well as public parks, and eateries.

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