106 Apartments for rent in Clifton, NJ

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Last updated December 12 at 8:01pm UTC
Upper Montclair
Upper Montclair, NJ
Updated November 17 at 2:05am UTC
1 Bedroom
Results within 1 miles of Clifton, NJ
445 Kingsland St
, NJ
Updated November 7 at 2:25am UTC
3 Bedrooms
69 Howe Ave
Downtown Passaic
Passaic, NJ
Updated December 10 at 5:46pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
10 Cedar Street
Garfield, NJ
Updated September 15 at 12:04am UTC
3 Bedrooms
525 Coventry Dr
, NJ
Updated December 2 at 10:00am UTC
2 Bedrooms
69 Howe Ave
Downtown Passaic
Passaic, NJ
Updated October 31 at 1:45am UTC
2 Bedrooms
341 Mortimer Ave
Rutherford, NJ
Updated December 12 at 5:08pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
179 Madison St
Downtown Passaic
Passaic, NJ
Updated December 5 at 6:11pm UTC
1 Bedroom
26 Pennington St
Sandy Hill
Paterson, NJ
Updated November 15 at 11:34am UTC
5 Bedrooms
89 4th St
Eastside Passaic
Passaic, NJ
Updated December 12 at 10:06am UTC
2 Bedrooms
458 River Rd
, NJ
Updated November 15 at 1:52am UTC
1 Bedroom
Clifton, NJ
Updated December 12 at 9:37am UTC
2 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Clifton, NJ
36 Clifton Terrace
Clifton, NJ
Updated December 5 at 6:13pm UTC
290 Lakeview Ave
Clifton, NJ
Updated November 16 at 12:33pm UTC
1 Bedroom
274 Vreeland Ave
Paterson, NJ
Updated December 12 at 10:06am UTC
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Clifton

Clifton isnt a lot cheaper than New York City but the difference is the amount of space you get for your money! Instead of being cramped in a studio apartment, you can actually get some square footage to spread out in instead. The kids might even be able to get their own bedrooms instead of having to sleep on bunk beds.

Moving to Clifton is easier than moving to New York City, too. Most likely you can find an apartment without having to go through a broker, although an apartment locator can definitely help you make a match between you and the apartment of your dreams. One bedroom apartments for rent are the easiest to find, and some apartment complexes might even offer move-in specials on these because one bedroom apartments usually have the most vacancies.

Three bedroom apartments for rent are often the most difficult to find, so be prepared for a wait list! People renting three-bedroom apartments tend to stay put a little longer, so you may need to spend more time looking at different complexes, or get on a waiting list for one to open up.

Finding houses for rent in Clifton doesn't have to be a bad ordeal. If you have pets you can probably find a place that will let you bring Lassie or Fluffy, though you may have to pay extra rent or put down extra deposits.


OK, so you've decided to give Clifton a look have you? Well, take a look at our neighborhood descriptions before you do, so you actually know where to look. Yeah, we're helpful like that!

Clifton/Montclair: Clifton/Montclair is right on the border between Clifton and Montclair, just as the name suggests. This is considered the best neighborhood in Clifton, but not surprisingly, it isn't cheap. OK, that's an understatement. Your wallet will definitely take a beating in this area.$$$$$

Athenia: Atheniais where everything's happening. This neighborhood is where all the restaurants and bars are, and there aren't as many residential houses. However, there are some apartments in this area, which could make it a fun place to live, especially if you're young and single. $$

Richfield/Grove: Richfield/Grove is another residential area with safe streets, parks and decent apartments. $$

Lakeview: Lakeviewis a family-friendly neighborhood that is super affordable. Woo hoo! $$

Passaic/Paterson: This neighborhood is on the border with Passaic and Paterson, just as the name suggests. It has a bit of bad reputation with some of the locals because parts of the town are older, but that seems to be unwarranted. Crime isn't high anywhere in Clifton and if you use a little (or a lot) common sense, you should be pretty safe. $

Allwood: Allwood is great for those who commute to NYC because the express bus from the city has several stops through this part of town. $$$

Life in Clifton

Clifton has everything you need. Although the show "Jersey Shore" was a bit of an exaggeration and the cast members weren't even from New Jersey one thing about the show was accurate: a lot of people in New Jersey place a high importance on tanning and staying fit. So there are a lot of gyms you can join to pump up or stay slim, and lots of tanning salons so you can get your glow. Don't worry there's more to Clifton than ripped muscles and skin cancer. Keep reading and you will see what we mean.

Smart kids

The quality of the schools is another great reason to choose Clifton. Your kids will still have all the cultural benefits of being so close to New York City, but with much better school systems. New York City is known for the fact that a lot of the public schools aren't ideal, which is another big reason people move to the suburbs in New Jersey. Clifton residents put their money where their mouth is when it comes to the schools: the city spends $2,200 more per student than the national average.

Party time

The idea of moving to the 'burbs might sound boring if you loved the city, but luckily New Jersey is known for its music scene. New Jerseys music scene is nothing new and goes all the way back to the days of Frank Sinatra. Of course most people know about famous native sons like Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, but may not be aware that members of numerous indie bands are from the Garden State, too.

What this means about Clifton is that going to the 'burbs isn't like getting old and giving up, just because you're moving out of the city. In addition to the great music scene in New Jersey, theres also a plenty of nightclubs to listen to your favorite bands at.

Dining Galore

If you enjoy a great meal, you will the amazing restaurants in Clifton. Hope you like Italian food, because there is a lot of it here. If you don't, maybe you should re-think your tastes and give restaurants like La Riviera Gastronomia and La Riviera Trattoria a try. If these places don't turn you into a pasta lover, there's no hope. Don't worry, if you're hard set against garlic and pasta, there are still places for you to eat here. If burgers and chili dogs are more your style, the Hot Grill is a local legend for chili cheeseburgers and fries with gravy, and Zinburger has gourmet-style burgers with a full bar.

The Outdoors

Everyone should get outside from time to time, and Clifton makes it easy for you to do so. Brookdale Park, which spans 121 acres and is a highlight of the town, provides you with the perfect opportunity to breath clean air and get some exercise. You can enjoy the miles of walking trails, baseball diamonds and soccer fields, or take Fido to the dog park. A lot of people come here to work out among the rose garden and ancient trees. If you're single and active, this could even be a great place to meet someone! If you're not active, you can sit and pretend you're resting after a long jog. We won't tell on you.

New Jersey has a ton of suburbs to choose from, and each has a different character. Although Clifton still has a higher than average cost of living compared to the national averages, its still cheaper than the towns in Bergen and Essex County. This makes Clifton a more affordable option for those who want to have a good quality of life out in the 'burbs. Its a little more down to earth than some of the other suburbs, which makes it comfortable and real.